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[Selling] Idoc Leftovers for Sale

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Africanus, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Africanus

    Africanus Guest

    These are my odds and ends, go ahead and make offers via icq or leave bids here.

    Platemail Arms Made By Hammer Head [Exceptional]
    Platemail Gorget Made By Francesca [Exceptional]
    Verite Chainmail Leggings Made By Tabor Smithing [Exceptional]
    An Interior House Door Key x 5

    Lake Superior
    A Robe
    Wedding Invitation for Kailynn and Damien

    Great Lakes
    Neon Black Green Eggs
    An Interior House Door Key
    Runebook Made By Rameses II [Exceptional]

    A Deed for a Vendor Named Beryl

    A Deed for a Vendor Named Omar
    Red Strength Potion
    Quest Diamond

    Chessboard Yellow

    A Deed for a Vendor Named Anna
    Ruined Painting

    Wash Basin
    Platemail Arms Made By MGD [Exceptional]
    A Halberd Made by Lord Ulysses [Exceptional]

    Icq 11900089