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I haved a problem.

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Osmethne, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. Osmethne

    Osmethne Guest

    I long times ago I were a harbormaster for a lichperson in a lichtown in somewhere but I forgetted where. I gived my house and boats to a lich and rided my lizardbird off to do some sploring. I were a long time we rided and even though lizardbird were tired he keept going and going.

    To maked long story short...

    Lizardbird and I finded a big purple portal and rided in and there were this really big lizard that were different from my lizardbird and it went RAR! RAR! and scareded me so we runned away and finded a bunch of people standing around and I asked where it were and I were told Shoushi. That weren't good cause I didn't know where a Shoushi were but I knewed it were far from home. I trying to buy food but evyone saying that my golds are wrong and I need pie wheels. That not good cause lizardbird were hungry and I were hungry and I didn't have any pie wheels to getted food. I DID have a big stick but so lizardbird and I went and beated up little mewing catpeople for pie wheels and food. And then time goed by and I got stuffs and more stuffs but lizardbird and I didn't haved boats. Nobody haved boats. Not even rich people haved boats. I did meet a tomendous person with three eye and he haved a big cow and it were blue just like lizardbird are. That were nice until something eated us and then lizardbird and I became not died back at Shoushi. I still havede pie wheels so we buyed a lot of food and just eated a lot. We died a lot too but that ok cause we haved all our stuffs just a few less sticks and pie wheels. The sticks in Shoushi haved fire and lightning and were big and small and all size like real sticks like on trees and plants. Well, big plants like plants in Buc Den. Lizardbird not missed Buc Den but I miss Buc Den cause it were where the big fighting were happening. But it not GMs cause evyone not casting corpors. And I not able to make fires. I try maked fires but it just not working there but that not so bad cause they not haved bombs either. And people not stealed stuffs there which are good but I miss thiefs even if they taked one of my sticks cause thief are cute. Some are. I not like all thiefs but just funny theifs. So then I rided around for a long time and then I goed to a place name Midgarde and evyone telling me I not speaking right and that I are a dood so I leaved and goed back to Shoushi. This time I haved pie wheels so lizardbird and I not hungry but we missed Y and Buc Den so we rided and then found a BLUE portal and comed home. But now I not haved any golds and lizardbird are hungry.

    Do anyone have 30 spare golds I can haved? I just want to feed my lizardbird.

    Thanks you,
  2. *tackles with a fierce hug, laughing*

    Not only do I have 30 spare golds and food for yer lizardbird, but I have a place that the two of you could have for a home. All I ask is that you keep the rats chased out (big sticks are handy for that) and keep the dust from accumulating too thickly (encourages bedbugs and dust mites) and you have a place to rest yer weary bones.

    Oh, man....it is so damned GOOD to hear your voice again!!!

    *does a little dance, humming to herself*
  3. BranWyn

    BranWyn Guest

    OMG that is really good :)

    "pie wheels" lol! Pie wheels! Now thats inventive...

    "even if they taked one of my sticks cause thief are cute. Some are."
    *chuckles louder yep apparently Sonoma does have some cute thieves*

    "really big lizard that were different from my lizardbird and it went RAR! RAR! and scareded me"

    LOL! RAR! RAR! I forgot how loud those dragons can be :)

    Looks forward to hearing more of your adventures Joye :)
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Imagine Harmony and Joys in a conversation. EEEEppps
  5. Towenaar

    Towenaar Guest

    I hope you find many pie wheels and other foods for you and your lizard bird Joye. :)
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wow, haven't heard from Joye in ages. But when I saw "I haved a problem" on the list of posts, that's the first person that came to mind. :) Welcome back.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Really amusing story. I love the dialect ;)

    Can someone fill me in on who Joye is? I can see a few know you, Joye, but I don't believe I've had the pleasure.
  8. Sonoma Sam

    Sonoma Sam Guest

    LOL...but...um...what is a pie-wheel?

    lizard-bird hahaha
  9. Towenaar

    Towenaar Guest

    I'm thinking pizza. Though, hmm.. I'm not totally sure right now.

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My guess is "pie-wheel" is a reference to the unit of currency in another MMORPG. (Nickname for the currency, maybe?)

    If I had to guess which MMORPG, I'd have to say either Anarchy Online or else perhaps WWII Online cause of Joye's references to all kinds of sticks with fire and lightning. :)
  11. It's Anarchy Online. My roommate plays it and has refered to their currency as pie wheels.