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Im sure this has been done before but where did you get your characters name(s)?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Haddo MacBaren, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. I see a lot of interesting names playing this game and lurking around these boards. I am curious where everyone got their inspiriation from to choose the names they did for their characters.

    For me it comes from my other hobby. I collect pipes (exciting huh?) so all my character names are those of either pipe makers, tobaccos, or companies which produce them.

    What about you?
  2. Peaches

    Peaches Guest

    My main character, Advantium, I got from might n magic, just did the spelling different. It originally came from adamantium.
  3. Nijinski

    Nijinski Guest

    Mine are named after classic winning racehorses.

  4. I had a best friend, for years and years. My best friend ever.

    He was a pilot, a scientist and a racontuer. He had the best collection of jokes and humorous tales I have ever heard. (He knew ALL the lyrics to 'Springtime for Hitler', and he and I were 86'ed more than once, for lustily singing it in various taverns. Damn, we were good.) We could talk for hours and days and weeks, without ever running out of subjects to discuss. We were Super Bowl buddies, and I would go over to his place...one night, we replayed The Catch 16 TIMES, before we got tired of it. *grins*

    He has a star and an insect named after him. He gave me my first computer ever. He hosted an annual First Landing on the Moon Anniversary party, every July 20th, where we would spend the entire day and night eating and drinking, watching old NASA tapes and celebrating the space program (one year on a chartered yacht with 30 other friends)

    He was murdered, not long before UO came out. I still miss him, always will. In trying to think up a name for my UO character, I decided to use his name spelled backwards, as a way to keep a tiny part of him alive on the internet. It seems fitting for him, somehow, to still be kicking around in the aether. :)

    Hence, 'Dor'...'Rod' spelled backwards.

    Still love you, man! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  5. Old air force callsign. When I started online there were only BBS' (no world wide web)and there was already a fellow using Blackheart. The odds of being on the same bbs at the same time as that other fellow were, at that time,pretty high. So to avoid confusion I dropped the "c" and have used Blakheart ever since (around '82ish).
    Over the years so many friends in games and rl have known me as Blakheart (from email) that I've ordered the vanity plate BLKHRT for my harley.
    I've finally decided (took me 44 years) to get a tattoo, and it will most likely have some kind of black heart theme (if I don't chicken out).

    In SWG I use Oswyn Goodryke, a name I have registered with the Society for Creative Anachronism.

    Funny thing is that while researching my "period" name for the SCA (extremely strict naming rules) I found that my internet name, Blakheart, is also a "period correct" name, and that the spelling without the "c" actually predates the modern blackheart spelling.
  6. Hmmmmm....

    LS: Hawk Grayshadow; Fallon Archenaut; Jedediah Blade, Thal Valerian, Mr Lucky Pierre - made 'em all up. Fallon's an old AD&D character of mine, Thal Valerian is corrupted from an old D&D character of mine, and Pierre is a bit of a nickname (though, if I'd at the time what it really meant, I would have steered clear /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif).

    Pac: Trys Ironshield, Dadpierre L'Amor, Hrodar Odinson, Flynn Fareyes, Morganite - made 'em all up, too. Dadpierre is from a story I made up for my ex (and created at the time), Hrodar Odinson was meant to sound very Nordic (and viking-like), "Flynn" was the name I gave to the Red Mage from the original Final Fantasy game (he, himself, is an untrained red mage), and Morganite is from my last name, being Morgan.

    NV: Ylessa Silvereye & Shang Tsu - made 'em up (notice a pattern?). Ylessa was a bit of a test bard, made up to mess with the skill (never developed) and supposedly Elvenish, while Shang is my silent, Shaolin-type monk. Sounds Asian enough (I guess), but probably doesn't exist as a name (wouldn't doubt it, though).

    GL: Psias Terrax - you bet it's made up. Paladin, created one night for kicks and completely forgotten about until a few minutes ago.
  7. Moonglum

    Moonglum Guest

    All I can say is thats one of the nicest things I've read on these boards in a long long time. thanks.
  8. jat

    jat Guest

    jatimez (spelled just that way) is from a combination of my kids and my best friends name.

    Chorru is the same, only from my name is the "ru".

