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How was UO in its early days?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Lyra Morningstar, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. UO has now its 6th birthday and I wondered how it was in the beginning. I started uo in october 2000 and have only heard stories how it was in the past. Would anbody perhaps like to tell how it was in the first years?
    I heard there were the days of the "Dread Lords", what exactly does this mean?
    I heard stories that the reputation system was not like it is now, and there were no lockdowns? Does this mean nothing decayed and this led to the "cleanup Britannia"?
    I heard only little stories, perhaps would somebody like to tell of past times.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    well, in the beginning, it was pretty hard to start. you didnt eaven know u could use a pickaxe to mine ore, and then if u figured that out, you stood tehre with the ore, and then thinking like. now what?

    it all started like that u know. it was a new thing, a new world, and every step u took, was like Hey, can i use this? ..

    the ppl who were in the beta, had alot of progress how the game worked, so most of them turned out to be the first pk's, killing all new players in the game. i remember, when i was running on foor in brit, in my newbie clothes, with my newbie dagger, running north, passing the forge. there was a guy there, who was smelting ore, and working his smith skill.

    he said dont go to far to the north, there is a graveyard there. and offcourse, i wanted to see that...

    there were a few skelettons, and 2 reds standing there, i ran upto them, and said Hi there !

    and then i saw black and white.... yep thats how i learned how to play this game. at that moment, it became interesting.. How could i come back to life? i got this pop up, Ressurect now with penaltys, or stay dead... oh my. i ressed instantly offcourse, and was in black and white 1 second later... oo yea.. what am i goin to do now... ok.. less runback in town. as ghost.. i went to that smithing guy, asking what do do, and he said, Man, I cant see what you are writing. all i see is OOooOoo OOo . i was like heh ?? what?? just help me man !! he said Hey i cant see your words. i typed again, and figured cz i was dead he couldnt see nada. i ran around a bit, and he followed me. he said follow me so i followed me, i bumped into a healer, and got an option to ress. heh. there i was . in a death robe...

    when i opened my pack, i had nada. i was like omg. my stuff !!!! i ran back to the graveyard, o get it.. and needless to say, after that, i was back at the healers.....

    One month later !!!

    Woohoo, i madeit to 80 swordmanship. !!!! learned how to heal with bandages i felt all that invincible. Time to go back to that graveyard.. and needless to say, bye bye collected armor, weapon,(still no gm weap) bye bye clothes, bye bye all i had on me. Oh my.. back to cutting up some cloth, to get bandages, and back to killing great hearts, and trying ettins and ogres in the forests. OO i also found out where the stables where, and i had a horse. !!! i stabled it every day. u needed to do that if i can recall that hehehe. once and awhile i eaven went to Despise !!! WOW that dungeon just norht of brit yea !! that was Soo cool. ... being there for 10 minutes without being killed by a red !!! woot, 10 minutes was a long time. hehe. if u saw one, WOW RUUN

    those were days when u were with 4 blues fighting monsters for skill and some gold, if u saw one red came in, u ALL RAN LIKE HELL !!!!! YEA RUN A RED !!! it was awesome, adrenaline pumping like mad.. WHEW I MADE IT OUT ALIVE !!!! hahaaaaaaaaaaa that felt soo good. it was an accomplishment...

    After like 3 monhts, i had 50 K WOOT 50K BRO I OWNED THIS GAME !!! went to get a deed. placed a small house somewhere in a deserted place /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif hahaaaa

    i was UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY. i was also int he late 90's of swords tactics, like 80 heal and i had magery ! (meditation was not yet in the world) The house key was your best friend !!!. you had a recall key to bank, and in your bank one to your house !!! that was the only good way and best way !!!! cz if they got ure house key, u were SCREWED.. oo yea. ure doors were always locked, cz if they got in My lord, everything gone !!! those days were HARD but man, i couldnt wait for it to come back and be like it was...

    So technicaly, i went to fight, got some loot, recalled of bank rune, at bank, took house key, took rune to house, recalled. unlocked door, got back in, locked door, *fwew im safe*

    oh man.... if u missed these days, you missed the true UO game . hehehe..

    i can tel more storys, but im at work now, and need to work also /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif hehe
  3. Jessie

    Jessie Guest

    hehe vw...what a funny depiction...another story that makes me wish I'd found this game so many years ago instead of just last year. I'm looking forward to similar posts on this topic.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I guess it's all a matter of perspective and what you are looking for in a game for enjoyment.

    I could tell the same story (almost) but with a different twist. I started palying right after beta. Cemetary?? No. As soon as you crossed the guard zone two or ten reds would pounce on you like starving wolves. As a new player you have no skills and nothing worth stealing. "Why don't they go fight monsters?" I kept thinking. I always looke at it as "us" against "them" As in us (the people) against them (the monsters). What I found was anarchy, us against us. It just wasn't my bag.

    I played for about a month trying to give the game a chance. It semed to have great potential. Just poorly planned. There were no real checks and balances. So after about a month I, like many others, quit. Quit playing, and more importantly, quit paying. But the UO bug had bit me. I kept looking into the game to see what was happening.

    So OSI listened. They split the world into Tram/Fel. They should have just put in a PVP switch. Anyway, I came back with LBR. It was OK. Pub 16 helped a lot (got rid of that ridiculous powerhour) next AOS. I love it. I have 3 accounts my son has two (I pay for 5 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif )

    I notice you are a Siege player. You may have liked the "bad old days". I am a true Trammie and very happy with it now. I don't go to Fel at all on production shards but I do mess around on Siege a little. Come check out Iantown!
  5. GNecromancer

    GNecromancer Guest

    Better, far better in my opinion in many ways though lacking in some...

    For one is was far more simplistic and not much to it "one of the lacking things"

    It took a lot longer to work on a character in my opinion, but macroing kind of nullified that.

    The land was only Britannia, no lost lands, no Ishenar... It was a Felucca, pvp everywhere...

    Cities were busy and the land was busy, banks were and shops were always filled with people, every where you'd go dungeons or wilderness it wouldn't be long before you met up with other travellers hunting the land... and of course reds were abundant holding the cross roads or doing dungeon runs...

    Lich Lords, Blood elementals, Balrons and such were actually unique enemies that only spawned in one location in the world, each in one of the 8 first dungeons...
    Getting gold was a hell of a lot harder.
    And when you venture into high spawn zones you could expect a lot more people...

    Now the land has increased in size by 4x... And yet there are less players now then there were... No dungeon feels unique, you can find high level monsters spawning everwhere and trammel makes it so you can play the game in utter ease with few chalanges to find...
    it's not like pvm is difficult in anyway... I've done dark father I've done champion spawns, all it came down to was tamers having their bounded pets attacking while others healed the pet and stood there in ease...
    I can see the appeal of trammel or pvm without the fear of pvp and murders lingering.

    The game has become FAR more friendly and completely candy assed to what it used to be, it was a very hardcore game, very difficult and getting ahead, becoming rich and powerful was a great chalange that took A LOT of work and careful planning... You could lose your home if a key was stolen!

    It was much more realistic and much meaner... The game had sharp teeth... Now we have trammel, item insurance, still lame pvm and many other convinences now that make the game much less of an effort... Sure it has become a hell of a lot more advanced with a lot more to do, but it still feels empty to me...

