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If we are going to have an influx of people...

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Coragin, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Coragin

    Coragin Guest

    Let me start by saying this is in no way sanctioned by my guild or its allies. Thats my disclaimer.

    But we are gonna need to stock some vendors with stat and PS right? And were gonna need quite a few right?

    How about a "Server Alliance" for a few days?

    What I mean is this...

    We make a deal, not to attack or thereby kill anyone doing spawns or harrys for say, one week. The purpose...

    To get 105-115 scrolls to put on vendors cheap for new people coming over.

    Simple setup here:

    1. Run spawns all day/night if you get a scroll you want to keep (120 magery ect) put it in your house/bank. If you get a scroll you dont need or wont use, put it up on your vendor at a deacent price for new people to the shard.

    2. Obviously replicas arent needed for new people, so keep em.

    3. If you come on to a spawn that is being run even by an enemy, just help, dont get bloodlust and kill just to kill. We would be doing this because we want to stock vendors for newcomers.

    4. Pop some harrys and have the server work together to kill them. I know my guild alone can pop 3-4 atm. Obviously keeping 25's for you/guild.

    Its pretty simple actually and can seriously help our serious vendor problem here on Origin. There are so many Luna houses with empty vendors or even no vendors, a newcomer will find it hard to get things that are needed/wanted to actually play and have a good time on our server. We are so low in population and vendors that I believe this is something that WILL help the server as a whole.

    I am going to make a post to my guild pointing to this topic, they can weigh in on their feelings as well as our allies.

    I wonder can our server put differences aside for one week to stock some vendors with some seriously needed PS? Can you give up just champ spawn pvp for one week to help with this? Even if you dont want to help on the same spawn, can you move on to another? Can our shard be adults for one week to do something that would benefit the server as a whole for our influx of new people? Is it important to you to have more people here? and to get them up and runnign as quick as possible?

    Is this possible? I dont know. I know I can do it, can you and your guild? Can you be an adult for one week to help get people here?

    I would even go so far as to suggest that we "Donate" unwanted scrolls to CCC as to not get competition among a/b guilds/groups. I do champs solo when my guild isint around and no matter what scrolls I get, I just throw them in the box at our GH if I wont use them. Gold isint important to me, so this is not a big deal to me and I can give up my e-peen pride and do this.

    Why would this help?

    1. Without having to worry about defending/ect more people will do champs, thus more scrolls for sale for our newcomer friends. I can honestly say I believe vendors would be stocked well after one week.

    2. Blue guilds would be able to get scrolls as well, helping our trammie pvm guilds as well. This would help to find peerless groups and help them too.

    3. It would make it so much easier for new people to start out if we have at very least a good stock of 110's for sale at a decent price.

    So I ask Sin, MBS, and every other guild XMG, ect, pvp, blue, trammie, reds ect, is this something you and your guild could do for a limited time to help our server welcome new people?

    I would say set up a start point and end point to this so there is no confusion, after the time is up, we go our seperate ways and its back to business as usual. Or maybe even a set time every day for this idea...1-6 hours at the same time every day for a week or so...

    8am - 5pm EST

    That is our off peak times, if our server cant agree on a full week, maybe just agree for a time period every day.

    I would love to see this happen to get more people here and stocked vendors for them. It is a big joke on our guild that we just say you can have tghe best stocked vendor on origin just by putting one up and keeping one thing on it. That is sad and for the server even worse. One cannot deny that our vendor situation is pretty horrible right now, gear, PS, house addons, ect all at an all time low.