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If you could...

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by SUPRsalad, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. SUPRsalad

    SUPRsalad Guest

    If you could punch any uo player(s) in the face, just once, not in the nose, who would it be, and why? (or hire a girl of great strength and stature to do it for you, should your choice be female.)
    I choose:

    Angerisagift, just because he deserves it
    Woo, just because he likes it
    Shaun, just because he wouldn't even notice
    Hag. Just because. (I nominate Rosanne Bar for the honor)
    Shadow, just because hes so frickin adorable, i want to smash his teeth up, then put them back in backwards.
    Stuggotz, just to see his reaction.
    Messiah X, just because I can't seem to get a 1v1 with this guy EVER.
    Balian, just to read his post describing what it was like
    Sargon, because it may just cure him of his ailment.

    Thats probably enough to make my hand hurt (and Rosannes)
    n besides, my coffee is now empty :/
  2. *******************
    Im on another |A| list!!!!
    I nominate Jake, for leaving CD and Joining M
    Hes still my bro tho, I think he deserves one upside the head or a real good spanking.......come back mang!

    Our motto is similar to Shadows sig, and he left......

    Kinda like leaving your convertible porsche in the garage and driving the 1976 Ford pickup to go pick up goilz......
  3. suprshadow

    suprshadow Guest

    i would mega super upper cut all of pac in one punch cause i am so badass. At the end of this i'd own every house on the shard cause i rock. the end
  4. LordTesla

    LordTesla Visitor

    Feb 23, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Hargon, mostly because he sounds like a chick IRL. All whiney and nasaly... I nominate Lois Griffin from Family Guy to beat the tar out of Hargon.

    And also Sag. I nominate Shawn Michaels from WWE to deliver a Super Kick to her chops. Cause she is more of a man then people think.
  5. Jake CD

    Jake CD Guest

    LOL insted of the 76 ford can i take out my Bagged s10 lol i left because cd does **** i been with them for along time ive seen it good and bad its been bad for along time

    As in punch um

    Shaun just because hes a lil pancake and i would enjoy it and seening him on the ground
    hag when i found out she was a kitty =P [i would let the best female boxer] lol
    And any hackers
  6. dva5399

    dva5399 Guest

    Well when I was new back when the weight trick worked
    I was looted for being stupid and drop this arti 12 weapon
    it would be him
    but he also taught me about it hehe
  7. suprshadow

    suprshadow Guest

    jake you do know you would have to punch all your guild mates with the "any hackers" statments
  8. ShaunOfPac

    ShaunOfPac Guest

    I'm pretty sure if you had me in front of you, you'd probably **** yourself LONG before you mustered the courage to attempt to hit me ;)

    And as for me. . . Every player. Just because I like hitting people.
  9. suprshadow

    suprshadow Guest

    i'd knock u out shaun :)
  10. ShaunOfPac

    ShaunOfPac Guest

  11. Jake CD

    Jake CD Guest

    Lol full of your self cuz you work out ok>? so do i also placed 2nd in state in wrestling and was 04 football state champs i can hold my own just ask the guy i knocked out in 2 hits who was talking **** about my mom who was killed in a car accident
  12. SUPRsalad

    SUPRsalad Guest

    I nominate TV Superstar Tony Danza to deliver my punch-in-face-o-gram to Cloud.

    :eyes: this is the money you could be saving with geiko
  13. lol, u crack me up mang!!!
  14. mastodon

    mastodon Guest

    all of you, cause none of you obviously would do anything outside this game, as for tough guys id end ya all in RL just i know your anatmoical weaknesses. but alas your just small potatoes compared to a pvp artist from the old days. yeah bring on the hate prove me right with your remarks. if you truly were all leet in your pvp youd silence yourselves and go back to playing the game youve been crying about for years. ive seen all of you talk about each other but no one has the minerals to show up and 1v1. NONE OF YOU!!!have a nice day
  15. lol, thanks for dropping by
  16. ShaunOfPac

    ShaunOfPac Guest

    LOL I'm not someone who simply works out, for 5 years my survival depending on my physical readiness.
  17. You rock!!!


    When will we see you in UFC?
  18. Magdalene

    Magdalene Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 1, 2000
    Likes Received:
    And I don't care if any of you were "just kidding".
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