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Hunter Exotic Pets (With Vids!)

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Lag, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Lag

    Lag Guest

    Hello all! I'm Lag, a resident content editor and an unofficial beta reporter. I've compiled a list of my videos featuring the current exotic pet families. As more become available, I'll make more videos.

    List of exotics:

    Needs doing:

    My opinion:

    Silithid-has one of 2 "dps" trees, but definately good for both dps and tanking. Recommended.

    Worm-has the "tanking" tree, and the armor to match. One of my favorite tanking pets and aggro-holders. Has a "sunder armor" type of ability, making it even better. Recommended

    Devilsaur-has one of the 2 "dps" trees. Does decent damage, and can hold decent aggro with a decent pet family ability. Looks like a staple for exotics; not the worst, not the best.

    Chimaera-has one of the "dps" trees. Looks to be "the" pvp pet, as it has a slow+damage spell, and one of my favorites. Currently has a slightly buggy pathing, but overall a decent pet. Recommended.

    Corehound-My fav. so far. Has a "dps" tree, and holds very good aggro along with a good ability, if a little underpowered. The damage on its family ability, Lava Breath, is lacking, but makes up for it with a 50% increased casting time on enemies. Excellent for both pve and pvp, recommended.

    Edited for formatting.


    Corehound- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3k0_rM6BoTg

    Worm- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrPKT1EyT-k

    Silithid- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyGgp-JokPg

    Chimaera- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi6Pj1G5UnE

    Devilsaur- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D85g56x15o

    More coming soon :D
  2. Shiftey

    Shiftey Guest

    if i win this contest i can show you some priest-shaman and hunter stuff =D and deathknight
  3. Lag

    Lag Guest

    Cool! I run a guild on Lich King-US horde, and also am starting one up on the premade-80 server soon. I also have a couple vids showing the DK starter area, just look @ my others.
  4. penguinduude

    penguinduude Guest

    Awesome stuff. If I get in, can I be your healing buddy? :p
  5. Shiftey

    Shiftey Guest

    cool if i get in i will join your guild(if you dont mind)
  6. Lag

    Lag Guest

    Horde? Anytime!

    Edit: Awesome, Shiftey! We have around 90 members 70+, with usually anywhere from a handful to about 30 members on a time. All are welcomed!

    BTW: The queue for premade characters is at 2 days :)gun:), you can copy 3 chars. Already copied a horde hunter, horde dk, and horde paly over.
  7. Shiftey

    Shiftey Guest

    Hope i win this contest

    i am weird because i kinda like going around looking for bugs i do it all the time on all of my guys 1-70

    =( and no love from blizz for helping them out

    hope to see you :)
  8. penguinduude

    penguinduude Guest

    Of course, can't stand them gnomes.
  9. Rockafizz

    Rockafizz Guest

    Any updates on The Invites Lag?
  10. Lag

    Lag Guest

    According to the mods over at the Customer Service forum, they're "working on it." Since the CSF mods don't handle the invites directly, they won't be able to tell us anything until the beta department tells them anything.
  11. Shiftey

    Shiftey Guest

    IS that about the WWI card beta invites ^?
  12. Rockafizz

    Rockafizz Guest


    So they havnt said anything about the 1side saying something and the other side contradicting it? or did you and eldorian not bring it up to em?
  13. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I've been told numerous times that the WWI cards will get an invite at some point in the beta, there's just no guarantee on WHEN.

    I ask people to please not hijack more threads with this question. Thanks.
  14. InkTank

    InkTank Guest

    You know, checking Petopia.com, it seems I should have gotten the Death Ravager pet (the pruple and lack one) as a pet since they made him uncapturable now. My Dranei hunter has him, but my main never went because I thought I'd have plenty of time.

    I guess he was buggy anyway, but I'll miss not being able to get him.
  15. Are kodos tameable?

    If you say no, you will crush my soul.
  16. Lag

    Lag Guest

  17. Rockafizz

    Rockafizz Guest

    Lol sorry but the other thread for the winners of first contest wasnt stickied anymore.