    Siege Perilous was their answer to those who longed for the old days, but even that is pretty much failing with the bugs and house fighting now thanks to Malas, 80% of pvp has moved to Luna which unfortunetly is also the worst place for pvp.
  6. Mju4t

    Mju4t Guest

    what a touchign story /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif
  7. Marshall_

    Marshall_ Guest

    I remember we use to have boats placed in all the little rivers inside Trinsic. We'd put furniture and stuff on them /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif It was kinda cool /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Then I bought a tent which was the most useless thing in the game /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Anyone could walk in, it was basicly a storage spot out of town. Lots of people had house pets as they would stay around forever, I really miss my pet polar bear. House keys were like gold, if you lost your house key you couldn't change locks, so anyone could come in that had your key. It was different. Many more serious bugs back then than anything you could dream of these days.
  8. Citern

    Citern Guest


    UO has now its 6th birthday and I wondered how it was in the beginning. I started uo in october 2000 and have only heard stories how it was in the past. Would anbody perhaps like to tell how it was in the first years?
    I heard there were the days of the "Dread Lords", what exactly does this mean?
    I heard stories that the reputation system was not like it is now, and there were no lockdowns? Does this mean nothing decayed and this led to the "cleanup Britannia"?
    I heard only little stories, perhaps would somebody like to tell of past times


    when i started there was

    no haven
    no young status
    you started with 100 gold
    no trammel
    str = hp
    no medit so recharging mana was a loooong process
    delay between scribing was 40 seconds regardless of success or failure
    scrolls where actually 'hard' to find so selling scrolls of all kinds was an actual business... unlike now (did it for a long time)

    i exited the town a few times with my 9str/9 hp (mage char) and got killed countless times before they got tired of reskilling a newbie char...

    after that i stayed in town for years as a merchant selling scrolls...(scribe) making 500 gold in 1 day (actual profit) was a grand thing...2 k was godly... more was unthinkable
  9. Peaches

    Peaches Guest

    You basically had to look over your shoulder all the time for unwanted attacks from other players. New players were ganked, just because they could be. Many new players quit as a result, henceforth, the young program came into existance, where many of those that quit, returned.
  10. catskillpk

    catskillpk Guest

    the good old days seem so long ago.....

    I once lost my house key to a theif in town, he found my house and stole all my stuff, small house i had 3000 plus items, no lock downs, only weight and a locked chest which could be picked....

    Then i lost my house belongings again, mining near my house, when a pk hid just outside door, i opened and wham he was inside fighting me hehe, i died and lost my stuff =[.

    Man u used to have to hide your house key in 50 bags hehe...
  11. Farquhar

    Farquhar Guest

    Best game imaginable. That's all that needs to be said about it. Immersive without boundries. Anyone who tells you otherwise tried to play it singleplayer and is bitter cause they didn't succeed.
  12. Peaches

    Peaches Guest

    That isn't necessarily true. If you didn't like pvp, then you were lost. How do you equate that to a single player game? Trammel is very successful for that very reason. Sorry your so hurt over the changes of the game, but many are not.
  13. catskillpk

    catskillpk Guest

    Oh yes....

    pack horses had no weight you could carry 2000 ore on one packhorse...
    tents could be placed LOL...
    i once had a portable forge *a bug* was in a bag, awsome mine and smelt ore...
    my dread once got coal i thought whats this *smiles*...
    Brit crossroads was the old yew moongate pk hot spot...
    moongates took you to a random moongate spot...
    demons in hyloth were so hard to kill, good guild fights there...
    fishing was boring...
    i lost my small house deed to a theif in town...
    HORSES were like gold dust hehe...
    God theres so much i remember..
  14. Farquhar

    Farquhar Guest

    "That isn't necessarily true. If you didn't like pvp, then you were lost"

    Pk's were for the most part out the outskirts of towns and in the most heavily hunted spawn areas. Other then that, my girlfriend at the time (who was a complete uo noobie), sat down and mined and made a GM smith / 94 miner without being pk'ed a single time. I showed her where to mine and how to do it, she caught on quick enough. PvP was easy enough to avoid if you wanted to. I'm just saying that best people start claiming their constant slaughter of their mules cause they refused to go somewhere else then the britan mines to do their work.

    The game wasn't that hard unless you were looking for hard times.

    "Trammel is very successful for that very reason"

    No more successful then it was before trammel.

    "Sorry your so hurt over the changes of the game, but many are not."

    I'm not hurt by the game changes, UO is a game as I have always said. It's not my life like some peoples /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif I haven't played uo in AGES, I've only come back to post on this board cause I've started playing DAoC and feel like taking jabs at a once good game turned ****ty /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, since u liked it, ill tell u about a day that me and a few friends went to cove.

    We were standing near the smithy forge, north of brit. handing our swords and armor to the local smith there, who could repair our stuff for a tip. *doin free repairs, tips are welcome* he yelled. i gave my stuff, and after a minute, it was at full power again !! hah.

    we went a bit to the right, and entered the counselors guildhouse, cz there was always some free food on the table locked there, (you couldnt pick it up, but u could double click it and eat it). So when our stomacs were filled, we started our long walk, crossing the bridge to the right of brit, and moved all the way to the right, until we reached the swamp.

    Auch. the swamp was hard. we instantly got chased by lizardmen, and alot of em. I remember 2 of my friends got stuck, and surrounded by lizardmen. I ran to one of em, and started healing im with bandages, but when my bandage healed im, i was nearing dead.. started running north and my screen was full of text to the left "Thou aret too encumbered to move" Bah !!!!! i should have just walked further, but nooo, keeping my cursor on the boundry of my screen running, and offcourse, standing still and dying to a lizardman.. hah...

    my friends looted me and ran thrugh it until they reached the road to the norht of the swamp. i found a healer there, and got ressed, and reequipped.

    We followed the indicators on the road (yeps those little pointers were cool, i think they are still there)... oo, automap what was that? it didnt exist those days... so, we moved further and further, and after a long walk, we reached dungeon cove. we stood there for a second, in lorred, and walked in.

    it seemed that those holes had very cool looking fire coming out, and offcourse on of us needed to test how much damage they did... needless to say, he was quickly playing in black and white... we went down a bit, and spotted the harpys. at that moment, we started bashing em, and wow, we did real well, i gained like mad skills of em, and was thrilled of the blue lines that said *your skill in swordmanship has increaded by 0.1* hahaa every few minutes one of us would yell, YESS A GAIN !! haha and every time, u saw text appearing above the others head saying GratZ ! or Congranz man. hehe it was pretty funny.

    One of us was there for the skill, another one had fletching, and collected the feathers, and i was just there, fooling around, getting a bit of everything... and then it happends...

    Suddenly tehre were like 4 reds who popped in, 2 of us dropped instantly, while just keeping hitting the harpy, instead of running. i started running, but instead of running south, i ran right in to them, and man, i died in like 2 ebolds. :/ well i think it was 2 ebolds. hah, so there we were.. the 4 of us. outside as ghost. spreading around south in the forest to find a healer. after 5 minutes, i found one, and hurried back to cove. Why u say? well, my GODDAMN STUFF WAS IN THERE !!! hehehe, ya it was all about the stuff. u didnt think about the pk's and how they would kill u over and over again, nooooo u were just thinking about MY STUFF haha.

    i came back at cove, and just ran in, no in lor nada, just running in. and dying.... to the frigging flames... good lord. this was such a pain in the ass, but when i look back at it now, it was soo good. So, i ran back out, and stood there thinking,. either run back to town as ghost, cz i figured out that i couldnt do jack there... and then a gate popped up..

