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I'm Baack!

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by jamison, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. jamison

    jamison Guest

    Once upon a time I used to run a town far far to the east of the Yew moongate in Felucca called Tar Valon. It was a peninsula and we had every house but one belonging to either myself or to a friend of mine. And even the one who was not ours, named their house according to the town theme. Very cool of them.

    I just wanted to say that I am back up and running and wanted to share a few screenshots of my... more infamous moments. Maybe you'll remember me!

    These pics are from the day the Red's got their reprieve. Red characters were all suddenly blue one day. They still had thier murder counts, they were just blue and able to explore Trammel if they wanted to. As long as they stayed on the straight and narrow, they would stay blue... kill even one blue and you were right back to being a Red. Even perma-reds were blue.

    Funny part is that the gaurds still saw them as a criminal but since they were blue, they would not telesplat.

    I saw that there was one on the roof of the brit bank... so out of curiousity I called the guards.... the guards you were had turned grey because they were attacking a blue... criminal guards. Well guards teleported in and turned grey... so I called the guards... well... you can see what happened when I spammed it.

    I did however become infamous for crashing the Napa Valley server.

    The following are links to the images because they are rather large.

    I am on the lamma with the black feathered hat. The health bar is blank because the server is freaking
    It only get's worse!
    They guy on the bank that is dead... not my fault.... I think
    There are thousands of guards at this point, they have litterally filled Brit
    And the server goes BOOM! You'll notice the lack of text, the health bar is blank and well... Napa died.

    When I got back on, people were congratulating me, it was pretty obvious at the time who had done it. Those in Brit thought it pretty funny.

    And no, the GM's didn't ban me or anything. It was something that was not anyones fault and would have happened anyhow... but I was proud to be the one to find it hehe.

    I've a tower near Hanse's Inn on Malas, just follow the water barrels.:)

    Happy to be back!
  2. dielock

    dielock Guest

    Welcome back. It is always good to see someone come back to Napa.