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How Viable is this Temp in PvP?

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by TrackStar, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. TrackStar

    TrackStar Guest

    120 magery
    120 eval int
    100 inscription
    120 mysticism
    120 meditation
    120 resist

    the last 20 points? 20 Focus?

    running 255 stats, what should they be?


    I just returned to the game after leaving in 2003. So I am rusty but a fast learner.

    If not this? Why? And what would be better?
  2. TrackStar

    TrackStar Guest

    I am also considering using poison or wrestling. Any thoughts?
  3. Mysticism requires Focus or Imbuing as the modifier for almost all of it's spells. So atm it doesn't really make sense.
  4. TrackStar

    TrackStar Guest

    Hmm, didn't realize that.

    Do they both give the same benefit at 120?
  5. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    in your build dump 120 med for 120 focus and that solves that problem. mana regen will still be ok if you have a lot of MR. you will need to test to see if you like it or not. if not you will need to dump something else (inscription)
  6. TrackStar

    TrackStar Guest

    What if I got rid of mysticism? Is wrestling worthless now? What should I put in that spot? Wrestling? Focus? Parrying? What?

    What if I just want to PvM? Should I go with SpellWeaving over mysticism?
  7. Why not both?

    I like:
    120 magery
    120 eval int
    120 SpellWeaving
    120 mysticism
    120 Focus
    120 resist
    with a highend MR imbue suit with a one hander mage weapon -20 and you're set for PvP too.

    Wrestling is still nice and I have on one of my other mages.
  8. Vaelix

    Vaelix Guest

    If you are a "Newb" and need to Rely on AI to play your game and get Kills, Use Spellweaving for Pixies.

    If you are Confident in your Own casting abilities and spells, Use Inscribe for Damage.

    Replace 120 Med with 120 Focus, Run 20 Med and go Elf for Extra Mana.