    There were like 5 blues coming through. all equipped with a hally. all dressed up in iron pure full plate BANG BANG looking great and strong. Man, those guys, i looked up at. WOW look at them. Djeezez i was speechless. when i stood there, one of em said, Hold position men, we'll Beat the out of em in a sec. he stepped two tiles south, and the words An COrp appeared above his head.

    at that point, i felt reborn and stronger then ever. I felt This is REVENGE !!! those guys were the Godly Tank mages ppl. Good lord. they kicked butt. All casted in lor in lor in lor. and one in lorred me. my other friends by that time , were ressed, and also entered the dungeon in their death robes , just like me. and then it began. this was an unbelievable fight, a pk died, a blue died, blues got ressed pretty fast, one of em yelled at me, Hey what are u? can u use a sword? i sayd err. yes. he tossed a sword on the ground, and said Attack em!!!

    so suddenly the sound of the movie excalibur sounded in my head. The moment when arthur gathers his loyal men, and starts to help the one land lord who is still loyal to him, whos castle was under siege.. and coming from behind the corner riding his horse and swords .... Boom boom ......

    ta ta ta ta... ta ta ta ta... ta ta ta taaaa taaaaaaaa ta taaaaa... and i ran in the hall like a mad man. passing blues, throwing me onto the reds, and FORWAARD !!!!! man. it was insane. i died again.. but all pk's fell there. after some time, we all were ressed by those nice blue guys, and the loot they gotten was given partially to us. and also we had most of our armor back.

    For the ppl who never experienced this. those were the so called Anti Pk's.
    The knights in shiny armor ! haha
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well my dear peaches. the comments u gave.... i read all of em for quite some time now in other threads... some are good, some are the same trammel - minded.. but .... now...time has come for you to tell us your story. !!

    I wanna hear a story of you, when you started playing this game.

    Can you ???

  17. Thrakkar

    Thrakkar Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I started with the second Age, about August 1999. There were still 7 months till Tram &amp; powerhour. But in this time I had the most fun ever in UO.

    Basically you can say, there was no solo play. Often you had to rely on other UO players, especially in dungeons because of the PK raids etc...
    Often you even didn't dare to leave town alone. That sounds a bit extreme, but believe me, it was awesome. After all it made the wilderness really wild.

    I ran around with 70 swords &amp; tac and 50 healing. Man, I felt so über *G*. The best place to train your melee skills was at 'the wall' in the deceit right in front of the bone knight room. There you always could find fellow other players in training. Maybe I have a pic of the wall on a CD... I'll have to look...

    You were always in danger to loose your equipment. Therefor you kept your best magic items in the bank and wore them only, if you felt safe i.e. you went hunting with a lots of friends etc... but that didn't matter, you could always get new GM equipment at the local smithy. Back then GM items meant a lot...

    The magic system was a lots of better than nowadays. Yes, it was much simpler, but it didn't make the game that item-related as it is nowadays. I really miss the old items descripions, 'indestructible, supremely accurate silver halberd of vanquishing' sounds much cooler...

    And there weren't as half as much colors in the game as now. Especially the neon and other bright colors.

    It was by far not that easy as today, but it was at least double or thrice as thrilling as now...
  18. Vitto

    Vitto Guest

    Pk's were feared back in the early years but that was more due to blue players than reds, the simple problem was people didnt work together most of the time, my best example of this was the tetheran fort in t2a, which was once the hub of magic weapon gathering, there would be 15 - 20 blue players or more, 2 or 3 reds would turn up and people would run, hide, have a panic attack etc. rather than all attacking the reds, which given the odds usually 5 to 1 or better would have resulted in a blue victory.

    Thats only one memory of UO but its one that sticks in my mind as to why UO has taken the course it has.
  19. Your stories are great, thank you
    I wish I would have started earlier. This sounds really exciting
  20. The tents sound nice. You could place them and they worked like a public house? And house pets sound really cute.
  21. Thrakkar

    Thrakkar Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    here's a pic of the wall:

    I remember one day, as we trained or chars, as a bunch of PKs entered the dungeon. It must have abeen about 8-10. they casted fire, poison and para fields at the wall. We, about 20 players, couldn't move and died to all the fire &amp; poison. They started to loot us. I and a few other players ran down to the lich and lich-lord spawn. The players rezzed us and we told them that a PK gang killed the whole wall. Immediately they sped upwards and started to engage the PKs. Man, this was pure action! Blue and red corpses everywhere. Finally the antis prevailed. I even got my stuff back (almost, a few parts always missed).

    I really miss the dungeons from pre-UO:R!!!! Yeah, we still have Fel dungeons, but they are almost empty. They should be as full as a tram dungeon or doom...
  22. Thrakkar

    Thrakkar Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
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    You're right. Trammel turned the game successfully into a single player game /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif

    Yeah, there's still player interaction, but not nearly as half as back then...
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    aah haha. the good old wall /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

  24. Peaches

    Peaches Guest

    My very first day in uo, I was exploring the lands. Got pked my first time, and I laughed my ass off. Didn't quite understand the terminology for pker.

    Then, and only then, I realized, I needed skills. So, I worked on my skills, and back then, they were most hard to raise. Fighting elements, summoned ones, were dangerous, not at all like they are today.

    A year into the game, I think I died a total of 100 times, as I really didn't have the skills to the point where I could survive.

    After meeting tons of folks, and understanding that something was missing in ultima online, I realized that a school needed to be available to the new players. Henceforth, Pacific Training Institute was born a year later or so.

    We had a blast, to a point. The school was a magnet for pkers alike to come slay our new players, and many did get slayed. Why? Easy kill. And trust me, they used gank squads to kill the new players.

    Many guilds came to our aide. I remember paging a gm of a guild that PTI was under attack, and a gate would open up, and TONS of players would come through that gate and defend PTI.

    We were big back then, we could inner guild spar, and raise the new players skills to the point where they could survive some. But alas, a LOT of new players quit, as they really didn't stand a chance.

    We use to go on dungeon crawls a lot, basically destard, and we always had a blast. We use to run tons and tons of events, winterballs, springballs, story telling contests, parties etc.

    There was a different feel to the community back then. It seems that there was a need for all types of players, from antis to pkers.

    We even had questings, find the guildmaster etc. She was kidnapped.

    Yes, those were the days, they had their good moments and their bad moments, just like the uo world is today.

    We also had to deal with exploiters, bug abusers back then as well. That hasn't changed at all, they still do that today.

    Today, PTI is still active, but not anywhere near to what it was long ago. We can no longer inner guild spar, and many many friendships were developed from that alone. It did provide a good strong sense of community. We still help all players, whether it be a returning vet, or a new player. We don't make it *easy* for them, but do our best to teach them the game mechanics.

    I knew, when we relocated to Trammel, it would forever change our methodology of PTI, but thats ok. Many new players, that we had helped back then, seeked me out and let me know they returned, and that was good news indeed. It was great to see them again, under a different ruleset where they couldn't be pked.
  25. Thrakkar

    Thrakkar Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:

    Anyone remember these guys??? And of course the counselors...

