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Idea for stealing enrichment.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Inspector, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Inspector

    Inspector Guest

    Well its been a while since thieves have gotten much after the big nerf aside from the items in the dungeons that you have to steal off the ground so I have an idea that sounded fun in my head.
    Some new area's need to be created, like a dungeon except instead of monsters there would be either red npc's or just npc's that attack and have high end paragon speed. To gain access to these dungeons you would have to get a quest from the thief guildmaster to do a heist of the dungeon/fort/cave whatever and to get to the end you would either need to follow clues be very strong or very stealthy the end monster or npc that you steal the item from should be near un-killable so that it would make it very difficult for any other type of player to do these quests. And after the item is stolen the end baddie should chase you out of the area and if you manage to escape you have a nice new shiny....
    This would be a fun new way to intoduce some new stealables and give some exitement back to thieving, instead of the "recall in, ooo some books laying on the ground, steal, recall out" routine.
  2. burnttrees

    burnttrees Guest

    i like the idea of stealing from monsters especially if it is random high end or semi high end something worth a great risk i also like the idea of keeping it open for everyone not just making it a stealth in and steal but something where a ninja or warrior thief could also have some fun

    i don't know about making the final boss undefeateble but maybe make it an actual BOSS ie something hard and worth it for groups to kill and also have it to where thief's have to steal the keys to get to the boss

    and finally the only prob i can think of is one steal per char per quest so once you stole from the boss you have to go and start the quest again

    i don't think that snoop should be used for the final boss but maybe for the lower end ones maybe place a penalty if using snoop so they can only get lower end items so people don't go and try to grab the best every time

    well thats my 2 cents like the idea tho would love to see some thief's dungeon like this
  3. Mulch

    Mulch Guest

    Once upon a time you could steal from Monsters with backpacks.

    Introduction of a thief pack, where thieves could steal again like wow has it would be a start.