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I'm a griefer?

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Eldorian, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Guess exploding in the AH as a zombie makes people angry at me?


    They loved it so much I went ahead and did it a second time.

    You know, all they had to do was take the disease off instead of sitting there infected... finally the 3rd time they figured it out and saved the day!
  2. Devilengine

    Devilengine Guest

    Exploding zombies are always fun.
  3. CassieDarksong

    CassieDarksong Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Yeah. What people don't realize is that this is all leading up to a bigger event, but instead they have to whine and complain instead of *gasp* doing something.
  4. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    Evidence of this event are all over the place...don't see how people can miss it.

    The King of Stormwind is back.
    The Forsaken have set up a lab of sorts beside the Aldor bank.
    The weird floating Nax castles are back.
    There is a quest in Shattrath to take a container of Light to a gnome in Ironforge, who then babbles about producting a Light gun. (I want one)

    Oh, Eldorian...I was in Ironforge last night, blowing up their AH. Fun, ain't it?
  5. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    You should whisper Zamaria sometime (my Shaman on Vek) and we could do some synchronized AH "bombings"
  6. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

  7. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    The healers are everywhere, run and heal ooh! My main chars can't cure themselvesbut thats what I did. It was the playeres thatintentionally went into like auberdine at 70 and kept getting all the lower players that upset me. After a while it gets old the young players cant always afford those repair bills.
  8. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I did that too. I had an army of about 150 level 1 zombies.

    Only problem is you die a lot doing that because you can't sustain the hunger.
  9. mecantile

    mecantile Guest

    The event turned out to be a violation of their own ToS because higher level toons were grieving lower leveled areas thus preventing them from playing the game. Still, it was a little fun albeit annoying at times.

    I wonder what is next.....
  10. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I don't see how it was violation of their own ToS. The mechanic was put in there by them for the reason of having zombies invade cities and cause havoc. NO ONE was safe. It was epic.
  11. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    It's a violation of their own ToS because its a form of Physical Harassment.
  12. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Not really.
  13. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I'd suggest people re-read the terms of service

  14. Bud_Weiser

    Bud_Weiser Guest

    Very true. You are just using the game mechanics. You are not cheating, you are not violating the ToS, you are not haxxoring or running a script. You are just... blowing up. Which I think is awesome and I was AH bombing in between GHWT breaks.

    And I know a thing or two about greifing, this is the best sanctioned greifing I have seen a while.
  15. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    A lot of people were upset because the zombie event forced PvP on PvE servers.

    Getting zombied...that's NOT PvP. PvP is running battlegrounds and Arenas knowing that someone out there is going to smash your face in...or fry it off. Being a zombie isn't even close to the same thing. Honestly with all the complaining going around about it hampering the game and it's mechanics...I didn't have any issues on my hunter I am leveling. I don't sit in towns...I run in, do my business, and run back out to quest more. Outside the major cities the areas were pretty clear.

    Now, the one complain I do have are these Frozen Shades. I had one following me around the Bone Wastes for about an hour last night until I logged off. They are creepy!
  16. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I also loved the people that complained that it shouldn't be allowed on RP servers.

    Personally I thought it was the perfect RP event.
  17. Elm

    Elm Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Unfortunately due to travelling i missed the entire event, i would have liked to have partaken in this one :(

    Maybe it will happen again when Wrath is fully released.
  18. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    The frozen shades went away after a quest was turned in, at least thats what my husband said. Hope that helps you out, though I do agree they get a tad annoying.

    For the zombies, RP wise it had tons of potential but, the forced issue is what became a problem.

    In regards to the griefing/harassment, due to the forced nature of the event it was borderline. As it interferes with regular gameplay. Essentially those people that were complete jerks about it screwed it up for those who were keeping up with the true intention of the event. I can't tell if it was supposed to last longer but it seemed cut short.

    This is another Policy:

    Zone/Area Disruption
    This category includes language and/or actions intended to disturb groups of players or areas of the world, such as:
    Disruption of player sponsored events or gatherings
    Excessive use of in-game sounds or visuals
    Excessively casting spells with noticeable effects in crowded areas
    Impeding or blocking access to an NPC, doodad, doorway, or any other area of the world that a player would normally be able to access
    If a player is found to have disrupted an area of the world or a group of players, he/she may:
    Be given a warning
    Be temporarily suspended from the game if behavior continues
  19. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    According to Blizzard it was planned to only last 5 days.
  20. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    That's not in their terms of service.
  21. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    Its in their policies...
  22. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    And from their policies:

    From their terms of service - what people did as zombies was not wrong, it was a game mechanic Blizzard purposefully put in and was part of the game. There was nothing the zombies did wrong - so I don't see why there's even an argument here about it.

    By the way, the original argument was saying that Blizzard broke their terms of service. I proved that wrong with the link above.
  23. wyrmtongue

    wyrmtongue Guest

    Lot of the low level players were upset since they don't have much coin get instantly infected turned into a zombie and one shotted by a guard.

    Then run back and repair over and over.

    Hard from a low level to run from guards who are zombies.

    I was mainly on my shaman so I could cure myself so I was like whatever at the zombies trying to infect me.

    I know Blizz got alot of complaints about it, but all in all was a interesting time. :popcorn:
  24. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    It only lasted five days. Be glad they didn't plan it for longer. Could have been a tad better, but could have also been a LOT worse.

    I do understand one possible reason Blizz decided to make the invasion the way it was...if an opt-out option would have been available, the invasion would have become relatively pointless on PvE servers. You'd have a few people running around as Zombies constantly dying because most everyone else would have opted out of being zombified. Then Blizzard would have been accused of not knowing how to run an invasion event, benting to the "carebear" players, etc.

    Any way you look at it, the event had its high points and low points. Personally, I can't wait to see what is next! Imagine, if you will, an invasion of Abominations...
  25. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    A lot of sites I've been reading have high praises for the event. Most are even considering it one of the greatest events in MMO history.

    I have to agree with them.
  26. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    There will always be pros and cons to everything. I just didn't use low level characters or avoided certain areas because i didn't feel like dealing with it.
  27. mecantile

    mecantile Guest

    I thought the event was cool only I would prefer that it would be something that is 1) optional participation and 2) rewards players for participating with NPC's/platers 3+/- their level. Problem solved.
  28. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

  29. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    Great article, but I think that is more of what Blizzard had in mind with the event.
  30. Nyaz

    Nyaz Guest

    Wow! This event sounds beyond awesome, I wish I hadn't picked this particular time to not have a payed for my account (I figured I'd wait with that until the release of WotLK... oh, how wrong I appear to have been!).

    Also - as a passive bystander, I have to say, considering the short time this event lasted, there is no reason why everyone shouldn't be forced to participate in this world-shaking event.

    (Also, the story from that article Eldorian posted just added to the awesomeness - player events = :heart:)
  31. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    Forced participation is a double edged sword, for one of my low level guildies he died 20 times to turn in a quest because people kept turning the lowbies and killing the NPC's, he got so upset he didn't play until it was over.
  32. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Yeah, I'm pretty positive they had in mind to have people actually participate in the event and band together and fight instead of spamming trade chat with their QQing about how they couldn't do anything.