    For anyone, who doesn't know the color codes:

    1. Red Robe: Support Game Masters (GMs) and Interest GMs all wear red robes and are employees of Origin Systems, Inc. (OSI). They all have the same powers but have different functions. All red robed characters are the highest powered characters in the game. If any red robed character asks anything of you or directs you to do something, their authority it to be respected.

    2. Light Blue Robe: Shard Lead Counselor (described above).

    3. Purple Robe: Senior Counselor (described above).

    4. Blue Robe: Counselor (described above).

    5. Green Robe: A Seer or Ancient Seer wears a green robe and conducts medium to advanced level quests and events directed at mid level to advanced level characters.

    6. Dark Brown Robe: An Elder or Arch Elder wears this robe and conducts low level to medium level quests and events directed at beginner to mid level characters.

    7. Silver Robe: An Arch Companion wears this robe and functions to train and oversee Senior Companions. Arch Companions administrate the Companion program over 3 shards. Arch Companions will rarely be visible to the public.

    8. Gold Robe: A Senior Companion wears this robe and functions to train and oversee Companions (Companions are regular players that have the ability to teleport to new players to help them after they log in for the first time). Senior Companions will rarely be visible to the public.

    (Copied from the Counselor handbook)
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    UO was more primitive
    Most of the crafted items we see now did not exist, no colored armor/leather, no stones, no sand/glass, no add-ons, no customize houses, no fame/karma but a mix of them, no virtuel system and no guildstones

    Noto system
    The fame/karma system we know now did not exist.
    There was good and bad noto

    You started as neutral with no title like now and with blue color.

    Killing monsters, given money to npc's, killing red players would give you better noto.

    Great Lord/Lady was the "good" chars.
    Killing someone with EV's did not give bad noto, so not all was as good as they did look.

    Killing blue or just attacking blue or anyone with higher noto as you was enought to make you lose noto. Below neutral = red.

    Not all reds was attackable in town. There was 5 good and 5 negative noto titles. only Evil Lord and Dread Lord could not go to town.

    Not all Evil and Dread Lords was PK's. Alot become red just with attacking blue with a mistake when hunting monsters. I know a Dread Lord who never had killed anyone.

    Mages and Archers was gods. You could use plate and cast spells.
    You did not need alot of skills as support for combat skills. Also, you did not need several craftskills to support each others.

    If I wanted to be archer with some lumbering and fletching, tailor and mage, it was possible, I sould live in the forest and make everything myself.
    Or I could be mage, swordwoman, smith, miner without need for alot of support skills.


    It was much more simple, it was possible to make regular weapons, iron/leather armor, tools, trapped boxes, arrows/bolts, potions, scrolls, furnitures and cook foods.

    You could gathering woods, wool, feather, regular leather and iron ore.

    If you wanted a cool looking metal armor, you would have to traveling to different npc shops and buy colored armor pieces.

    Add-ons was not craftable, you could buy a house with forge and anvil.

    Houses/vendors and security.

    You had a key to your house and could copy it. The owner of a copy of the key had full access to the house. If you lost your key, your house was worthless, nothing was safe in it.

    It was not possible to lockdown items, you could trap your chests, but that was not to much help.

    To secure a house, you would buy a vendor together with the house deed and hope you not got killed before you placed the house, deeds was not blessed.

    Then place the house, place vendor and drop key on vendor as not for sale.

    Then you would use tracking before you took key to unlock house, open door, lock door, drop key on vendor and go in, close door.

    If you got killed, only newbie items was safe, later spellbooks become blessed, but they was not at the beginning.
    There was no runebooks. so you would have a town rune and a house rune and rest of the runes in bank or house. Only an idiot would run around with house rune and house key.

    Dungeons and spawn.

    There was only mainland dungeons, there was no Lost Land, Ilshenar or Malas.
    The spawn was more heavy, in East woods of Britain, you could find orc spawn, water and air elements, gazors, dire wolfes, grizzlys was aggressive, orges, trolls, ettings, gargyles and I think ratmen and Lizzardmen.

    There was no trammel code, all was felucca code and only towns was safe, but we still had thieves there.

    I loved it and Siege is the closest I get to the game I got Dec 1997
  27. Glorfindel

    Glorfindel Guest

    Man, that brigns up some old school memories. I remember you could easily get dread lord for killing NPC's hacking them up, and eating the man jerky. I had a journeyman warrior that was dread lord. Lol. You could also get great lord by macroing your character telling your horse to attack a polar bear.
    As far as pkers went, it added to the fun. Nothing better than getting one in your house, letting him think it just the two of ya, then having your fried unhide and unleash an EV. Back then, they attacked mage first. Yay good loot.
    My best memories of UO are of me and my RL best friend (Ian MacDougal of Catskills) playing UO for hours, we chipped in and bought a small house in the desert. TOok us months to afford that. God I miss that.
  28. Syrik

    Syrik Guest

    I bought UO as soon as it first hit the stores back in September '97. I had always been a fan of the Ultima universe, and an online version of it sounded like an incredible experience. I remember first taking it home, installing it, and then being totally enthralled with it. People take it for granted now with all the other competition out there, but at the time of its release UO was pretty revolutionary. There were bugs galore, a lot of holes and poorly thought out coding, and well more than a bit of instability on the servers (especially Pacific!!), but the hardships were tolerable just because it was such a fascinating game at the time.

    There were no bank boxes at the beginning, and "newbie items" didn't exist. Basically everything you owned had to be carried on your person. If you died and got looted, well, tough luck. Once they finally introduced bank boxes, it created another monster, because they could only be accessed from inside the bank. Every bank across Britannia had a pile-up of people screaming "MOVE, YOU *******!!!" parked by the doorway, as there were always one or two people who just sat in the entrance (due either to them not caring or - more likely - having simply crashed). The fix that allowed people to open their boxes from outside the bank was a tremendously welcomed one.

    Reds could go into towns for a time, although if they attacked someone, they'd get guard-whacked. Some crafty, exploiting guilds managed to figure out ways to manipulate things and kill people anyways; one of the notorious early exploits of "bank-kill" was when they used to teleport to the top of banks and fire field loads of players without repurcussions (the guards couldn't get to them). Thieves were a-plenty, and died all the time while trying to steal from people at the bank. Everyone hated them, but every other person seemed to be one at the same time. When one got guard-whacked, a huge cluster of people would rush the corpse to loot it (usually getting the rewards of previous, successful steals).

    Dungeons were these fearsome, frightening places. The first couple months of the game were totally unpredictable for hunting, as they hadn't mastered the spawn system. In the earliest weeks, you'd be lucky to find anything alive other than NPCs in towns and other players. When spawns did happen, they came in massive bursts, I can remember numerous nights down in the bowels of Covetous waiting on monsters to appear, then being completely overwhelmed when they finally did. Balrons, bloods, ancient wyrms, etc. didn't exist at the very beginning; the strongest, deadliest monsters were daemons, drakes and dragons. I remember being at the Cove orc fort one time early on when a daemon appeared there. It was literally killing swathes of players . . . the whole entrance to the fort was littered with corpses (including mine), along with tons of thieves trying to snag and run.

    People had to depend on each other back in those days. No one with any experience in the game ever traveled the roads, as the PKs essentially owned them. Trinsic was nearly impossible to get in and out of apart from by boat or recall. The crossroads west of Britain and those outside Vesper's south entrance were absolutely lethal. You had to be prepared to die no matter where you went, and death *was* a big deal back then, because in all likelihood you were going to lose everything. 90% of the people around were newbies back in those days, and it took little to no effort to meet new people and get a hunting gang together. The social aspect was so much more authentic back then: no attitudes, no elitism, no powergamers. Of course, it could only last so long, but it was refreshing in comparison to a lot of things these days.

