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[Cooking] Idea: Chef's can create dyes....

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Rocklin, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Rocklin

    Rocklin Guest

    I am sorry if this is an old idea, or perhaps has been pitched before…

    Recently I have wanted to acquire dyes to change the color of my items. I understand that the Tokuno dyes are only available (through cash purchase) on Asian shards. This has caused the remaining dyes on all other shards to be inflated to high prices. I am seeing single dyes in the five to eight million range.

    Chef’s currently have items at their disposal that when created can assist in adventuring. Although not required, they do help in many instances. I feel that Chef’s could be better utilized to make something everyone would want.

    Why not allow Chefs to be able to gather resources and craft dyes?

    *Here is how it would work:

    As the Chef gains in skill, rarer resources will be able to be acquired to create various colored pigments. Much like Miners and Lumberjacks, the Chef would be able to spot and “pick” choice ingredients. Combined with various other ingredients, the items are made into dyes.

    There could be rare items, monster drops, artifact drops and so on that would combine to make the more desirable pigments. In this way the entire player base could be involved in gathering resources and it allows non-combat Chefs to benefit.

    The pigments that could be created would be different than the Tokuno colors to keep the Tokuno items prized. Subtle color schemes could be used. For example Luna White in the Tokuno line would be comparable to an eggshell color in the cooking line. A general item, a paint base, could be purchased from cooking vendors.

    *Color ideas:
    Rough Red – 4 Speckled Mushrooms, one bottle of wine, and one paint base
    Eggshell White – 4 Bones, 2 Eggs, one pitcher of milk, and one paint base
    Murky Blue – 2 Crystal, one pitcher of milk, and one paint base
    Obsidian Black – 1 small black rock, one bottle of ink, and one paint base

    So that is my idea. Again I apologize if this has been suggested before. I would like to be able to dye my items once again and also give a little more functionality to Chefs.

    Thanks, R
  2. Kariny

    Kariny UO Lake Superior News Reporter
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Apr 7, 2004
    Likes Received:
    No need to apologize! All ideas old or new are always welcome!

    I like the idea of it except you know prices for non combat chefs will be sky high.

    I want Cooking skill to enable the person to stand a better chance at landing an ingredient from either a peerless or champ. Make people actually work the skill for a change.
    *imagines weilding her frying pan on the battlefield*
  3. MoneyMaker

    MoneyMaker Guest

    I can't remember where, but it was once mentioned that there was a possibility that the dyes would be craft-able.
    Only reason I remember that, was because the prices for dyes went static soon after it was mentioned, on my shard.
    I think it was mentioned shortly after the first tokuno event.
    Making it a cooking craft-able would be the way to go with it.
    (can you imagine a tinker trying to make a dye?)
  4. debii

    debii Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 14, 2003
    Likes Received:
    i think its a great idea - perhaps using brightly colored eggs could play into this somehow.
  5. MoneyMaker

    MoneyMaker Guest

    Hmm...... I sure hope that a dev is paying attn.
    There is a great idea forming in this thread.