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If you could build the perfect dungeon rogue...

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Rocklin, May 11, 2009.

  1. Rocklin

    Rocklin Guest

    what would he/she have?

    I am looking into breaking up my Treasure Hunters skills to remake him as dungeon crawler. Currently he has 110 Magery, 110, Evaluating Intellect, 100 Meditation, 100 Cartography, 100 Lockpicking, 100 Fishing, 90ish Hiding.

    What I am looking at doing is moving the Cartography and Lockpicking to a Tamer character to do the more difficult Treasure Chests. I would move the Fishing to a Mage/Scribe for punch when facing the baddies that surface while doing nets etc.

    I have purchased a 120 Stealing Scroll. I have the Midnight Leggings and a Burglers Bandana as well.

    I am considering Ninjitsu for the use of smoke bombs. Any other ideas or thoughts on how to build a superior dungeon rogue?
  2. Maximilliean

    Maximilliean Guest

    I will use (current value):

    70 Stealing (70)
    90 Stealth (86.4)
    110 Fencing (67.5)
    110 Ninjitsu (67.2)
    90 Poisoning (84.1)
    110 Tactics (65)
    100 Hiding (100)
    40 Necro (40)

    I use a burgalars bandana, +30 Ring/Braclet to get 110 stealing and 100 stealth. Then I use Ninjitsu animal forms to 120 stealing or stealth depending on the situation. I would like to get my hands on a pair os the shadow dancer leggings, but they are exensive for the non-gold farming casual addict. Necro is for wraith form, it's nice to stealth through creatures/people in Felucca. Weapon of choice: Flesh Ripper w/DP poison. Generally the attack goes Infecting strike followed by a shadow strike to rehide myself while the poison does it's job. I am considering dropping tactics for 90 Snooping (100 w/bandana) and increasing stealing to 80, fencing and ninjitsu to 115. If I stick with Tactics I will probably switch out Fencing for Swords and use a cleaver (bleed and infecting) and the flesh ripper, which has the UBWS.
    For awhile he was also a mage or atleast had magery. EV's are nice for distracting monsters while you steal from them and invis work well when cornered. I was also thinking Provoke would be a useful tool for stealing from monsters as well.
  3. hakeem

    hakeem Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 15, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Ahh someone I like!

    here is Hakeem, i kept lp tho
    100 lockpick
    100 hide
    50 stealth
    50 stealing
    100 mage
    100 alch
    85 poison
    100 eval
    35 ninjitsu
    cbd on burglars bandana,pbd on shadow dancer leggings, 15 steal 50 enhance pots on an ecru ring, 15 steal 10 mage lrc bracelet. Pendant of the magi, and lrc mana regen on runic sleeves, legs, chest,Alchemist talisman. 70 in fire and poison, 60's in rest.
    I figured gotta be hands free to steal so pots work great.
    Effectively he has:
    100 lockpick
    100 hide
    80 stealth
    110 stealing
    110 mage
    100 alch
    85 poison
    100 eval
    35 ninjitsu
    Pretty darn fun template, I love him to death. Good for rp or lil group backup on bigger hunts.