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I have not played since 1998 and need help

Discussion in 'UHall' started by soulwalkerk, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. soulwalkerk

    soulwalkerk Guest

    I have not played since 1998 need updates


    Hmm where do I start hahahaha

    Can anyone answer my questions below

    1) Is it still impossible to get a house?

    2) Do houses still disappear if you don't come on line to refresh them every few days?

    3) Are there still worlds where no PVP occurs so you can just adventure?

    4) where can someone purchase a account that is reasonable in price. I have seen a few and they are rediculous in price.

    5) Is the top of a skill still 100?

    6) Is there anyway of getting that skill up so one can go and enjoy adventuring instead of sitting around for hours building a skill still?

    7) What are these skill scrolls?

    Those are the few questions so far.

    Thanks all
  2. Bomb Bloke

    Bomb Bloke Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Loosely put, you may have one house per account (discounting those on the test shards), and it will stay up until three months after your subscription ends.

    It's fairly easy to find land to place one, but availability does depend on the shard.

    Yes. In fact, only the Felucca facet allows PvP outside of guilds. There are four other facets, to put that in context.

    Power scrolls can be obtained for many skills that bring the cap up to 120. Your "overall" cap is 700 (which can increase by 5 per year of play to a max of 720), plus whatever skill you're given from items you've got equipped.

    A mage can be trained to "adventuring" level within half an hour if you know what you're doing. Depends what you call an "adventure", of course.

  3. Sweeney

    Sweeney Guest

    1) Depends on the shard you play.
    2) Houses stay refreshed until your account is inactive 3 months (Or if you have grandfathered houses.. not sure on those)
    3) Trammel..........
    4) Check your preferred shard forums. Otherwise no comment.
    5) No. There are Powerscrolls that give you up to 120 total skill points
    6) Not really.. skill gain is a grind unless you truly are in it for adventure.. in which case you will gain as you go.
    7) SoTs/Alacrities? Means of gaining skill quicker than through normal play. Alacrities have a time limit, SoTs do not.

    If you liked the old UO, you would like Siege. But if as you mentioned.. you just want to adventure against mindless monsters, Trammel is for you.
  4. Harb

    Harb Guest

    Actually, much easier than in '98. The only shard you may have trouble is Atlantic. Some shards, notably Origin and Legends, have a lot of available land. I placed a keep on Origin a couple months ago - just fooling around.

    No. Houses auto-refresh as long as your account is active. This began based on military deployments back around '03. Thank Bryan "Tajima" Walker, then the games senior producer, who had flown Apaches in the Army and understood that portion of the player base. You will however be limited to one house per account, so choose wisely.

    Answered above, but yes, everywhere but "Felucca." Fel is the land you once knew as the entire world. A "mirror" of the land was created, called "Trammel," including the original land and the "lost worlds" (T2A). Based on utilization rates, lands created since, Malas and Tokumo, are governed under the Tram rules set, meaning no PvP.

    EBay days have long ended, but don't despair, there's really no reason at all to purchase an account. Activating your old account may be easier than you think, if you remember your log-in and password it's a piece of cake, just go into account management on the UO website. If not, you can call 1-800-543-5435 and can get help. Otherwise, even if you start anew, skills advance much easier than in '98 (disregard what you may hear from folks who began after the UOR publish - for about a year following that publish advancement was incredibly easy and thus more difficult today - but nothing like you'd remember). If you really want to make skill gains easy, try the advanced character tokens available from the UO game codes site, again accessed from the UO site.

    Again answered already, but to elaborate - no, skills can go to 120 via powerscrolls. As a returning "oldie," I'd recommend you look before you leap into the 120 world. While some skills definitely benefit, others don't so much. What you knew as the 100x7 GM remains very playable on many templates. Templates however, have changed a lot, as have "preferred" character types. This alone is material for a very lengthy response. Hop in and give it a looksee, and post with questions/ concerns, you'll get a lot of help here. Also, depending on account age, you may be capped at 720 opposed to 700. Your old account may serve you well here.

