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(Question) How's Sonoma been?

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by RollinTheTweed, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. From sheer boredom I quit, but then when I returned I ended up moving one of my Sonoma toons to great lakes, sadly I don't see much of a difference in population, nor is the pvp much different.

    Sort of missing home, is all so how's Sonoma?
  2. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
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    cop died (just from what i have seen)

    anyone can run a champ now whenever they want to.

    me and another fella chained some rats in despise the other evening and didnt see one person the entire time we where there.

    but i chalk most of that up to it being the middle/end of summer.
    i know my play time has been limited because of the summer.

    i plan on getting some more play time in in the coming months once the snow starts to fly, as im sure a lot of people are thinking the same, which has been the trend in UO since it started.