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I want to Apologize

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Steveo, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Steveo

    Steveo Guest

    I want to Apologize to Joe, Aimee, Marge, and Tammy. I had to reset my router. When I logged off and started to reset my router. For some reason it would pick up signal. I tried for over 30 min and had no way to tell you guys that I cannot get on. So I hope you guys did not wait too long for me to get on. This set me back so much for maxing on next sunday. I might have to change the time and date. I will let everyone know if I dont make it by then. I plan to maybe do 3 cfo tonight. If I get that out of the way then I might have a chance to max on next sunday. Anyway Joe,Aimee, Marge, and tammy I am sorry I lost connection.
  2. Electroflap

    Electroflap Guest

    in the phrase of speedchat "No Worries!"
  3. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Yeah, Steve - we all figured it was something beyond your control. We waited until we found a couple other toons to take your place - and then it was Stinky Ned and we tried to run, and I got booted, and when I got back on, two others were gone as well and Aimee a few seconds later. Violet and I were going to do a mint but I found out that Joe had stayed behind, apparently attempted a solo and gone sad. He joined us for the mint. After the mint I had to leave cuz the fam went to a movie (Space Chimps - definitely geared to the 9 year old audience).
    Hope your router is back up to speed!
  4. Steveo

    Steveo Guest

    Yup I checked this morning and everything is back up to speed. I know that if I went into the Vp I would get disconnected. my luck it would have been a 5 star like flippy or prof pete. I doubt I will be able to be at the events tonight but i will try. I might stop in and Stink Trish a couple of times and then Vp quickly. After that its family game night and we are playing clue I think.
  5. Likely excuse, hmmph, My router wouldnt work. Pfft. Whatever! If you didn't want to VP then you should have just said so. Were all adult enough to understand your too good for us. Router wouldnt work my butt.


    No worries bud. I had fun trying the solo thing but get distracted my the family and oppsed the toontanic on lured cogs. Lost it on the last set of cogs.

    Have fun with the family. They are way more important then TT anyday. But you best be here tomorrow. I am gonna neeed a truckload of mints.:gun: