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Idea for Greater Dragons/End Game content for tamers

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by GamonHunter, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. GamonHunter

    GamonHunter Guest

    I had an idea for another end-game addition for tamers and their super dragons (since it's been mentioned that they want to make dragons a bigger part of UO again).

    So tamers finally have their super pet, which finally makes them competitive for high end content, great. What I'd like to see is further customization for these dragons, to make them more unique and special.

    Grafted Elemental claws:
    Made by a blacksmith, similar to swamp barding deeds. Changes the greater dragons damage from 100% phy to
    100% Fire (Fire Claws)
    100% Cold (Ice Claws)
    20% of each (Claws of the Elements)

    To prevent people from switching claws left and right, make them permanant once added *until the pet dies* So, now quite forever, but most tamers wont want their pet dieing left and right to change its claws.

    Grafted Armor

    Similar concept, but allows you to swap any 2 resists on the dragon (values stay the same) ie if you have a dragon with 90 fire resist and 45 cold resist, using the grafted armor deed will bring up a gump that lets you swap any 2 of their resists, so in this case, cold resist becomes 90, and fire 45.

    These armors could stay until death, or be used up over time like the swampy ones, which ever is more balancing.

    This could also be a way to introduce different Dragon colors, similar to swamp dragon barding.

    Another addition could be a backpack (dragons do hoard gold/jewels/etc) so you can store loot in the dragons pack, similar to a beetle. There would have to be an artificial cap on weight, since these guys have so much str, so they would hold the same as a beetle etc.

    Just some ideas to mull over, dunnow how hard the coding would be, but heh