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[Catskills] [IC] Suspected of Poisoning

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Pandora_CoD, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Pandora_CoD

    Pandora_CoD Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend CoD

    May 16, 2004
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    Pandora looked over at the door as Callista walked in with a guard from Olympus she did not recognize. She had until that moment been sifting around in her collection of fine wines for a good bottle of Napa Valley's Chardonnay for Xander Rayne, the curator of the museum of Istas, to try. With the bottle and glass in hand, she hugged her friend.

    "Callie! So nice to see you again." Pandora exclaimed as she draped one arm around her, holding the bottle and glass in the other arm's hand. Her free hand held a simple device that assisted in cork unscrewing. One of the many things she simply couldn't do without, she had brought the bottle opener from Earth.

    She walked over by Xander, easily popped the cork and poured him a glass of the fine Chardonnay, then set the open bottle in front of him. She took her chair as she watched Callie and her friend sit upon empty stools at the bar. The talk of the evening was politics and the differences in governing law between the regions. Common bar chat by all means.

    Suddenly, a familiar face walked through the door and greeted the room. Mathias, a frequent visitor of the Galehaven, had entered the tavern. Almost immediately Callista tightened and went on alarm. It was as if his voice alone sent chills through her; she went pale as a ghost. All she could muster was, "I need... to go." Her friend, the guard saw a change in her, asked her what was wrong. She did not reply and slowly stood up and locked eyes on Pandora. Pandora saw a visible change in Callie's expression. Others were starting to notice it also. Callie exited the tavern with her guard friend in tow. She stood outside talking to her friend.

    Pandora stood up smiling at everyone. She walked outside, questioning why her friend was in such alarm. Callie was visibly shaken, and she started to tell both Pandora and SinDee, the guard, what was going through her mind. But all that would come out was spastic fragments that Pandora had a hard time following. But finally Callie alluded to Mathias' voice being the voice she had heard in the Galehaven tavern the night that she had been mortally frightened by intruders at the brewery. The following day, they found the rum reserves had been poisoned. To this, everything clicked for Pandora. She grabbed Callie's hand and suggested that she go home, where she is safe, immediately. Pandora knew that just the three of them sitting there talking about it while Mathias was inside the tavern would rouse his suspicion, increasing the danger that was now placed upon Callie. She told them that she had to go inside so that no one would be suspect of anything. They agreed; Callie and SinDee left bound for Olympus.

    Just then Pandora walked back into the tavern, smiling so as not to alarm anyone. She asked Harvey to come upstairs with her for a chat, "business related, you know" she said. They went up to the small inn and she shut the door. "Harvey, there is a situation that I need your help with right away." Pandora said. "Yes?" Harvey asked in more of an answer tone than a question. "There was a poisoning at the Gale a few weeks back, and Callie believes the person responsible might be Mathias. We need an investigation. I know of one person who's trained for this." Pandora resolved. "Detective Robert Stadler." She continued. "Oh, yes that guy." Harvey mentioned. He knew that the detective had been hired by the Children not long ago; he was born and raised in Sosaria. "Call upon him to come." Pandora said. "Will do." Harvey answered. With that they exited the inn and went back downstairs, Harvey walking out after a few pleasantries. Pandora noticed that Mathias had left. Xander and his friend, Tacarra, had said he asked them to tell me that he was grateful for the hospitality. Interesting.

    When Robert walked up, dressed unusually in a white suit, he said he had gotten the call to come out that something was up. "You called m'lady?" He said. "I must speak to you at once. Come outside." Pandora said to him. After following her outside he asked, "What's going on?" Pandora started to explain to Robert what was going on and how he could help. Suddenly, the doors opened and Xander and Tecarra walked out. Pandora turned her attention to the guests that were leaving with smiles and thank you's. As soon as they were out of ear shot, Pandora instructed Robert to head to the Galehaven tavern with her to take a look around and see if perhaps they could find some clues or evidence. Robert stood at the doors to the Brewery, they were unlocked. He took a step forward into the room as he opened the door; Pandora followed him in. Everything looked normal to the untrained eye.

