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Ideas to improve uo part 1

Discussion in 'UHall' started by rage1110, May 27, 2008.

  1. rage1110

    rage1110 Guest

    Hello I have been playing uo for the past 9 years with a one year absence from june 05- june 06.
    I read the forums all the time but rarely post I am more of a listener than talker. But I love uo
    and worry about its future so here are some ideas I have thought of in the past years. The list
    below is not the full list just the first half, the next half are mainly ideas i have seen before
    but with my twist on them. I will post the second half in about 1 week give or take a few days.
    So here are some of my ideas, I would like your feedback on them, if they are any good or just stink.
    I just feel like they would give some new variety to this game. To much of it is predictable anymore.
    Thanks in advance.

    1.Make some type of special weapon for people with wrestling, sort of like brass knuckles that would give dmg
    dmg modifiers and allow for different type of damage sort of like 100% fire damage or 50% cold and 50% energy
    also make them craftable, as well as maybe an artie version or two.

    2. Redo all arties. Make a Series 2 of them. If you can get 32-34 arti 11 from the gauntlet now, make 32-34
    new ones to replace the old. Take the old ones out for the time being maybe 6 months to a year, then after
    that time period maybe take two of the series 2 out and replace them with two of the original ones, just
    mix and match so all of them become harder to find for a period, yes prices will fluctuate, think of it
    after a year of know orny dropping they would be worth alot more than 12-14 mil, but be sure to randomize
    when new ones are added and old ones taken away after the initial period. Also use this same system for
    the ish arties,the virtue dungeons,ml minors, even treasures of tokono.

    3. Randomize where the stealable arties spawn so they are less predictable.

    4. Introduce new Rares by way of a new system. One I have thought of is the rares could spawn anywhere
    on a shard, randomly, but in the context of the rare. For instance a magical mirror, this would spawn
    in a npc building not in the forest because a mirror would be in a building not in the middle of the
    woods.You could also have a system where u notice the new mirror hanging "in the provisioners building",
    and when u click on the provisioner a new option appears "ask provisioner about magic mirror" when you
    click on it the vendor offers to give it to you but first you must complete a chain quest for him, you
    may have to get him some rope, then after that go fight lady mel to get an item off of her, and then etc.
    The catch to this is the provisioner may have only one mirror or maybe a small stock 10-20 of them behind
    the counter so everyone who ask about it gets the same quest chain but who completes it first gets the mirror,
    if thats the only one everyone else is out of luck, but if he has 20 of them than 20 people would get one,the
    point is once there gone there gone. Anyone that finishes after the supply of mirrors are exhausted may get
    a consellation prize maybe 2,000gp or something like that. After that though the mirror would not return for
    a long time if at all. So they would in essence be rare. Unlike the stealable we currently have. You would
    do the quest type rares for very desirable stuff that would be very rare, but at the sametime you could
    also be walking in the forest and just find a rare also like maybe sometype of decorative ring that "someone"
    dropped maybe it would have an engraving of some sort or a wierd color. Thing like this would be less rare
    but in total maybe 200-500 of them could be found, but the point is to keep the location random and the time when
    one would spawn random, and after the limit for number of them had been reached they would not spawn again.

    5.A new type of treasure map, "An Ancient Treasure Map and/or A forgotten treasure map". These could maybe
    randomly spawn somewhere like the above rares system but also maybe have a small chance of getting them off a
    champion, or a boss. With this type of map a list would appear telling you what type of "keys" you will need
    to get just like keys needed to fight ml bosses. Maybe you need to fight an abysmall horror to get one key, then
    get a power crystal, then maybe fight shimmering effusion to get another key. Once you have all the keys and yes
    they would have a timer you could go and dig up "A Large Treasure Chest" think current graphic but twice the size.
    These type of chests give atleast one new high level arti only specific to these types of maps you cannot get these
    arties anywhere else. One arti I though of was maybe something called "an anciet runic hammer" it would maybe give
    a small skill bonus but the big difference would be with this hammer a smith could make somewhere in between minor
    arti quality stuff to just under major artie quality stuff. Sort of like it give a guareenteed one special property
    like on a shield +10 parry then maybe have one other random property that will get a guareenteed intensity of 120%
    and give maybe 3-4 other property min 50%- max 80% this hammer would only have 1-5 charges. Also as you dig the
    chest up stuff would spawn like it does now but once you get the chest all the way up, a champion would spawn,
    call it "The chest guardian or something like that" and it would be as powerful as any ml boss, when he spawns
    he instantly pushes the chest back down in the ground and cast a spell on the ground that will not let you dig
    the chest up, the only way to break his spell is to dispatch him with extreme prejudice. There could also be
    differnt types of chest guardians, so the same one does not appear everytime, so i was thinking 3-6 different types
    of chest guardians with different skill sets and special abilities. Think of the spawn you kill before the guardian
    appears as like a mini champ spawn and you have to kill the spawn to get him to appear.

    6. This idea is mainly geared toward pvp and is only a small idea. I see alot of ppl complaining about tamers
    anymore in pvp since the greater dragons went in. So this may help there to balance things out a bit.
    A new spell, call it "silence" when cast would create a 10-30 second period where a tamer could not give commands
    to his pet. Once cast the caster could not cast the spell again for 45 seconds to 1 minute, also the tamer could
    not have it cast on him again for atleast 45 seconds so that gives him a 15 second gap to give a command. This
    would mainly only prevent the kill command, if the pet was already guarding him of course it would attack anything
    that attacks the tamer first, but prevents the tamer from targeting specific individuals in pvp for a limited
    amount of time.

    PS. I saved this list on my comp so it could be posted in the regular forum when the come back up