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Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Anaireo, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Anaireo

    Anaireo Guest

    Planet: Hutta
    Affiliation: Neutral
    System: Y'toub System
    Climate: Temperate
    Days per year: 413
    Hours per day: 87
    Moons: 5

    Hutta, the very word of the planet often sends images of a horrid and polluted wasteland, crawling with a blanket of putrid smell. In its midst is plant life decaying, choking on the carpet of smog covering the atmosphere of the planet. This was no longer the planet it was before, when it was covered in a beautiful jungle with a backdrop of healthy and lush plant life sprawling with life.

    Before it become home to the gluttonous slug like Hutt race, the planet was named Evocar. Located in the mid rim of the Y’toub System, Evocar was originally inhabited by a race called the Evocii. These people were a primitive race with minor technology and a simple way of life, until the Hutts arrived. Amazed and perplexed by the technology the Hutts brought to their planet, they began to exchange pieces of their land for these wonderous new technologies.

    Before they even realized, the distracted Evocii kept trading while the greedy and nefarious Hutts took over their land, piece by piece. Eventually leading to all the land being taken over. The Hutts takeover was complete and they ruled over Evocar, ordering the eviction if the Evocii to the planets nearby moon called Nar Shaddaa ‘the smugglers moon’. Here the Hutts used the Evocii to build cities and starports for them, until only a few Evocii remained among the huge population that had began to cultivate over the years. These few were cast out and began to mutate in the lower levels of the city due to the Hutts experimenting, while this was happening the Hutts destroyed any remaining Evocii architecture leaving no trace of their ever being there.

    Having destroyed their own homeworld of Varl, the greed of the Hutts exceeded to great heights when they eventually took Evocar for their new home and renamed it Hutta as it is now known. It is more often than not referred to as Nal Hutta, which in Hutese translate to ‘Glorious Jewel’. Doing what the Hutts do best, their exploitation of Hutta’s resources saw the planet begin to transform and mutate just as the Evocii did. The world became plagued with changed creatures from pungent toxins released by the numerous factories and processing plants. Shrubbery and wild life began to die and waste away to nothing, rendering the environment a toxic and dangerous wasteland, a harsh barren place for any species to survive in.

    During the timeline of Hutta, its moon Nar Shaddaa eventually became a haven of pirates, rouges and refugees who appeared, no doubt in response to the criminal organisation the Exchange. Furthermore, during the Dark Wars from 3,955 to 3,951 BBY, Hutta began the practice of enslaving refugees that they had acquired from the Exchange in the refugee sector.

    At the time the Great Galactic War began in 3,681 BBY the Sith Empire established a certain amount of control over Hutta, which remained neutral during the cold war. The Sith Empire's control was a nominal control, allowing them to venture onto Nal Huttas territories to find and eliminate those associating themselves with the Galactic Republic during the length of the war until the Treaty of Coruscant.