    The few veterans from the period that remain now recall it all very fondly. Some people really regret the loss of the anarchic, PvP world that it was. For me, it's the community and - especially - the freshness and sense of exploration. Those aspects are long gone, and will never come back. UO will never be the game it was at the beginning. It's not because of OSI's changes and their lack of interest in turning back the clock. It's because it's been completely exposed, sifted through, explored, and thrown open to everyone. The newness and undiscovered quality is gone forever, which is too bad. But, aspects like that are bound to be short-lived in the end.

    I still play and enjoy UO. I've had a lot of great memories in the game and have some really good friends that I made in-game. I'll probably be around for a while yet. But, when someone starts talking about the so-called "Golden Age," I have to say that I share the sentiment completely. Not because of Felucca/Trammel, not because of the crazy AoS changes, not because of the endless nerfs, not because of juvenile griefers and arrogant bank-sitters. Simply because I saw how it all began.
  29. Written as a role-playing treatise and for those just venturing into UO but pretty much gives a flavor of the early game.

    Despite the PKing problem - which was rampant - it was an enjoyable romp. OSI seemed a little more connected to the players. The Counselors were a good idea that went wrong because of the players themselves; it's still a good idea in my view.

    Exploits such as the dead being able to walk through the doors of houses and being ressed through the wall with the inevitable result was a problem. That was partially solved by locking boxes down by the door to prevent ghosts getting in. Even if they were ressed they couldn't move the locked down boxes.

    Monsters targeting you through the wall sof your house made things interesting. I see that can still happen on Fel.

    Then there were the Chaos and Order guards which you could join by soliciting the guard at the designated castle.

    Rune books were absent. When you adventured - you had one rune in your backpack and that to the bank. There you had all your other runes so you had to do the 'bank shuffle'. Houses and boats had keys that you kept on a key ring buried under stuff to make it harder for a thief to get to.

    Overall - I think the game is better now despite the nay-sayers. But it certainly was an adventure - back-in-the-day.
  30. Chap

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    alot of good posts, I espesially enjoyed Syriks post.

    but one thing that havent been said was the unstable servers. They could go down anytime. You didnt know when they went down before getting the [system] message. This also reminds me, didnt you lag alot back then? myself had about 200 ping and some %loss, if you met an poison ele on your screen you were 100% dead. Was that just me? I played Atlantic from Europe /php-bin/shared/images/icons/blush.gif

    Anyway, after the 'Dread Lord' days were gone and OSI put in Stattloss for pks, more people joined Order Chaos Guilds. Guildwars could be seen in all towns and happened at all times. This lasted until 'Trammel' came. The 'rules' of PvP changed and from that point, PvP was/is getting fewer and fewer players. And now, 3 years later alot of players have quit. Those who were still hanging on to the game quit with AoS, resulting pvp is almost dead on some shards.

    If there were an power-up service that you could buy to play the game as it was back in 98, I`d do it! Even for one day, with an insane prize, Id still do it /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    My best memmory from the 'old days' Is mining inside guards at 'North Side Inn' in brittain. There were so many pks at the brit mine so you were forced to mine in-guards to be safe, and belive me, I was not the only one! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Peaches: On Europe we had something called 'Deepwater Fighting school' were new players came and trained their skills. It was very successfull with alot of players everyday, players trained skills, duelled eachother etc. And ofcourse sometimes PKs showed up, so we had 'Deepwater Guards' to protect the players. Unfortunatly OSI came with a patch that made it inpossible to gain skills on eachother and from that day people stopped comming there /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif (might have been UO:R publish)
  31. Syrik

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    I mentioned the unstable servers, but only very briefly. Pacific had horrendous instability in the early months. About three months into the game, it was practically unplayable a lot of the time. You would log on and play, get a lot of gains, be in the middle of hunting at the bottom of a dungeon, and then the shard would crash and revert, destroying all your work. Pac used to crash several times a day for a period of time; it got so bad that friends of mine started to leave the shard (even the game, as one did). I remember when Sonoma opened up, I decided to start a new character on there for back-up. I played there for a bit, and a couple buddies from Pac hopped over to join me. Other friends stayed in Pacific, not wanting to start over; I wound up back in their camp. Those other two friends stayed on permanently in Sonoma while I took off to Europe for a year. When I came back, everything had changed, and only one of my old friends remained. Incidentally, he's still active to this day - never quit, even if he hasn't played all too frequently over the years.

    I don't miss the PK madhouse that the game was early on. I actually was one of many that welcomed Trammel when it was introduced, both for the chance to place a house and the opportunity to hunt, mine, gather resources, etc. without interference from gankers. I don't hate Fel, but haven't much desire for its gameplay (thus don't go there all that frequently). But, all at the same time, I can't say that I disagree with those people who think Fel should suit the desires of the PvP crowd. It's nice to know that there exists a different style of play from the standard camp and kill, bank and strut routine that dominates Trammel.
  32. Storm O'Neal

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    I think trammel is a chat room of sorts...no worries or fear just make gold and chat with friends. I started back before tram and I still play and love fel. What is the reason to play if all you do is hit a monster and stand in town, I love the danger of maybe being pk.

    The old days people banded together to be safe, guilds were very important. If you were in the right guild pks would think twice before killing you. A gm smith was like a god, everyone wanted to know one.

    I loved houses with no lock downs it was a small with tons of chest, in every chest was some great treasure. Every house had a monster of some kind trapped for resist and some had pets like bears or cows that wouldnt die with server ups and down.

    To get a gm in any skill was so hard but so much fun too, and if anyone lite a camp fire at the bank man to see everyone scramble so they wouldnt get a skill gain that would make them lose a gm.

    I miss the old days, but not the reverts once we had a week long revert. Things were fun then but they are fun now if you make them that way. Its all up to you and how you play your game thats the best part of uo.

  33. Thank you all very much for your replies, this is really interesting to read.
    Freja, thank you so much for this detailled information, its really interesting to know how the different parts of the game were. I wondered always how the noto system worked and how the best way was to enter your house in safety, because you needed a rune to get there and at the same time a key to open it. Its really interesting how the combat was and the crafting and all, thank you very much.
    Syrik, thank you very much for your descriptions. It is really interesting to imagine how it was first without bankbox and later to access it only inside a bank. Or to wait for a monster spawn and to get finally lots of them and all are fighting. You described the early time of uo so great, I can imagine the blocked entrance of a bank, poeple on the roof casting fire fields and the feeling, how will I come safe out of the town and all this. Thank you for this great insight, I wish I would also have seen how it all began.
  34. Syrik

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    Let me clarify that second paragraph in the last post a bit. While I never liked the PKs and non-consensual PvP aspect of the early period, I definitely miss the camaraderie that existed in defiance of it. People learned to bond together, which seems a rare thing in comparison to now. While there are still some really cool players in UO, there are way, way too many that only care about "beating the game" and/or acquiring as much coveted crap as possible. The social scene has changed significantly, and the establishment of Trammel has really enabled such a change. People don't have any significant threats in UO like they did before, so it's easy to go solo. But, the best times I've had in UO have been with other people, and to neglect such a thing seems like abandoning the very point of the game.
  35. It was so wonderfully immersive! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    There was so much thought given to detail by the Devs then...lots of interaction with the NPCs (like the beggars that would follow you for screens and screens and screens...and screens...hahaha) Everything was slanted as far as possible towards a medieval setting--all of the gumps and speech fonts and speech itself, for that matter....there were no jarring, non-period items or colors...it really was possible to suspend disbelief and imagine yourself wandering in the days of Yore. (Now, it's total hard work to even try to imagine such a world, what with neon crap and modern gumps and so forth, everywhere you turn)

    The community was tighter....it had to be, to keep out the wolves. *grins* To learn who the current wolves were, we had the bounty boards, which were extravagently worded, and an informative pleasure to read...

