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Idea's to fight un-attended scripting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Malimus, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Malimus

    Malimus Guest

    #1. Put a limit on the amount of special resources a account can farm per 24 hours. (example) Wood and Ore/gems. Make iron, dull copper, and copper available 24/7 like normal. Same with regular wood, oak, and possibly ash.

    As for the rest of the colors like shadow ore and up, yew wood and up, and the gems you can mine, Make all these count in one number and cap it. Once you have mined/logged up a total of lets just say 2500 of the more speacial resources then you have farmed all you can farm for the 24 hour period and must wait till the next day until you can gather these again.

    The idea is to make the cap pretty close to what your average ATTENDED player will gather in a day. I don't know about you but i cant mine/log for much more than maybe 1-2 hours in a day without getting extremely bored.

    Skill gain wont be affected as there are still resources to farm for gains

    I think this would hurt the un-attended scripters farming to sell gold/resources for cheap in game and cash out of game while not really hurting your average player.

    It could also possibly see the come back of the original resource spawn system. Static veins that don't change location. Because all the marked locations could only be gathered out by someone until they hit the cap and then its the next guys turn. Chances for everyone increase.

    Idea # 2

    Heartwood quests.

    Keep Oak/Ash runic saw's and fletchers tool's as they are with the current quests but maybe make the loot in the bag a little better as well as the chance to get Oak/Ash. This way these quests still have purpose i.e Recipe's, chance at loot/talisman, and a chance at Oak/Ash runic's.

    As for the Yew/Heartwood runic's. Make a couple new quest's that require you to fill a Exceptional Large Bulk Order. (Example) For the heartwood runic fletcher's tool you must fill a L-bod for 25 of each 4-5 random bow's.

    Bulk Order For Bow's
    25 Bow
    25 Composite Bow
    25 Elven Composite Bow
    25 Heavy Crossbow
    All item's must be exceptional
    All item's must be made from Heartwood (Or Yew for the yew kit)

    This could also just be a list of toggle quest items instead of a bod. (Example) Quest giver want's you to bring him 10 pieces of Brilliant Amber, 2 small pieces of blackrock, a oak fletcher's kit and 50 heartwood boards.

    Guaranteed to get the high end runic

    But here's the catch. Make it so an ACCOUNT can only do the quest maybe once every 3 weeks?. Do the same for the Runic saws as well.

    This makes it so basically anyone who GM's fletching/carpentry through the lower end heartwood quest's or by whatever means they GM it can obtain a high end runic at least once per month. But they have to have the appropriate skill's/materials.

    Anyway these are just a couple idea's that came to mind before bed last night. Tell me what you all think. And please try to keep it constructive :D
  2. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I don't agree on capping resource gathering. Yeah it might help the unattended scripting, but there are still a lot of others who do not script unattended. Capping works but isn't the right approach.

    New quests for Heartwood though instead of the same repetitive one? Sounds good! Only once every two weeks? No. Guarantee a high end runic? Nah.

    Just guarantee a runic for the BODs but once a day. The high-end less common to get the low ends more common.
  3. I buy low and sell "high" with resources, Putting a cap really wouldent hurt me per-say it just would drive prices up. which in turn i think would cause the oppisite effect. duno though, worth a shot.