    Rusti, that's my real name.

    mysti is just a name I always liked.

    And Sugar Bomb we made up between my boyfriend, his son and myself.

    Always did like my char names!
  9. chippac

    chippac Guest

    My first character was a lumberjack/miner, he ended his time in UO as an elder archer paladin, unfortunately plagued with longstanding crash issues, adn retained none of his original skills. "Chip" instantly sprang to mind and it worked well considering he began as a miner/lj'er though actually did very little of it (wood chips, rock chips etc).

    Then Stahl /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif (german word for steel, I wanted to use the Russian word for steel (stalin) but apparently, Stalin is considered an inappropriate name. My poor highly accomplished crafter that serves no useful purpose anymore.

    Then there is my poor ol noble scribe mage (former alchy then tinker). Maynard (taken form Microsoft Chat's selection of toon charaters, the big white rabbit). He was so distraught when the profession he found to be just the cat's meow for mages (tinkering, for golems) was turned into cat crap!!! After trying to learn to be bard, which he never wanted to be in the first palce, he committed suicide his person and has gone to the great beyond. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  10. Ludes

    Ludes Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I got my nickname back in the early seventies. When I started playing D&D I started using it as my gaming name and it just stuck.
  11. Thunderbird

    Thunderbird Guest

    Plum - Old character I used in a Super Mario RPG. Yes, Super Mario. Shut up. Anyways, she was a thief who had the ability to hide anywhere and of course move around hidden. Seemed pretty fitting to name my stealther Plum:>

    Charsi - I'll give you 2 seconds to figure out where the inspiration for my blacksmith came from

    ReetDood - A role playing 1337 speaker (speaks only in 1337). They wouldn't let me call him 1337d00d, so this was the next best option.

    Thief - I don't need to tell you his profession, and his name came from 8-bit theater

    a matrix agent - I hope I don't have to explain this one

    Now, just incase you think I'm extremely unoriginal, I've had other names not from books or movies or games or anything

    Fireeye Darklord
    Gu'rug <-- an old rp orc

    Are a few of them. But mostly yes, when I want to make a character, I tend to use names from other sources:>
  12. arbruin

    arbruin Guest

    I used to play D&D when it was just bloomin' and i saw a sword with the name 'Alrune' or some such, and i liked it.. so i worked some letters around, and came up with Arbruin. the name for my warrior. .and also my bard. lol (a bit annoying for one account messes up gumps)
    Every game ive played Ive had the name Arbruin. Even my aol name was arbruin. im nothing if not consistent. =P
    Hmm who else.. well anyone who knows Ultima series knows Chuckles. so thats easy.
    My fisher/alchemist is named motion potion. hehe that was just funnin' =) But my more serious chars are all Arby's.. and if yer me friend you can call me just that! Arby =)
  13. Long ago (about 1967) as an apprentice patternmaker some of my coworkers were intrigued by my capacity for the consumption of almost anything (at that time only food and/or beer). As I was overweight (tending to roundness) and hairy (full beard and longish hair) I was given a nickname that came the BC comic strip; Grog. The nickname stuck and after 27 years of marriage my wife still calls me Grog.

    When I first started in UO I naturally chose Grog as a name. A short time into my gameplay I ran across a player that used various names that included Daz. He had a miner Daz, carpenter Daz, etc. Since I thought that was an interesting idea I named each of my characters Grog as I created them.

    I decided my game goal was to spread my name as much as possible. That set my goals to GM each and every craft skill such that I could make and mark everything with my name. I have been able to do that for some time now.

    Have fun.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Cort- Legend of Legaia (also similar to my real name). Gilthanas- Dragonlance. Strife- I copied the name of an old friend on Sonoma's mule when I created mine on Napa, Dante- Devil May Cry...first one rocked /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  15. Thank you. :)

    It makes me grin, to think about him.
  16. Megalon

    Megalon Guest

    All my characters - Megalon, Gamera, Rodan, Ghidorah, Barugon, Gojira - are all named after Japanese movie monsters.
  17. Mag-VIII

    Mag-VIII Guest

    Amma El, my necromancer, and Noco El, my crafter, I somewhat took from Enochian, the language used to conjure angels and (when spoken backwards) demons. I don't know much about it, but there was a brief dictionary included with my Satanic bible. Amma means 'cursed', Noco means 'hands', and El means 'the.' I don't know the grammatics or structure of the language, so I just put the words together in what looked like a name.