    Oh, and I didn't know squat about PvP then (still don't, actually :), had no manual or guide or anyone to teach me how to play...and I STILL didn't get PKed until I was six months old. (and I was playing around 8 hours a day, all of that time) So...anyone saying that is was just a lawless Land O' Instant Death is....wrong. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    What is was, was exhilerating, fascinating, completely absorbing and truly incredible FUN!!
  36. Caven

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    I started in fall 98. Here are some interesting anecdotes.

    1) (This didn't happen to me but a dear friend). In those days, if you lost your house key, you were doomed. You had to race back to your house to try to change the locks. A friend of mine is an extremely nice guy. So much so that he would often find new characters and teach them and usually give them supplies for free. He did this often out of magincia and gave quite a bit away. One day he was lazy and didn't bank his house key. Two theives approached and before he knew it, one held his house key. My friend stood there letting slowly realizing he was about to lose everything. Then one of the theives said, "Hey aren't you that guy who hangs out in Mag and helps people?" He replied, "yes." Then that theif turned to the other and proceeding to explain that my friend had helped him when he first started and that they should return the key. The theif with the key was adamant about not returning the key. So, the theif stole the key from the other theif to give back to my friend. Then my friend proceeded to see a long series of messages at the bottom of his screen informing him that the two theives were stealing the key back and forth from one another. Finally, after a time of watching "stealing tennis" the key was returned and my friend never was careless with it again.

    2) A guildmate of mine had a reputation of having the worst connection in game. He would be dropped at any time. He was also very slow. My guild and I were going to into Shame. Our guildhouse was close to the entrance so we ran down. I stayed behind to run with the laggy guildmember. As the two of us approached shame entrance we happened on 8 reds, with my guild nowhere to be seen. My friend, of course, loses connect, but i didn't know this. He was an archer and he started shooting at a red (auto attack). So i'm thinking, this guy is insane, but oh well..... So i run in with my dexer and start hacking at the first red. The others oddly are not doing anything (presumably because only a complete fool would run into a group of 8 and attack). I actually kill the first one, but now the others "wake up". A second one attacks me and I was able to kill him as well when i recalled out to reach the bank with 1 hp remaining. I then notice the icq flashing from my laggy friend "Get out! I crashed"

    3) The dexer on dexer hour long fight. In those days, you could log out instantly fighting or not. So....people fought in inns. One such fight took place with a friend. Two dexers (chaos/order). I was healing my friend with bandages, the other person was being healed by someone as well (we were both blue). And we stood inside an inn...for an hour...healing. Since the dexers didn't have to do too much they had quite a conversation. So we all had a nice little talk while this intense battle raged. Eventually, the other guy's healer ran out of bandies....my friend redlined him....poof....asleep in the inn safe and sound.

    This same thing happened to me once in bucs. I had redlined this guy and he logged out in the inn. I had hiding so i hid...and waited....for 40 minutes. ( i really don't like losing) He logs in redlined still, wam..one hit dead. He comes back from healing screaming how much of a loser i was for waiting for that long.... I said, "Yup. You are right." One more hit....dead....

    He didn't come back.
  37. Turlock

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    We all ran around in kilts biting the heads off chickens and babies and tossing spears at one another. But it's been a long time it might have been tossing chicken at babies and biting heads of spears :/ I know I'm close anyway!
  38. You could mine forever..fill your pack up to 10000 stones. Couldnt move...but..in fact..was STEALABLE!. One fo the first things people did, was to be a thief, and harass miners in Minoc and the Brit mines, to just sneak away frm the gate zone. Attacking wasnt good.

    The downtime in the morning, used to be from 3 to like 7 AM...it has much improved somewhat.

    It was fun, and a challenge to mine else where in the game to get a lot of ore. Of course, you could be Pk'ed anywhere outside of towns. Made things interesing. The first smiths also had to be fighters/mages. So, the first characters had a bunch of different skills. On top of that, skill gain was very slow. You didn't see any GMs until after the first couple months. Yes, months. Those were the powergamers. The casual player took almost a year to say, GM blacksmithing. Today, as we know..you can do it in a matter of week, even days.

    There were bugs GALORE. But, it was raw. It was new. It was fun. The raw unpredictablilty is gone now. Everyone knows the game, or can easily get info. The game, is ..well..old. But, we are addicts, and love it...

    For the past SIX years.
  39. Guest

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    You want stories?
    Here is an old one of mine, writed long ago. It's edited later, the comment in () were added right after the rep patch.

    My life in Britain (this story is writing before the rep patch came out).

    I started my life in UO new years evening, I started as a smith char, got me a pickaxe and walk outside town to get some ore, and make some ingots, the first I meet outside town was a Ettin a big ugly monster with 2 heads and I got kill, I went back to the town, I was a ghost, and did not know, where the healers was, and I could not make contact to any players, (I did not know, that they not was able to see me), then I saw an other ghost, and he show me, where to find the healers.
    Now I had problems, I had no more money, and no pickaxe, and no way to make money, I did not like to beg players for help, but I was new, and had no friends. So I had no choice, I went to the bank, and a nice guy gave me 200gp and a lumber axe, told me to buy a hammer and make wood shield. I was very happy, now I was able to move on.

    When I was mining near despise a dread lord came, I don’t remember his name, he look at me and say, ”you are new, so you will stay alive”, and he left me, and I think, what, are some people going to kill me, I did not know that, later, when I was lumbering, and was overloaded, there came an other dread lord, his name was Blank Knight and he ask what was wrong, when I try to move, I got so scared, I could not speak, I'm real female, and my English was very bad, when I started, but he also let me stay alive. (I meet him after the rep patch, now he is blue and one of my friends)

    The next dread I meet, came in the mining cave near despise, he kill me fast, and I rez, but he kill me again, I rez again, and of some reason, he could not take my stuff, I don’t know why, I run after him and say, that I want my stuff back, he say, that he took nothing, I went back to my body, and I could not take my stuff, before the body was gone. I learn not to rez, I had lost a lot of skill, that hurt, and it took long time before I got them back.

