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I could use some serious guidance on my Necro =D

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by XeliaExagor, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. XeliaExagor

    XeliaExagor Guest

    I quit playing UO 5 years ago and reactivated my account and such last week. I remember a lot of things and have been staring at vendors on prices and such to get reacquanted with what gear is good and whats stinks and whatnot.

    But Now I am coming to the issue of my skills. As it stands I have these 6 skills as my major skills:
    Spirit Speak
    Eval int

    My question would be which of these 6 skills give serious boosts at 120 and are any of them not giving me a super boost that I could afford to drop and if so why would you drop.

    Basically when it comes down to it I am likely gonna get my hands on stuff to get close to 75 skill point boost from artifacts/items and will be able to get close to 120 in 7 skills. I read necromancy I could afford to keep down at 105 and get success on all my combat spells but i was wondering if any others were able to be dropped down some.

    Also if I picked up another skill whats a viable skill to take? I was personally wondering if I should get tactics and use a mage weapon with spell channeling. Thanks in advance for any help getting and oldschool player back on his feet.

    Also what does Resist spells do these days? I only remember back in the day when it was broken and you could resist everything like mad and then them changing it so lots of people dropped it.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Once you can afford you will want to take EI and SS to 120 - these affect duration and damage that your spells will do.

    Personally i like magery at 120 because I hate to fail casting lvl8 spells - if i remember % i think at GM u hav a 75% to cast lvl8 spell successfully

    Taking med or focus to 120 can improve your MR but depending on your armor you might already have done this ok and with the new diminishing returns there might not be a benefit to you to bring these up.

    For Necro other than casting alot of Vengefeull Spirits or never failing on Vamp embrace there is no real benefit that I know of offhand to go to 120

    Ok for secondary skills havent tried tactics yet so I wont comment, but other skills that can work with this would be wrestle (can disarm opponent and not get disrupted with casting spells), poisoning (poison+magery must equal 200 skill points and it will boost a poison to next level on attacks - good for necro and magery spells), magic resist (will comment more on this below), spellweave (WOD and a couple of other spells are real handy)

    Ok magic resist nowadays - most of your resists are centered around your suit on how much damage you take from an attack now, MR seems to be more geared towards resisting or lowering the time you are affected by spells like curse,posion,weaken,blood oath,strangle and a few others so still handy in PvP but to be honest a complete waste in PvM in my opinion
  3. XeliaExagor

    XeliaExagor Guest

    Thank you for all the input. One thing, when in your mana regen per second does diminishing returns start really hitting you?