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Idea on Xsharding and Dupes.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by RavenWinterHawk, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. I enjoyed Xsharding to the Japanese shard. I did it 2x in the week. Its a fun part of the game. That being said...

    Why do we tend to argue about UO in the ON or OFF sense to solutions.

    Xshard stays or Xshard goes.

    Duping is a problems as are other aspects of the game. I am wondering about compromises.

    Change Xsharding to 1x a week per account. Who does it hurt? It will allow xsharding and slow duping flaws that evidently are inherent in xsharding. The point is to slow cheating and allow a game play style.

    With regard to Xsharding and following the 1 week per ACCOUNT. How hard is it to track on EAs end which accounts Xshard over and over?

    How hard is it to say lets see how many "burning embers" are on atlantic? Run the program and see Joe Duper has 38 of them in his chest. Come on.

    How hard is it to pay out a Malas Castle or something to the player that submits the dupe to EA.com? 1st player with the info and time stamp wins it.
    Or give them 100 million. Or a bag event items. Announce to the game who won it. Combat duping by giving out rewards for stoping duping. Let players turn player in.

    How hard is it to identify which vendor has 2 billion on it. Come on. Yep I know there are few Joe and Jane Legits that bank that gold by never dealing with dupes knowingly. Aside from them, wouldnt that be a clue to watch players.

    A compromise between silence and displaying the dupe is needed too. Keeping quiet does nothing but stir trouble.

    How hard is it to run a program that lists every players name per shard? If you end up with matching names on 2 shards and have a recent xshard, well you might have a clue.

    If its not xsharding duping. What is so hard about cuieng the game system to look for the duping actions. Player recalls, clicks mining, poisions self. steps in moongate.... Well if these actions occur and they are the duping process you have them.

    And what is this policy of not being able to show who is banned. Just give the charactures name. GEEZ EA you own it. You dont realize it but your policies create a protective duper and hacker paradise.

    Who reviews your policies.

    The compromise is between we cant do anything and we cant implement Punk Buster. So what? There is a ton of stuff in the middle. Lets see it.

    Oh may favorite player statement. "Well make selling items for RL cash illegal."

    Well if you dont know...

    Cheating is illegal
    Scripting is illegal
    Hacking is illegal
    Duping is illegal

    That has gotten the game far. If you say selling items is illegal... What are they going to do... ban you.

    Alot needs to be done in the middle areas of the above. It be nice to know what is going on and what they plan on implementing.