    Meridion, my paladin, I took from Elizabeth Hayden's Rhapsody series. If you've never read it, do it now! By far the best fantasy out there, bar none.

    Toadslick, my upcoming thief, is a take off of an old friend's nickname, Toadsmith.
  18. Neva Darcan

    Neva Darcan Guest

    Nethandoral (Healer/parry mage)- Word Jumble, you figure it out.

    Nard Commonfoot - Was supposed to be indian warrior, now a paladin.

    Neva Darcan(Nox/scribe/mage)/Joseph Darcan(smith/cook/tailor/fletcher/alchy)
    Tatton Parch(tailor, carp, miner, tinker, 120 smith)/Felona Parch (mace/parry)
    Barion Yoll(Provo/tamer)/Dollan Yoll(swords/Necro)

    All completely out of the blue. First thing that popped into my head. The top two are married, the Yolls are brothers.

    Barth/Barth - one a thief, one a thief revamped into PK. The pk is still in theives guild though his stealing is zero now. He can change his name using a disquise kit. Always great fun killing people with a new name every day. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Leanna Smout (fisher/Cart)- What was I thinking?

    Serrek 'Del Tal - Soon to be deleted Paladin #2.

    Aragan Tomalis (fencer/mage) - I think this was done after a bad night of pizza.

    Substitue miner - (Peace/Mage) Was a second miner, but now a peace/mage. Ya, I know. The Glorious Lord Substitue Miner, Legendary Bard. lol

    And Brandon James (smith and Legendary Tailor)....when creating this character, my Godson was sitting watching me play. He said, name it after him. So I did.

    I love this game way too much.
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    mny 1st char, Odysseus, was inspired b/c i had just finished The Odyssey by Homer and i LOVED ody....so thats self-explainatory (heheh on a sidenote the originak template was a standard pure swordsman...later to become a thief? heheheh) . then i named my tmaer Abyss b/c i wanted him to represent evil and extreme power aka balrons. i named my pvper Terrill b/c my good ingame friend had a "vision" as he calls it. short story in short...he incoged into NPC name "Terrill" and was also black (this is NOT racial). hehehe so i made my char dark skinned and named Terrill and it was a joke between us as being a big black man that NOBODY f*cks with heheheh and they dont...much. :p. i named my bard, now retired, Ganon b/c i had been playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time (BEST GAME EVVERRRRR!!!!!) and i LOVED how ganondorf changed into the gigantic beast Ganon that had mega super powers (Zelda: OoT is prolly best game i have ever played in my life!). and my mule is named Big Jon b/c i thought of folk lore names of burly people and "Big Jon" sounded burly and countrymen like. theres a good more chars but do we really care? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  20. Balrogg

    Balrogg Guest

    Most of my names come from the Hobbit, The Lord of the rings trilogy, or the lost works of Tolkien. Some directly and some are tweaked just a little bit.
  21. Donelin

    Donelin Guest

    Donelin-My own creation
    Marja Alton- char in a book
    Miriya- char in a book
    Sharra- char in a book
    BlackMantle- char in a book
    Ayla Wanderer- char in a book
    Anyone see a theme here?
    Donelin is my only self created name -created it when I was 12-My CB radio alias for making dates with truckers (never kept of course)
  22. Rusty Shacklford - Dale Gribble's alias (character on the television show "King of the Hill")

    Raoul Duke - a sort of alias that Hunter S. Thompson used/uses in his writing etc.