    Just as Robert was starting to take a closer look, we heard footsteps in the floor above. As quick as they could look towards the stairs, they saw it! Pandora flew towards the creature, careful to keep her nature at bay should any mortals intrude. Robert exclaimed, "I got you!" which meant he would take care of her healing with his special powers as he stepped back to put some distance between it and himself. Pandora called upon all her energy to summon her explosion spell; just as she fired it upon the creature. The thing laughed and then went back up the stairs, Pandora gave chase. Robert couldn't hold back his nature and took flight; he floated up the stairs behind Pandora. "That's a lich; do not let it touch you!" Pandora yelled to Robert; he nodded in agreement. The lich ran out the front door of the Gale, down the front stairs. Pandora ran after it, conjuring her magic to unleash it as she got closer. A flash of white glow around her hands was clearly visible as she called upon her Energy Bolt spell, and when she let the magic unfurl, it hit the lich with full force winging its side.

    As the lich flung forward, clutching it side. SinDee and Callie were half-running, half-walking towards them. Something was clearly wrong with Callie. The lich turned around to focus on Pandora, a spell flew towards her as Callie screamed. "NO!" SinDee turned around to see the spell land on Pandora. Luckily, Robert was there to cast the healing spell. Pandora roared and with all her might summoned the Flamestrike spell, it cinched and burned the creature. Robert, forgetting Pandora's warning to not touch the lich, drew his dagger and went in for a stab. The lich focused on Robert, grabbing his arm to dodge the attack. Pandora's eyes grew wide because despite the contact with Robert's skin, nothing happened to it. Usually, a lich's touch is poisonous to mortal skin and most humans would know something is off if that same effect somehow overlooks vampiric skin. Pandora exclaimed, "Back off, Robert!" As she landed another Flamestrike on the lich, knocking it down to the floor.

    A gasp went through the group as they stared at the floor. The lich had turned into a human form. A recognizable human form. Mathias. So it was true! Callie had identified his voice as the voice she had heard in the Gale that one night, a few weeks ago. He would need to be apprehended and tried, but SinDee insisted he was dead for no breath was seen leaving his body. Pandora was looking at SinDee, but she saw through the corner of her eye that the body had moved. Mathias had slightly lifted his head and opened one eye. He was still severely injured none-the-less, but not dead.

    SinDee was asking Callie about her arm. Mathias had torn a deep gash on her arm and she was losing a lot of blood. There was no time to think. Robert shot Pandora a look, as if asking her permission. Pandora looked away. SinDee wanted to get Callie inside; SinDee's main concern was for her wellbeing. Pandora threw an arm around Callie's waist, while instructing Robert to keep Mathias down on the ground. She digged into her satchel and pulled out a greater healing potion. "Drink this, Callie!" she said as she handed Callie the potion. Callie did as her friend instructed her. As if by magic, the wound on her arm was starting to close. The lich, being a summoned spell, did not poison mortal skin. So, to everyone there it was the reason why both Callie and Robert had avoided that mishap altogether.

    SinDee agreed to take the prisoner to the Olympus jail, as soon as she saw that Callie was feeling better. Callie stayed with Robert and Pandora as SinDee effortlessly picked up Mathias and dragged him toward the jail, just north of Gale. They waited for a while for her return, but it seemed to be taking longer that required. Callie's arm was already better, so they decided to head towards the jail. Another friend of the city showed up just as they were walking towards the teleporting platform, she had been just coming for a visit. Lady Aphrodite dressed exquisitely had a smile on her face. "M'lady, it is dangerous here, you should go home!" Pandora told Aphrodite immediately. Aphrodite gave her a puzzled look of confusion; how could Olympus be dangerous? She thought. "What's going on?" she demanded. "I haven't the time to explain in detail, but a crime has been committed. Mathias attacked Callie!" Aphrodite's eyes widened with surprise. "My word, is she... are you alright, Callie?" She asked turning her gaze from Pandora directly to Callie. Callie nodded and told her we needed to find SinDee, see if Mathias had been locked up and if she was alright. We traveled through the teleporter.

    Upon getting there, they found SinDee who was rubbing her head. Mathias had gotten free. The lock of the prison had been jammed, so Mathias took the opportunity that SinDee gave him when she let him go to inspect the lock. They all scurried to search the immediate vicinity after making sure SinDee was okay; just a bump on her head. SinDee said he looked like he was headed towards the Gale, so they all went in search of Mathias. Just then Pandora noticed a winged gargoyle towering over her, "Miss Avalon!" Pandora exclaimed in glee. Avalon was always of great assistance when needed. Pandora explained the circumstances, that a crime had been committed against Callie. The winged one made a low growl and sprung into action.

