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I am looking for pricing help on Siege items please

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Hunter Moon, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Hunter Moon

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 19, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I have been offline for about 8 months now and had someone asked me if I had siege items to sell the second day I came back... I have tons, but have no idea on siege pricing or the exchange rate for Atlantic gold.
    If anyone has any ideas, please give me price ideas for these Siege items in Atlantic gold :) Thanks for any help.

    ethereal horse
    bronze cloak vet reward
    6 soul stone fragment tokens
    4 complete 15th anniversary bags
    4 complete 9th anniversary boxes
    3 complete a red velvet boxes with one extra rose in a vase
    2 unclaimed holiday tickets old - my chars can claim the gifts
    4 decorative personal bless deed
    1 snow statue deed
    1 extra snow
    1 extra card 2009
    1 extra candy cane
    2 snow flakes
    2 poinsettia
    8 old style square gift boxes empty
    1 new long style gift box empty
    2 snowmen
    1 holiday bell
    2 statues
    Double Exceptional items:
    smiths hammer
    3 pair of scissors
    9 sewing kits
    4 mininova fireworks wands
    1 complete 12th anniversary bag
    3 12th anniversary deeds
    3 13th anniversary deeds
    2 old holiday gift tickets anyone can use
    3 complete stockings
    silver npc sandals
    4 reindeer deeds
    2 holiday wreath deeds
    6 christmas tree deeds
    2 sleigh deeds
    4 mini house deeds
    6 snowy scene crystal balls
    Tested Newbie:
    6 books
    5 arrow shafts
    3 fancy shirts
    2 shirts
    2 doublets
    1 boot
    4 shoes
    4 candles
    2 short pants
    3 robes
    1 cloak
    2 half aprons
    4 long skirts
  2. Hunter Moon

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 19, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Any ideas on any of it at all is appreciated!
  3. Igg A Pie

    Igg A Pie Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Dec 19, 2007
    Likes Received:
    i am not a huge expert so i can just give you my best guess
    most vet rewards are 100k to 200k per year. there is an exception of a few rewards. the most popular being vet tel tiles which sell for 7 to 9 mil pretty easy. so ethy horse 300k or so and the bronze cloak 100k(i think that a 1st year)
    i am pretty sure soul stone frags go for 750k t a mil per pretty easy
    the 4 15th year bag...i have sold each grass and snow tile for 20k each. the posittia (if its named messnea 250k(guess)) and if its an infested tree(1 mil(guess)) sound about rght to me. the rest are really not worth much of anything in these bags
    the unclaimed tickets. holiday bell, 2 statues(i assume named statues for xmas 2000-01) 100k each. (i am lucky enough to know a guy that will buy bells for 500k)
    the 6 snowy scene cryastal balls...i honestly have seen none of these for sale but i dont think the have extreme value. 25k (idk tbh)
    double excpt items hold value but i think these are dependent on the person buying them id say 25k (idk)
    this is also true for the noobie items but id guess closer to 5 or 10k each(idk)
    the 12th anni gift ticket id say 250 to 500k(because of the mailbox)
    the 13th anni gift ticket id say 25 to 50k(idk but nothing of real value. not in my opinion)
    as far as the rest its all just kinda deco stuff. if were me i may or may not just trade it in for clean up points. its all nice stuff to have but its just deco. i have multiple numbers of these already sitn in chests and have traded in a ton of them as well. it all does hold some value but to put a price on it i am not sure...sorry

    this is by no means a hard and fast price guide. feel free to ask around some more and find a more soild price if you wish. i suggest you do so. per your request these are my best guesses. all that being said, i would be intrested in buying all these. i would just be lookn for a deal i could not turn down. hehe. i like to have things just to have them and others just to collect. i would of course sell some to make my money back. tbh....i have alot of this stuff anyway. it would also save you alot of time piecing it out for a few extra gold coins. i have storage for them so it would be no real hastle to me. if your intrested please PM me here or ICQ me: 43711018. if not, no worries...i hope this helps and you find a great deal!