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I have a few thoughts on something I think is important.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Lord Zephyrus, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. In the old days there were seers and counselors and igm's they were players and so forth well, first off this isint another petition to bring them back.
    Now there are em's and they are quite wonderful to have around. Well this is the forums and we get to interact with other players and developers .
    But it's so darn impersonal. Here is my idea why don't ea create a comunity buffer team or something to where instead of a canned response the gm
    takes the time to actually show up in person chat for a minute and then say good bye. Why is it so hard to actually appear in the game you work so
    hard on. I know it's probbly not as fun to play the game when you have supereem power and can do anything go anywhere and create anything.

    I seen where draconi actually popped in and worked on the bank and i think that's really really cool. But why cant we have more of that like the old days where those special people with those magical gold trimmed robes could actually interact with us and stop by luna or brit or in the middle of a freaking champ spawn and just say HI is it that hard. It's not all about killing x mobs or makeing x gold it is a living breathing inviroment that needs social interaction to survive.[Edit: And promoting like sales of a game box] Sure there are player communities but they are slowly dwindeling away. Please just pop in game some times and say hi and get to know the character of the poeple on the forums play. [Mega cliloc error: End Idea]
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    May 12, 2004
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    A big giant paragraph makes a difficult read.