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I want to be tiny!

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Loopy Moe 27, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Loopy Moe 27

    Loopy Moe 27 Guest

    Hi everyone. I am one of the toons that wants to be tiny all the time now (not in laff, i mean literal size as a reward from toontasks) I want to be tiny now, but when i went shopping for a toontask yesterday i COULD NOT find it! Is there a certain place i have to go? Or do i need to finish my current toontasks? If anyone has an answer or just wants to state their opinion that would be great!
  2. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    When you first make a toon you can get a small toon task that lasts for one hour I believe. With your laff now any task that you get for small toon will only last for 24 hours. You have to get all your suits in order to get a small toon task that lasts for 30 days. I would definitely wait til then as the ones you get now will be ridiculously hard to do and the smallness will only last a day. I always find my small toon tasks on Maple in Daisy's Garden. It usually consists of 80 cogs in Cash HQ or 100 cogs anywhere.
  3. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Yeah, Moe, depending where you are at in your tasks, you may have to wait until you have finished what you are carrying. There are no "just-for-fun" tasks available after you finish your cash suit until you finish getting boss suit parts. They really put you to work on suits at that point.

    Oh - definitely stay away from the 20 five-story buildings for small toon. I took that once before someone told me to shop around for a 100 cogs anywhere task.

    Good Luck!
  4. Loopy Moe 27

    Loopy Moe 27 Guest

    Thanks for the help, as i probably would have tried those hard tasks. I guess ill have to wait lol
  5. I can usually find the small toon task for 80 cogs anywhere at Polar Place HQ, the one you get to from running down the street. I dont get it but it seems like each toon has a "lucky" hq to get it at. I know Sadie gets hers on Maple but I have never found it there! Often I cant find it anywhere (and trust me I go to every street and every playground to find it and even in several shops lol) but then find it the next day or a few days later. Persistence is sometimes necessary!!:thumbup1:
  6. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Wanna be a tiny toon eh?


    We're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little looney,
    And in this cartoony, we're invading your TV!
    We're comic dispensers, we crack up all the censors,
    On tiny toon adventures get a dose of comedy!

    So here's Acme Acres, it's a whole wide world apart,
    Our home sweet home, it stands alone, a cartoon work of art!
    The scripts were rejected, expect the unexpected
    On tiny toon adventures it's about to start!

    They're furry, they're funny, they're Babs and Buster Bunny,
    Montana Max has money, Elmyra is a pain!
    Here's Hamton and Plucky, Dizzy Devil's yucky,
    Furrball's unlucky, and Gogo is insane!

    At Acme Looniversity we earn our toon degree,
    The teaching staff's been getting laughs since 1933!
    We're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little looney,
    It's tiny toon adventures, come and join the fun! And now our song is done!

  7. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    I love it! Stupid song is stuck in my head now. Like I needed anything else useless up there....

    I go to the Brrgh playground in river. Works on all of my toons. I decline all of them once and take one task for beans.... then I go around again until I get the task for small toon (80 cogs)... works every time.
  8. Loopy Moe 27

    Loopy Moe 27 Guest

  9. omg fangs. your so weird :D

    Anyway it takes a while to find the task, just serch!