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Id like to build A PvP characture and find a guild.

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For fun. What else.

    Id like to build PvP characture. Equip him or her the old fashion way from my humble earnings as a merchant.

    I dont know which guild to choose. That will come later.

    Looking for specific template advice, including the 120's. Which obviously I cant afford. But I have to get to 100 first anyway.

    So where do I start. Ill train up and build and look for a guild later on SONOMA.

    Help? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Welcome to Sonoma and Welcome to the most diverse PvP Shard in UO. Sonoma packs all sort of PvP guilds and all matter of PvP Templates. Many people will suggest one template or another. I'll just go over a few things and these kind of reflect my personal conclusions others may say otherwise.

    Mage Templates - If you want to be known by reputation this is probably the ticket. Mage templates are challenging to run. It takes timing, skill, memorization and experience. Since the last Publish gearing up a PvP mage is now more affordable and within everyone grasp with the changes in doom.

    Warrior template - Chasing down and killing an enemy takes a bit of pac man skill to boot besides macros.

    Archer Templates - umm.. can be effective, but takes less skill. I'd say go with a Mage and have fun..
  3. Warlock\P/

    Warlock\P/ Guest

    Dexxer or Mage?

    personally i think DP is the the most effective Dexxer wise

    120 fencing
    120 resist
    100 anat
    100 healing
    100 poison
    90 tactics
    65 chiv
    rest in med maybe for extra bit of regen

    very effective versus necro mages, which is the majority now
    pretty good against archers, less so against other melee since alot have parry

    Mage wise its-

    105 necro(kinda useless past 105 imo)
    120 spirit speak
    120 resist
    120 magery
    120 eval
    120 med

    hard/expensive to fit DCI or be able to chug potions with this so youre very susceptible to dexxers. smart ones can always disarm you. good against other mages and alot of utility with forms and unique spells

    or my favorite-

    120 magery
    120 eval
    120 resist
    120 med
    120 wrestle
    100 scribe

    very defensive template, easier to reach 45 dci cap with this temp, and leaves a free hand to drink potions. does very well against dexers

    not so well against other necro mages, as strangle will shut down your offensive power alot

    still overall my favorite as i think it has no glaring weaknesses

    there are too many diff combinations to list, these seem like the standard, in my opinion anyway.

    good luck!