    Before departing towards the city of Trinsic in search of the assailant, all the ladies changed into their armor for added protection; Robert had already been wearing his reinforced armor. They scoured the woods nearby, finding nothing. They reunited at the road near Trinsic where Barnaby Baggins had been waiting on them, marching on the city together. Pandora had sent a telepathic distress call to the Children that were awake. They searched high and low for Mathias throughout the city. Avalon's great wings were able to cover more ground than the others, so she found him first. Talons stretched out and wings to a full span, she cornered him in one of the rooms of the inn.

    Pandora opened a gate to the city of Olympus, once more. SinDee once more tried the doors of the jail, but to no avail. "We can hold him at the Lair, where there is 24-hour security. Then transfer him back to the Emperor once he is brought up to speed of the events of the evening." Pandora offered. The jail at the Lair was made of titanium alloy, imported from Earth, mixed with shadow ore. It was stronger and it muffles the spellcasters. SinDee and Callie thought this would be a fine temporary solution.

    Upon arrival at the Lair, they were escorted by Pandora to the city jail hidden underneath the Court of Souls. Pandora unlocked the door and let her guests and the accused enter. They were greeted by Maddy Stein, Warden of the Jail. She had already prepped a jail cell and established 24-hour security for the prisoner. He would be held until a transfer to the Emperor of Olympus could be made.

    Mathias was injured in the scuffles at Olympus, so Pandora ordered the city's main healer, Vandion, to come and tend to his wounds. As Vandion entered the jail, Maddy told him that she was under strict orders to not allow any single person in with the prisoner, so the Det. Robert Stadler was accompanying him. Vandion signed the entry log, along with Robert and was let inside the cell. Vandion looked at the man before him, "I've come to mend thy wounds." Mathias slowly turned, visible in agony, "Good, see what you can do about these." He held out his hands, both thumbs were broken. "Had to get out of the shackles in a hurry." Mathias explained. Vandion knew he would have to set the bones. He digged into his kit and brought out a flat piece of wood out. "Bite on this," Vandion said as he placed the piece of wood in Mathias' mouth, "this will hurt. A lot." Mathias looked at Vandion and said, "Great," with an air of sarcasm as he chomped down on the piece of wood. Robert steadied Mathias' shoulders. Vandion then took his left hand, and pulled on the thumb's bones to re-aligned them. A muffled cry filled the cell. "We've got one more," Vandion said as he took Mathias' right hand and did the same procedure on that thumb as he had done before. A new more pronounced muffle was now joined by a crack. Mathias' had cracked the wooden plate in his mouth. After digging in his medic kit, he brought out new bandanges and prepared a small wooden bowl with a white mixture. "I will wrap these in clean bandages," he said as he looked at both hands, "and then I will apply something we call plaster, imported from Earth, to ensure the bones stay straight and are unmoved." Mathias' just shrugged as Vandion worked to wrap the now-set thumbs, brushing on the plaster as he worked.

    Once he finished, Vandion informed Mathias that he would have to strip down and hand his clothing as well as any belongings to the warden and that the Detective would take a thorough inspection of the room as well. Mathias slowly stood up as Vandion helped him remove his shirt. Vandion continued to bandage the wounds to his torso. "Now I must ask for the rest of your clothing." said Vandion. "What? No privacy?" Mathias asked. "'Fraid not." Robert answered. After some thought, he unzipped his pants with some difficulty as the plaster was starting to dry. "What about my shoes? This stone floor is awfully cold." Mathias asked. "You can lie in bed, we'll get you extra blankets." Vandion responded. Robert took his belonging and put them into a satchel with a lock and key. He then took a good look around, inspecting the room. Nothing was found. Vandion was witness.

    As they turned to walk out, "Wait? That's it? That's all I get? Can't I get something for the pain?" Mathias asked. "We'll bring you some of the reserves of Olympus rum that we have from the Brew." Vandion answered. "Excellent." Mathias said as they walked out and the warden locked the door behind him.

    Maddy looked to Robert and said, "We will increase security, and go to a three-shift schedule until the Emperor can come and retrieve him. Lord Marius gave strict orders to not allow anyone to see the prisoner without clearance from him or the lady Pandora." Robert nodded in agreement. "Well done, Warden." Both men exited.

    Link to Original Post: The Children of Darkness Forums - Suspected of Poisoning

    Open to those characters that are following the "Poisoned Brew" storyline on the Catskills shard.