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I know this has been posted on before,but,this is just plain ignorant...

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I`ve read the many posts about non bonding pets.I`ve done it all and tried everything and it STILL does not work for me.I`ve had a supa drag in stables for 15 days now and he has yet to bond,another is 13 days old.

    I`m 120 tame 120 lore,so no need to equip or re-equip anything before I claim.I`ve tried feed first,than command,command than feed,log out than back in,fight with them,feed them if its been suggested,I`ve tried it.I`m not expecting any help from this thread really,just needed to vent my frustrations a lil.I have yet to see any Dev`s mention problems with bonding or why there IS problems.

    I guess I can look forward to another week of non bonding ****s,maybe I`ll get lucky and actually be able to use one before they turn one month.

    Sorry for the rant,just got the weekend off and was hoping to have sum fun training a new pet.....Noooow what to doooo [​IMG]
  2. I don't know what to tell you other than send in a bug report and maybe send Jeremy a PM. I've only had bonding be off by a couple days on any pet, and I tend to forget when I first fed them anyway.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Personally I have never had an issue with bonding. When I tame a new pet I take them to the stables and rename them to 'tamed on xxxxxx' (with xxxxxx being the day). I set them to stay, feed them 2 lots of whatever they eat then stable them.

    Wait a week and 1 day (so if they were tamed on Saturday, wait until the following Sunday), have some food ready, pull them out the stable and feed them before issuing any commands.

    This has worked 100% for me in the 3 years since I created my tamer, and I've never yet had a pet not bond first time. This of course is just my experience and I can't deny that there could be a bonding bug. But with the bonding system sometimes being a bit hit and miss I like to stick to my system.
  4. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    I had a problem with bonding. Not sure if it is related but I feel my problem was related to adding many pets to the stable at one time...


    1) I add a Hiryu on Friday
    2) I add a Kitsune on Saturday
    3) I add a White Wyrm on Sunday

    1) White Wyrm bonds on following Sunday (others remain unbonded)

    I feel like the bond timer resets when adding many pets at once. I did not keep adequate records as to when fed and when brought out, etc... but the last one in was definitely the first one bonded 7 days later.
  5. Mitzlplik, do you get any kind of message when you feed the pet? I know that if you have a pet in the stable that you're trying to bond and you take it out and feed it (after a week) but your skills are too low at that moment, you get a message along the lines of not having enough skill for the pet to bond with you. If you restable the pet, put the jewelry/talisman on, pull the pet out and feed it, it bonds.

    If you aren't getting any messages like that, perhaps try blessing yourself before you pull out the pet and feed it. I'm curious to know what your stats are too. I've been brewing a theory that somehow stats are tied in more than we might expect to taming gains and/or pet happiness.