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i want to play

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by snowcake, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. snowcake

    snowcake Guest

    i'm new
    just downloaded the free trial
    idk a thing, hardly, but i seriously want to play this game
    my husband and my son would like to play, as well
    pleez help us get in [​IMG]
    if u can
    i'd love it in the test world... or in EALand when they allow
    thx for any help and advice
    this game seems like it could be a lot of fun, provided i learn the basics and find some nice friends and teachers [​IMG] <font color="brown"> </font>
  2. MandiK

    MandiK Guest

    Welcome! What city (or cities) are you trying to get into?
  3. Welcome snowcake! Let us know here what cities you will be in.
  4. snowcake

    snowcake Guest

    Thanks, Spacey!

    I have just one sim (so far)
    not sure if i will find my place or not
    so much to learn
    trying to find time to read instructions
    two wks isn't long lol

    I am Summer Snow in DG
    would like to make more characters and try different places [​IMG]
    just can hardly get ahold of the controls and such
    I used to game long ago and wanted a new game to get into
    Researched a bit online and this looked cooler than the PC versions

    [​IMG]Thanks again! It's nice to be here.
  5. snowcake

    snowcake Guest

    Thanks, Mandi!

    I have been trying to find time to read at these boards.
    If my memory serves me correct, are u in Dan's Grove?

    That's where I landed night before last
    two wk trial newbie
    never played a game like this before
    it's crazy lol
    but i like it
    if i can "find my place", i think i'll stay :-D heheh

    i am trying to get real-life friends and fam on here
    maybe someone will join me soon
    until then [​IMG] hope to meet some nice folks

    I got excited as I read these boards and the newspaper dealy's fm various cities... this looks way fun... and it seems there are some intelligent and talented people.. I am excited about the adventure.

    Thanks for the warm welcome -- it feels great to find people to talk to.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Learning seems scary but it's not so bad.

    There are a great deal of helpful people in game, and here on Stratics. There are also tons of content guides here on stratics done by staff members. You should find them to be helpful as well.

    It really is a fun game. If a city doesn't suit you hop around. See what your speed is. Good luck and enjoy!
    And welcome [​IMG]
  7. snowcake

    snowcake Guest

    thanks, Jackiee
    I appreciate it
    what a nice welcome [​IMG]

    (I get lost in the threads, boards and forums, so if i don't respond it's because i don't know how, or how to find the message again lol dang newbieness)

    it does seem a tad scary (learning the game) i hate being new
    i got a friend (rl) to come join me at least fot two wks
    makes me feel better
    now, if we can just find more time online lol and at the same time with others

    p.s. just clicked add to my fave's... that oughta help... now i gotta find my faves list lol) newbieness sucks!
  8. snowcake, welcome to tso...i thought i read trial accounts would only be able to play in tc3 starting 11/28. if that is the case, you may have to create in tc3 to play. but everyone is there anyway, so come join the fun...:)
  9. RZH of DG

    RZH of DG Guest

    Welcome to the game, Snowcake! I suggest, as mentioned before, that you check out the game guides on Sims.Stratics.com . Specifically, I'd recommend you check out "Your First 24 Hours", it's a great tutorial that will show you the ropes.