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I call them glitchers

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Vyal, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Vyal

    Vyal Guest


    Glitchers skip all over a map,
    Glitchers can attack you in guard zone as soon a you log in,
    Glitchers heal 70 bazillion times in a row with cure pots,
    Glitchers don't see tree stumps or dragons,
    Glitchers heal automatically,
    Glitchers get all the women,
    Glitchers never die.

    Lets not call them hackers or cheaters we just call them glitchers cuase they use the game glitches to do glitchy stuff.

    I know this post has no reason other then to get the word out ;)
  2. WarUltima

    WarUltima Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Many of them call themselves "highly skilled PvPer", too.:bowdown:
  3. only the best :D
  4. MagiHui

    MagiHui Guest

    its uo's fault for not being able to combat any of these things.

    (cure pots dont count though.. thats just a UOA macro)

    i love how i had cheat engine running (you have to if you want to combat the lag on UO.. which i find funny since uo is now one of the smallest mmorpgs but anyways back to my point) and when i started WoW IMMEDIATELY it detected cheat engine and made me exit.

    point is, uo cant do anything about people in the game
  5. UOKaiser

    UOKaiser Guest

    Correct Uo cant do that. If we compare WOW to UO look at what the wow cheat engines actually do wall climb etc.. Totally different kind of hacking and i have to admit thats real hacking unlike UO which is just really commands and detection sent to client.

    There anti cheat programs methods only work a little. Programs continue to be updated to bypass there cheat detection so it's a foever cat and mouse game that WOW has the funds to continue with at least for a while. Us well we dont have that tyope of funds,population,support, We are sharing gm's!! The Dev team gets taken away for other projects! lol UO cannot keep up it will fold within a year of constant battling. And if some reason which is a miracle they success because the way the game is 30-40% of population of UO will leave making UO have no choice but to increase montly rates to support the loss of population and support for anti cheat mesures which everyone will be looking at maybe a 20 monthly fee forcing more to quit and non ever will join which by all intensive purposes the game will really finally die.
    Well thats my take on it. I just prefer the crafting and PVM of UO and only really spar with my guildmates. Sometimes I dabble in the regular pvp but thats boring always the same people same tactics not enough imagination left in UO. I jump on KR and I can out run almost anybody in fel the others keep up with me. But always here the complainers saying oh you hack cause I saw you jumping over the screen I say back I saw you jumping also so it's something called lag then lol. But the ones that use it doesnt really matter they could only keep up with me while I use KR. When it comes to 2d I tweak the settings on my comp to prioritize traffic from my UO client as well tone down settings etc.. So I do pretty well when I do decide to go run around my old fellucia hunts to get the fresh air of blood and decay.
    Anyway just my take on things.
  6. Violence

    Violence Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    UOKaiser : Man, quit with the text-bricks. And what are you on about, so many games use basic cheating detection and prevention and do fine.. Can't bother telling you how small-time home-made cheats are not the real damage but you've been hinted right now. They will become easier to detect once the typical stuff gets washed away massively.

    So wanna charge me an extra 2$-3$? I'll give you 10$, just wipe the game clean of cheaters.. Supposing your game was worth anything to begin with. Or "IS" worth anything, 'cuz UO's past has been good.

    People who play UO keep up 10-12 accounts. Nobody has a problem with the fee I guess, we have a problem with the fee going into nothing.

    WoW is what? 14Euro/Month? And their protection ensures people will keep playing.
    So let me enlighten you, cheating drives people off.
    Cheating counter-measures get people to join back in or stay, even with a slight increase in the fee. Trust me on that.

    A game can offer kick-ass graphics, blasting visuals and sounds, excellent atmosphere, a Hell of a game-play experience...... And simply sink if anyone can cheat.

    Right now UO is worth less than 8$ for a month in my eyes(Customize your house, farm mindlessly, raise Taming and farm even more, script skills you always wanted and Stone them, cheat to compete in PvP, be forced to join Factions and raid Champs and do Doom and script Stealing and donations, dupe BRKs and Hammers and all that for ITEMS, some of which need replacing from now on- LOL).

    I was paying 14Euro for this crapz0r.. ;) So keep the price the same, prevent cheating, and I'm back in. And if it works I'll tell my guildmates too. $ $ $ $ And maybe I can find the will to farm if my competition grounds are gonna be fair for everyone.. Without fear of being cheated and speed-hacked back to 54KB DialUp Age.
  7. UOKaiser

    UOKaiser Guest

    Ok no text book just simple math. WOW 14.99 month to month x1million subscribers = money to spend updated graphics extreame support.
    UO 12.99 +tax month to month x 20k-50k subscribers it's definetly not 100k any more= no resources.Just enough to run servers and update here and there. Lucky we even get mention once in a while. Oh and you mention you not even paying anymore for UO? If youre not then theres no point. Oh and last thing for WOW look for cheats and updated cheat engines and speed hacks they still work fine in WOW even with all the money they keep spending on anti-cheat prevention.
  8. laurlo

    laurlo Guest