    I got kill 2 time more in the mine the next week's, but one day, where I was alone in the mine, dread lord Zargar came, I had not seen him before, I got scared, he say, that he need a hammer, I gave him my hammer, a little after he went back, it was a smith hammer he need, I gave him my smith hammer, I had my tinker tools, and I was able to make a new one, and I work a little more, then he came back, now he need ingots, here goes my ingot's I think, and I ask how much he need, 117 he say, that was what I have in my bag, so he had snooped me :)), I gave him 90, and say, I need some my self (if I lose my shovel), then he ask how much he should pay for the ingot's, I was still afraid for him, and I say 400 gp, he told me, that was to little, and I say that was special price to him, he say he would came back with the money, and a moment after, he was back, he gave my some money, I don’t look how much, and I say thx, he say, I should look how much he gave me, and say he don’t need special price, there was 550 gp, he started make some armor or weapon, and I say, that was nice to meet a dread with out get killed, he told me, that he never kill miners (It took 10 months or more before I found him again, on one of the messages boards)

    Then I started hunting with an other miners, and I got killed a few times in the forest, but most times I just ran from there fireball's, then I started to learn magic, and I learn to recall and hide, and I started to go to covetous, and kill harpy’s and I got a bow, and before I know it, was I Great Lady Freja Master Archer.

    I also got a house with a guy, he told me, that he want to be a pk, and he wanted me to be it too, but I would not kill people. We got the house with 2 vendors, and he become dread, I learn to know some of his friends, my first PK friends, and some stop me and ask me about him, I learn that PK’s could be nice to me, and good and loyal friends too, like my blue friends, and I stop fear the PK’s so much, I could let them in the house, and I could trust them, then I started to try to get the PK’s I meet as friends.

    That gave me a lot of fun, but it is not always easy, some of them don't want to talk, even when I went back to them 3 or 4 times, and there is some I don't like and don’t want to learn to know, but most of them is nice, and when I meet 2-3 of my red friends with hunting and 2-3 I did not know, I learn to know them too.

    A lot of times, am I get attack by 6 guy's, before they saw it was me, and I or some of them yell Stop.
    I die once, I was to close to some anti’s, and a good friend of mine, Man O War, got me, before I could stop him, but he got my stuff for me, with 7 anti’s around him, then he call me via ICQ, and told me to go to my house, then he gated me to the chaos shine, I had never been there before, someone kill me when I got res, and I lost the gate, then I call him and told him to make a gate more, and I res and run in the gate, and I was home at my house again, I took my key from my vendor, and we walked in. I got most of my stuff back, one of the antis got 200 bolt, I never got them back, and 2 of my guild members(some of the anti’s) had a little of my stuff, they call me, one of my guild members was to scared to try to get some of my stuff, he know the PK was my friend, and was afraid he would kill him if he took something, but I sure, he would not do that, my pk friend told me, that my guild members had the rest of my stuff, so he did know, that some of the anti’s was from my guild. He was alone, when he killed me, and he did not run, when there were 8 around him. I like really that guy. (Keep in mind, in old days most blue was very clumsy to PvP)

    The guy I had house with lost his dread char, and started a new, he got strong, and he was a NPK for long time, and I don’t want to have much to do with him, then he went dread again, that was better, but he is strong now GM archer and 8 circle mage, and one night, when he was with 2 others, I not had seen before, there was dead body’s all around the house, I told them, that I don’t like when they killed players close to me, players must think, I was bad too, and I can’t fight my friends, they accept that.

    When I meet my red friends in the forest, they sometimes hunt monsters with me, and most time, they let me get the loot, when I stood with a blue friend, one of them came and told me, that there was 2 troll's south, and he did not attack the guy I stood with, I had just learn to know him, he attack me, and when we was fighting, I talk to him, and ask him to wait, and we talk, and I got a friend more, a nice guy, I think he will be one of my best friends. (I lost him, I think he quit with the rep(when we got stat loss))
    I never get any of their loot, from there kill, only from monsters, and I don't spy for them, and I don’t help them with there killing. The blue players who know me accept, that I have PK friends, and I did not get blue enemies because of that, only once a guy attack me, because he was got kill 4 times that day, but he ran, when my bow auto attack. Some day's later, I help him with some monsters, and ask him why he attack me, when I told him my stories, he wanted to be my friend. That my stories, and how I got so many PK friend's. (After the rep, he became a thief pk)

    I'm Great Lady and I had never killed a player, if I see someone who need help, I try to help, even if it’s a PK, there had try to kill me the day before, only problem is that I can't heal them, and attack blue players who tried to kill red players, who’s not evil, with out losing noto, I don't want to get red. I don’t se no reason to, that I can’t heal a red guy, there is close to get kill of monsters, I can only helping with killing the monsters, and giving him some GH potions if I have some. (Here is the new system a lot better, now you don’t get red from healing reds)

    I don't look at a players color to see, how he is, there is a lot of evil blue, and a lot of nice red in the game.
    That was my main char Freja’s stories, I have a char more, Archer Girl, I hope her stories will be different, it already is, she had never been a newbie, she did know the world, when she was born. She is born to be a bad girl, but until now, she had been nice too, and until she get a lot of power, she will stay nice.
    When she is ready to join her pk friends, I hope she will be a nice pk, with a lot of honor, but I will let her kill players, just not newbie’s and other weak players, or players there fight with monsters.
    But how do I play a pk, who ask a player for his stuff or his life, if he just recall, when he see me?
    I only want to kill evil blue players, or players who attack me just because I'm red, I hate that kind of players, I had seen a lot of none evil red players got kill without any reasons.
    But I know I must learn to kill, if I will play a pk :)), that will not be easy for me, but I want to play the evil side of the game too, and I'm sure, I will get a lot of fun with this player too, and I know I have friends there will help me with my first kill. I think a looter or an npk will be my first victim, and I will like to see them die for my hand.

    Freja will always be a nice girl (oops, she got boring, and it was her who joined a pk guild, and become a role-playing pk), and don't ran or recall if you see Archer girl, even when she get the title Dread Lady Archer Girl Master Archer, (she never get that, the rep system ruin that) I hope she always will speak before she attack, and if you know her now, don’t fear her, she won't hurt you, if she remember you.

    My stories it true, many non PvP players don’t believe them, because, for them the UO world is black and white, they do miss a lot of the game, because they always run, and have to much fair, or just not like to get scared, maybe they are afraid for there own feeling.

    I did write this long ago, some before the rep patch and some after. The comments in () are added later, but still long ago. It’s all from before Siege was born, before Trammel and T2A. It was my best time in UO. I’m sure I have more stories from that time; it was an amazing time and an amazing game.

    I was 43 years, when I started to play. My son came home with the game; he wanted to use my internet and computer. I was excited when I saw it and he told me to make a char and then he left me alone with the game.
    He was wise enough to know, he could make me to play, he would be able to play too. After 3-4 months, we got a program to share the modem, and we got an account more. We did both have chars on old account, so we had to share the new account too and then switch between them so we still play the old account. That was the reason I made Archer Girl, she was on the new account. Archer Girl is lost forever, my son do have that account now and I have the old account.
  40. Salty Sam

    Salty Sam Guest

    Wow, hard to believe it's 6 years since it all began.
    Was so nice to run around unhindered by houses built so close to one another you can only just squeeze between them.

    I remember when I started I managed to place a small house right on the mountain range that holds Covetous Dungeon, great for mining and the like. However, I suffered at the hands of house robbers. Stupidly it was after they allowed lock downs and you could place tables to create a barrier so noone could get to the chests in the back of the room, there were no secures then so anyone could access them.
    Was PKd, as a lot of us were back then, and of course made the fatal mistake of having a house key and a recall home rune on me. Thinking things would be ok, after all I had my wall of tables, I returned home, only to find I had forgotten to lock one down, and the thieves had got past and into the chests.

