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Hybrid caster

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Tyriandros, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Tyriandros

    Tyriandros Visitor

    Nov 6, 2014
    Likes Received:

    So, while I'm not new to the game itself (grew up watching it played pre-Renaissance, and up into UOR and Second Age, but didn't see much after), and I've had my account on and off for about a year, I haven't made too terribly much progress trying to run solo. (I've convinced my roomie to start this up, and may try to bribe a couple friends/family to give it another go) However, I'm slowly coming to an impasse with my chars. I've got an Archer Bard that can make money pretty respectably out in Ilshenar (mostly around Compassion) and can even tackle a paragon or two if I'm smart about it (and the lute doesn't screw up), but gearing, gathering scrolls, and progressing onwards is becoming more and more difficult, because between the information I have from watching the game played growing up, to what I've been able to find, is very... inconclusive in a lot of areas. (I play on Origin, for the record, since I know that'll be asked).

    That said, I do have means to do some basic crafting/imbueing, and I have a Sampire that's in the works, but not anything I'm going to invest too terribly much time on until I get my Bard and my Caster going strong and able to tackle the stuff I'm going to need to acquire everything for the Sampire. (I like melee, and Sampire seemed like it'd be amusing). While I'm not necessarily asking for handouts (I'd prefer the reward of gathering things solo and/or with people), I'm not opposed to them either. My Bard is fairly straight forward, and manages to do pretty well. As far as my caster, it's a template I stumbled on that seems like it'd do the job in the right situations (Mage/Weaver/Necro/Mystic, all rolled into one interesting bundle). I've got a full Necro spellbook, but that's where my completeness ends. Any help/tips/suggestions on how to finish out my Mage/Weaver/Mystic books would be much appreciated, and any gearing suggestions/ideas (preferably Elven stuff, I like Elves and their Cultural Gear is awesome, IMO) would be most appreciated. And for anyone willing to part with any knowledge (tactics, locations for stuff, or otherwise), I'm forever grateful. I understand, completing those three books, at this point, are an absolute pain in the ass. As far as present gear, I'm mostly just running 100% LRC, since that was fairly easy to do myself, and I don't have all the nifty trinkets/talismans or imbue/craft drops from the higher end drops. Skill wise, I haven't GM'd too much yet with her (just Focus) nor have I attempted to go PS hunting to get her skills set where the Template wants them. Seems powerful enough, solo or group, but mostly PvM. Not too interested in PvP at present.

    Again, must appreciated, and looking forward to potentially running into some of you in game.