    Yes. A traditional dexer with Chivalry opposed to magery can play almost immediately.

    Addressed already, but as before, don't make this leap too quickly!

    Welcome back!
  5. QueenZen

    QueenZen Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 28, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Well if you have not already done so, be sure you have ALL the expansion packs and updates so that you are playing the same UO the rest of us are. :)

    Last autumn when EA UO let us reactivate old accts. temporarily for free, I visited some old ones I long ago deactivated. They were temps anyways. But it was very comic to log in one of the accts. that when the chrs. went thru the moongate ONLY feluccan lands were showing. That acct. was shut off in 99 or so. Thus the chrs. could NOT see any mirrored Trammel lands nor anything past that. It was like entering a UO time capsule. :)

    You would not want that if you are wanting to see UO nowadays. So make sure you do have the latest expansion dwlds. from Mondains Legacy, ML to the present.

    In 99 they gave us Siege all fel ruleset, no matter the land expansions with it's own sorts of rules on skills gains.

    In 2000 we got REN cd which gave us the identical lands but Trammel ie no pking there.

    We were given LBR Lord Blackthorns Revenge, which gave us Ilshener. Ilshener gave us Gargoyle City new things to make like stone masonry and viles and flasks from mining sand for the latter, mining granite stone from the former, and lots of weird to interesting areas to try ye luck killing things from controllers to meers and so forth. *no housing permitted in Ilshener*lands.

    We were given AOS Age of Shadows, which gave us item$ and 2 new skills of necromacer and paladins and new land masses including two new cities of Luna and Umbra and DOOM dungeon, sandy pyrimad of deads/undeads in it, etc. AOS provided also more places to place homes.

    Also then later on yet, we got SE Samurai Empire which added asian lands new monsters to go with as did AOS, and new city called Zento in the Makato of all the SE lands, all of which includes cherry blossom trees and sushi and two more new template skills ninja and samurai. This expansion also provided more places to place homes.

    When we got the ML Mondain's Legacy we were given Heartwood (which is above the treetops of Yew accessible thru a moongate in Yew) IF yu have that expansion, and with it we can be elves spellweaving, other elfy skills, weird elfin hair do's, or options to remain human and etc.

    So ye have much to catch up on right there years worth. :) Good luck !

    Depending on shards yes you may find even spots for large homes to be placed especially now with how spread out over all the expansions of land masses we were given to place homes upon over the years. Also contributes at times to looking like no one is on anywhere cuz we are so spread out.

    Skills can go to 120 with power scrolls etc. as others have mentioned *forget when we got all that mess think pub. 16 or something. :)

    Anyhow welcome back and just go explore all over to get caught up, even if only in a death robe to see ALL the new lands and Cities, monsters, npc items and tour player run shops too, so you can see items over the years that been added even holiday items.

    You can now also play UO on two sorts of set ups regular 2D that you are familiar with and that KR Kingdom Reborn view........which some love and others hate. :)
  6. If Pacific happens to be your home shard let me know. I can help you out with some things to get you started back into the game.
  7. Pindershot

    Pindershot Guest

    The one useful thing you can obtain from ebay is a reasonably priced 9th anniversary edition box set.

    The set gives you access to all the content plus some housing stuff and attendants.
  8. ColterDC

    ColterDC Visitor

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    11 years..... go find another game to play.

    This one kind of sucks thanks to all the cheaters.
  9. Jhym

    Jhym Guest

    Uh huh. That must be why you are here and still playing, it just sucks so badly that you are a masochist. :loser:

  10. soulwalkerk

    soulwalkerk Guest

    Thanks everyone for your input. I thought UO got rid of the cheaters. Guess things never change.

    I will have to look into all you have said. Again it was much appreciated.

    Graham I am going to have to look you up on this as my home shard would be pacific.
  11. Pindershot

    Pindershot Guest

    After 11 years off, you only need to review roughly 4000 days worth of stratics posts.