    Another PK attack was while mining, 2 guys decided to attack me, but somehow, and I never have figured out why, they couldn't target me when I stood under a cliff face, the blade spirits they cast decided that they couldn't see me either and just spun away to themselves. So I just stood unattackable until the PKs got bored and wondered off.
  41. Wile_e

    Wile_e Guest

    Most of the replys are accurate. However, the old days were not so good in some areas, like moving. In the beginning you could take two steps wait for a couple of minutes and then take two more steps and so on. Crashes were frequent. Time warps happened all the time. You get the picture.

    However, when you were new, you had to depend on other people. I spent a lot of time at the bank in brit begging for gold. It was amazing how many people would assist a new player. They gave you gold, weaps, armor, food, etc. Then I was able to buy a pick and begin mining. I stayed in a tavern. I grew up in Minoc and made many friends. I got my pack pickpocketed many times. Got killed many times but learned something new each time. Also, at that time there were beggars (npc) everywhere. They would not let you alone. A tremendous pain in the butt. Also, got guard wacked for doing something I did not know you couldn't do, etc.

    It took me almost 17 months to become a gm smith. Amazing what is done now. The game is much more complicated now. Too much so, I think.

    Also, the game is now organized for the lowest common denominator. The person who wants everything now and does not want to work for anything.

    I worked very hard to get enough gold for a horse. When I got my first horse, I was extatic. When my horse will killed, I was horrified. Not only did I have to get more money for a horse, but WHY would anyone want to kill a horse. hehe. Oh well, change has come and we have to adapt. Don't know why they ever created new lands, new facets, new , new, new. There is so much to do in just one small area that we could really never do it all. Now there is even more.

    Seems the worst comes out in many people when they can hide behind a game character.

    But am still here and still enjoy the game. Have to retrain often, but so it goes.....
  42. Cryothan

    Cryothan Guest

    Well, the probably most anoying feature in UO must have been the old NPC beggars. They walked up to you and started to beg non-stop.

    "Can I have some money"
    "I'm hungry"
    "I have 6 kids to feed"

    If you walked away, they followed you. Out of town,- into the wilderness, even into dungeons.

    "Can I have some money"
    "I'm hungry"
    "I have 6 kids to feed"

    Kind of fun now when I think about it, but was really a pain. Meeting up with friends to go hunting, each of us with a beggar trailing...
    First day of UO I thought it was another player, and tried to explain to him that I didn't have any gold myself.
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The first 4-5 month I played, I writed down most reds I saw.

    I'm sure this list will bring memories to Atlantic players. Not all this was PK's, some was red anti PK's.

    I did not get PK'ed more as 10 times in this 4-5 months, even when I had meet all this and in most cases got away from them. Alot of them become my friends.

    <font color=red>
    Blank Knigth
    Fang Lo
    Iron bob
    Shadow sword
    Man O War
    Telvin Brighbow
    Hell Killer
    Sir Jeda
    Quella Devin
    Devil dog
    Rye Magan
    Sir Richard
    Ishorn Fireash
    Robin Hood
    Lady Zen
    </font color=red>
  44. Chinalilly

    Chinalilly Guest

  45. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Well, old days....That was the days!

    I saw my birth of daylight in britain, and after a few days figuring out how to do the most simple things I found this most fun...But very hard. I knew so little about so much, so it was always a new thing to discover.

    I started as a warrior, The Highlander and ran the fields with hords of rats and bigger rats..and yes - then it was the reds.... When I first saw one, I thought it was kewl to have a red name....and wondered if he was something special. I found out when he casted a blade spirit...wich was the first one I ever saw...and after 2 hits the world turned grey.....ack...and when he started to take all my stuff.....I started yelling at him - 'Hey!!! You cannot do that!!!'...hehe - as it helped....I yelled so much that he ressed me just to kill me again...ack....not so fun.

    Well...about same time my fighter, Highlander got a brother...Mandrake - born to tame the wilderness....Mandrake grew up in the woods and talked to most of the animals, after many months - I think it was 8 of them he finally was granted access to the highest circle within his profession, a grandmaster!

    In thoose days a tamer was a rare profession, it was not many around. And as he ran the woods for so long time, he met many Gent's and Ladies - bot honored and dishonored in both hued colors. But mainly he came along with them and kept his pets away from them, and they kept their spells away from him.

    The adreline kicks was always there, every day! The months passed on and new guilds came in, with new orders and new names. So our daily hunt was always fun, and it was either a victory or a total defeat. We used to go in groups to kill the monsters and protect eachother from the reds.

    And we learned to fight them in their own way. It was never a mass recal out, but a fast organizing of who to attack first. This was the fun of it, because we always knew it would be losses - and if we striked back hard enough they retreated. So it was all about to do the most damage first, then you would know if you would win or not. If you could start to count the red corpses, who usually came in groups from 5 peoples and up, on more than one finger - you knew you where hitting back.... The clue was always to hit the same person first...so U took one and one down.

    But at the birth of trammel, thoose fun days became rarer and rarer....

    Ack...and now its all changed - its hard to recognize the world we live in...and when I run the woods in felluca I hardly ever see anyone there...
  46. Chinalilly

    Chinalilly Guest

    *waves to Farquhar*

    The last I saw of you, you had sold your UO account and left. Good to see you again.
  47. *laughs*
    Sounds really funny. Was probably less funny when you and your friend went hunting with 2 beggars running behind you.
    *imagines them hiding from a PK and the beggars still staying around*
  48. *laughs*

    So true...because the beggars would still target you after you had hidden, so they were a dead giveaway to your location.

    "Pssst...Go away! I'm hidden here!"
    "I have starving children to feed!"
    "Gaaah...they will HEAR you! *fidgeting with dread* Hush!"
    "If you could spare some gold..."
    "I'm dying here....go AWAY!"
    "I have too many mouths to feed, and no food..."
    *in abject terror of being revealed, you hand the beggar some food for his starving family*
    "I have no use for this!"
    *Beggar throws food back at you, lip curled in disdain*
    "I have no gold! PLEASE leave me alone!"
    "I have starving children to feed, and they have no shoes..."
    "Okay, I'm gonna die...*cries*...stupid beggar"

    You see, back then...you could speak while hidden, and your speech would not show up onscreen. Only movement (or murderers seeing whining beggars addressing apparently thin air) would reveal you. That was VERY cool. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  49. Nisse

    Nisse Guest

    I miss alot the one facet time. I started 52 month ago whit being pk,d by the first player i saw. What i like most from that time is all people fighting in the same place and no one screamed *mine mine* we all could se who dident have lotingright and could chase him/her down. I also remember fun stuff like when i got my first guild and a guildmember was a bit rude to some guys at dead city and they killed him and whent whit his head to me and told me to defend him or corect him. player justice was a good thing to cep people in place and cep the greed in a low level.

    Felucca now days start to se a few things like it was back then and it is the blou v red
  50. Farquhar

    Farquhar Guest

    "*waves to Farquhar*

    The last I saw of you, you had sold your UO account and left. Good to see you again. "

    Yes, and I'm not sad of that. After having stopped playing I've quickly lost complete interest in the game and looking back at it the worse the game looks to me. I still have access to the game through other peoples accounts but I don't even use them, the game just does keep my interest at all anymore. AOS was frigging dumb, which sucked cause the game as already border line dumb. OSI says UXO and UO are totally different but I disagree, both are Massive online single player games. UO is no longer multiplayer.