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I have seven quests

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Muhammed_Abdul, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Six are colored green. One is colored yellow. They are dungeon quests. Zul'Farrak to be precise. My character is a priest with holy specifications. I suspect she cannot solo these.

    However, Zul'Farrak is not listed in this dungeon finding tool.

    Can you say "broken," boys and girls?
  2. I remember having a similar issue when I restarted a character and tried to do VC. The story quest wanted me to escort a guy, he never showed up, but I couldn't just queue and do the dungeon. Heffff.
  3. Which is odd because on the Horde side, Deadmines and Stockades shows up without having to do any quests.

    The dungeon tool is quite popular. There are some drawbacks to having it.

    1. It has all but killed chances for getting a local group together.
    2. It turned dungeon runs into dungeon sprints.
    3. People are more interested in getting a six or seventh duplicate "reward" than doing quests.
    4. Bosses that are not in a straight line to the final boss are usually ignored.

    5. And, of course, the previously mentioned problem with dungeons dropping off the tool even though you still have quests there.

    Will it be fixed? Or will flooding Thousand Needles be a nice sleight-of-hand to distract us?
  4. Given that they're now using a similar system for Battlegrounds, I'd say that they're probably at least aware of what the ups and downs of it are. My general rule with hoping for Blizzard-related fixes is: "not if, but when?"

    I mean, good lord, Diablo II and Warcraft III just got patches.
  5. Bud_Weiser

    Bud_Weiser Guest

    You must be on a realm full of idiots then. The dungeon tool is useful, however on my realm (Terrokar) there are still plenty of local groups happening. I don't see why a Dungeon Sprint is a bad thing, do it and get it over with. I have no idea what your 3rd point is about, it makes no sense. I've never been in a group that's skipped a boss except once... the tank had a time limit and we skipped Maiden in HoS.

    There is nothing here to fix. Blizz has more things to worry about like gold selling / spamming then these so called "problems". Because randoms BG's are now out, they evidently don't think there is anything to fix.
  6. Indeed. WoW is such a perfect game, nothing ever needs to be tweaked or patched.