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I would like to say thankyou...

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Jahira-Tor, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Jahira-Tor

    Jahira-Tor Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 3, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Im a fan of FoF. Somtimes im left thinking, 'Why the hell would anyone care about the answer to that?!?" But in genral im interested and oftimes amused by it (in a good way).
    I like many people am happy to see any change that happens in UO, KR included, i personaly dont use it (as im on a laptop and just cant handle it). But KR and all, well good on em for doing somthing to get more people involved, to 'advance' our well.... i hate to say it... old *hides* game.
    Somtimes i avoid coming onto Uhall cos its so god dam depressing, but id just like to say thankyou to everyone for making my hobbie, well, worth being my hobbie. 'Cos thats what UO is to me, my passtime hobbie. I have other things to do, work etc etc. But i know i can log on to UO and step out of Carolyn's shoes and become 'The Glorious Lady Jahira-Tor Legendary Ranger" (though i lie atm, after this event ive died a few times and arnt a lady any more, but always a lady a heart.

    Why am i writing all this? Well i had a posative expericance. After reading the last FoF, i sent a PM to Larisa with a question for FoF. What the question was is beside th point. The point is, within a short amount of time, a few hours or somthing i got a personal reply. I recieved empathy, sympathy and understainding. I felt validated and listned to. This made me feel happy, and made me feel that i am more then just a player of this hobbie of mine, im a contibuter.

    So id like to start a post of peoples posative experiances either in UO itself, on the bords of just something funny UO related.

    Ill start.

    Oceania: Id been playing a week or so, and had just started getting the hang of it all, (well i thaught i had). When this group that i had fallen in with decide their going to Doom. Well ofcourse i was intriuged, Doom? Whats Doom? Thats sounds like totaly nuts!
    So off we go, with strick instructions to stand back, stay invis, dont do anything, if we all die use the "im stuck" thing to get out, yadda yadda yadda.
    So for 20 mins i do this, i die a few times cos i wanted to go into the rooms and well yunno.
    I get told to stay out of this room cos once we finish it the boss will pop`in this middle area and to gpo back out to the beach area and stand back. Sure i dutifully replied, they walk off...

    A few minutes later i think to myself, the big boss is going to 'pop'? I want to see it 'pop'. I mean cool, its gunna go boom! I dont want to go through all this not to watch the boss go 'pop'. So against orders i stand in the middle of the dark father area. I cast invis on myself and wait. and wait and wait.

    Next thing i know this thing, this monstorous thing is standing literaly on me. Then... omg, theres 2 of them.... ok. These things must be the boss', they must be about to pop. So i go running around waiting for this big pop!

    Learned multiple lessons that night.