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IDOC Question

Discussion in 'UHall' started by jelake, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. jelake

    jelake Guest

    I was just curious how someone can place a house one day over an IDOC house spot and then the very next day place another house at a different IDOC spot? Are they avoiding the 7 day min between placements somehow?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    They just must be using 2 different accounts. Might even have the same char name on both, which of course would make it look like they were placing 2 on the same account.
  3. Sees Far

    Sees Far Guest

    If you drop or transfer the first house, you are able to place another house right away.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yes this is true..
    2 ways here
    both good and legal

    A fresh placer can keep dropping and placeing a house one after another, several times a day if so wished.. they can also place, sell straight after selling place again, etc etc....u only get the 7 day penalty if u buy a house!!!

    Some idocers use several accounts and like a previous poster stated, they use the same names and it appears tey have placed twice , were it real they placed one house on each account...

    Read above..important!!!....u can place .. then drop 15 minutes after then place again... there is no limit to place-ing and dropping houses...none at all..well 15 minutes if u want to be picky!!!!!!!
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Infact... u can run 1 single account with 5-6 chars on it..all with a house tool and al available to place and drop at will!!! no timers...

    U can play UO without even having your own house...just rotate the chars at each idoc..when u log in ON THE LAST CHAR TO PLACE go through the loot and bank the good stuff on that char.... maybe u got time to sell the plot too before the next idoc?? nice and cheap to free the account back up as u will be able to place again as soon as u have sold or dropped.....then move onto the next char when thats last ones bank is full....Next ask a big shop keeper for 3-4-5 vendor spots ( all chars on your account can use the same vendors) ..then simply move the stuff from the your placers bank boxes into the vendors for sale!!! and store all your hard earned gold in the vendors!!! u can store unlimited gold in vendors....

    Nice easy idoc placer account


    Have fun and enjoy UO!

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