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Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dave Lister, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Dave Lister

    Dave Lister Guest

    Have maxed out this quest recently and noticed two more options at the Mercenary Supplier Abercrombie.
    He lets you buy both Yellow and Brown Loot Pouches which cointains basic materials once opened.

    The Booty - Yellow Pouch (6 Golden Ram Coins) ones giving one of the following:
    1x Coarse Bone Powder
    1x Oriharukon Ore
    3x Stone of Purity
    3x Cokes
    3x Leather
    3x Adamantite Nuggets
    4x Steel
    6x Mithril Ore

    The Booty - Brown Pouch (28 Golden Ram Coins) I've gotten this from so far:
    1x Mold Hardener
    2x Enria
    2x Mold Lubricant
    4x Asofe
    4x Mold Glue
    4x Thons

    Haven't tried many Brown Pouches yet, so expensive in coins vs recieved mats so far, but have about 900 talons to turn in for coins so will check some more (but even those 900 talons which will be 180 Golden Ram Coins would only give me 6 brown compared to 30 yellow ones, so not sure I want to buy more brown ones, but will see rolleyes:)