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(Idea) Some improvements for new HS contents

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Pinco, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Pinco

    Pinco UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 25, 2005
    Likes Received:
    1) Boat upgrades

    Boats should have 3 Upgrade slots. On each upgrade slot you should be able to mount a virtual item (not visible on the ship).
    You can mount an upgrade only when you are near shore, 2 minutes after a battle and the ship must be in full healt.
    You should be able to apply only 1 upgrade per kind.

    Items list
    General Upgrades

    - Big Sails: increase by 1 the ship speed (1 slot)
    - Greater Sails: increase by 2 the ship speed (2 slot)
    - Huge Sails: increase by 3 the ship speed (3 slot)

    - Litlle hold upgrade: +5% stones and items on your hold
    - Medium hold upgrade: +10% stones and items on your hold
    - Big hold upgrade: +15% stones and items on your hold

    - Fishing Ship Upgrade: -50% chance to get shoes, +10% chance of big fish. (1 slot)
    - Cleaner Upgrade: new context menu option on tiller man - Clean ship. This will clean the deck and the hold by destroying everything and allowing you to dry dock the ship. (1 slot)

    Offensive Upgrades
    - Cheated cannons: +50% extra cannon damage but every shot will damage your cannons (2 slot).
    - Bomber Ship: add a new context menu option on tiller man - Bomb ship. Once actived you have 10 seconds to get out of the ship. After this time the ship will explode and being lost forever and sinking every ships on the screen. This will also kill every people on boards and teleport the ghosts and their body into the nearest shore. (3 slots)

    Defensive Upgrades
    - Armored ship: +50% ships hp (2 slots)
    - Crew protection: if the ship still with more than 50% of integrity, regenerates hp to everyone on board (2 slots)

    Special Abilities
    (This specials have limited uses and a cooldown. There should be also a 5 minutes cooldown between the use of each ability.
    The specials should be activated through a cannon and the cannon must be pointed onto the enemy ship or the special fail.)

    - Wheel blocking shot: this upgrade give you the chance to block the enemy wheel for a limited time. Until the wheel is blocked, the enemy ship will be unable to move for 10 seconds. (10 minutes cooldown, 5 uses, 2 slot)
    - Mast crusher shot: this upgrade give you the chance to take down the mast of the enemy ship causing the lost of 50% ship integrity. (15 minutes cooldown, 5 uses, 2 slot - only 1 succesfull shot against each ship are allowed)
    - Great Fishing Net: this upgrade allow you to drop a great fishing net with the effect of 50 fishing attempt at once. (5 minutes cooldown, 10 uses, 2 slot)

    2) MIBs random events

    I think the mibs are too easy right now so I thought about some fun additions:

    - Castaways: after pulling out the chest could spawn a rawbot with some castaways. Doubleclicking one of them will give the resque mission quest: take the castaways on board and bring them back to destination. This will give you an extra money + 1 random item (rarely you can find same talismans and cloacks of the last quests or a conjurer items) + as much compassion as the castaways are.

    But is not so easy: sometimes you can fall in a pirate trap and when you take the castaways on board they will reveal as pirates and attacks you!
    The pirate will stay on your ship until you dont kill (or capture) them all. If all your crew will die, your ship will be used by pirates until you don't take it back. Killing the pirate leader will give the same reward of the saved castaways, capture them should give the same reward with higher chance of special items.

    - Great shipwreck: a little chance to get an ice colored mib which brings you to a great shipwreck.
    Here when you start to fish up the chest, you'll be stopped and a pirate fleet will approach with the message: "You see a pirate fleet approaching, prepare for battle!"

    This will work almost like a champion spawn:
    A pirate ship will be on the middle with the pirate leader only on it. This ship cannot be damaged or cause damage.
    (NO 105 or sots will spawn on your backpack)

    FIRST SPAWN: 8 pirate ships with a tokuno boat
    SECOND SPAWN: 6 pirate ships with a gargoyle boat.
    THIRD SPAWN: 4 pirate ships with a orc boat

    When the last 4 ships are down, the pirate leader ship will became attackable and starts to attack you.

    FOURTH SPAWN: take down the pirate leader ship (10 times the hp of a normal ship.)

    CHAMPION: The pirate leader (at the same level of barracoon)

    When the pirate leader is dead, will appear the pirate treasure chest with inside:
    - 300k gold
    - 6 power scrolls 105 to 120 range + a chance of fishing power scroll (felucca only)
    - a random tokuno artifact (tokuno only)
    - a random virtue artifact (trammel only)
    - a chance of set items
    - a chance of replica item
    - a chance of 3.0 scroll of transcendence
    - a chance for a ticket for claim a special title
    - random intensity items based on player luck

    This sea champion could open a lot of new fun:
    - Sea champion raid on felucca (so there is purpose for sea pvp)
    - The use of tokuno sea and the chance for new player to have tokuno arties.
    - We will be able to see player fleets around, because this spawn cannot be solod

    3) Fishing Poles

    Give us the chance to imbuing the fishing poles with spellbook mods! :p
  2. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Sounds fine :)