    Ronnie Dobbs - a character on the television show "Mr. Show with Bob and David" (someone told me that name "sux" but that person's character was named after a rapper so oh well, though in retrospect I wish I had gone with Ronwell instead)
  23. Kitty Black

    Kitty Black Guest

    Oh gezzz.... where do I start? (I have 11 Chars) My first name as you all see ma as, comes from my love of Kitties. I had a black Kitty I loved very much, who is now not living, Hence Kitty Black.
    My Mage, I love "Gone with the Wind" and Scarlett seemed to have a "magical" effect on men.... that is my second name. I could go on all night, but I will spare you the details of my sad life, or lack thereof...
    Lol eleven characters, I guess most of them have meaning, but some…. were just made up…. you know like my other personalities…. I do however act different with each of my characters…I guess I have that many personalities.
  24. Chinalilly

    Chinalilly Guest

    I have very many characters, but I'll list a few:

    Lady Juliet: Inherited this character when I took over my friends account a few months after starting UO. It was the only decent character on the account and was a tank mage, now a bard mage.

    Jillian: I have always liked the name.

    Ursula: My first character in UO, and my main role play one that I base all my UO history around. She was a baroness and it seemed appropriate to pick a German name for her. Her full name in role play is "Ursula Van d'Ryker, of the House of K'rin"

    Mercedes: What can I say, I love the car/php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif

    Ireland: I was stuck for a name, so I decided to name one after a city or country, and Ireland sounded the nicest of the ones I came up with.

    Acadia: I made it up. It sounded nice.

    Aaliyah: Named after Peter Nygaard's fashion line, and daughter. Only I didn't like the spelling of "Alia", and decided to play around with the spelling and came up with "Aaliyah". It was nearly a year later when someone asked me if I was a fan. I had no clue what they were talking about. Seems they were talking about that dead singer (terrible actress), Aaliyah, whom I'd never heard of until they mentioned her to me.

    Cyrene: Taken from the Amazons and is the Queen of my "Amazons of Naiades" guild.

    Akasha Vamp: I enjoy Anne Rice novels, and particularly the novel "Queen of the Damned" (hated the movie). So I borrowed the name "Akasha" for my vampire nox mage, and added "Vamp" to indicate one of 2 things. She's "Vampy", and a "Vampire"/php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    My characters on Atlantic all have first and last names. I selected them from various languages using baby naming sites and then playing with various last names from that language to find just the right sounds. I get alot of compliments on the names I chose, which makes me happy.
  25. Krak'skul

    Krak'skul Guest

    Wen litul clanchief drop Krak'skul un ee hed. Nub idea wher name kom frum.
  26. SpookyT

    SpookyT Guest

    All of my characters are members of a family. Years ago when Dungeons and Dragons was young (saw some fellow early day gamers in the crowd.. pleased ta meecha) I played a Druid named Celot. It was the only D&D character I ever played and grew quite fond of him. He became a pretty high level druid by the time I quit playing. I got his name from an animal book. I flipped it open and whatever page it opened to I was going to base his name on that animal. It was the Ocelot. He has two basic bloodlines coming down from him... One through his elven wife and the other through a wicked sorceress who impersonated his wife for a time. The Good blood line brought about my Palidan, Warrior, and Jack of several trades thus far... The wicked blood line brought forth my Necromancer and my Nox Mage.

    Their first names are all from the television show M*A*S*H.

    The forever in flux character is Potter Celot, from Col. Sherman Potter.

    The Paladin is Francis Celot from Fr. Francis Mulchahey

    Warrior is Honoria Celot from the sister of Charles Emerson Winchester.

    The Mage is Soon Lee Celot from the Korean woman that Klinger marries and for which remains in Korea after the war.

    The Necormancer is Ginger Celot named for Nurse Ginger Bailiss one of two African American characters that started in the series. (Spearchucker Jones was written out when it was pointed out that there were no African American surgeons in the MASH units during the Korean War.)

    So thats the big story of my characters names.
  27. Name was not so much inspired by my love of R&J, but just happened to fit.

    Long time ago there was a Romeo Montigue on the Shard I played. Pre-trammel. There was a running feud between this chap and a RL friend. Which since I hung with him in game, I got caught up in.

    Came to see I couldnt best him with Reaper (my then Main) a Hack and Slasher.

    Tybalt Capulet was born for the simple reason of trying to slay the evil Romeo

    Sadly Romeo quit before Tybalt was ready.
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sir Robert.. Robert is simply my rl name and Sir Rob is (including slight insanity) are more or less cleaned up and destilled version of me.

    Sir Peter - Sir Roberts father.. Peter is my fathers first name.

    McDouglas - My smith. I was always fascinated of Apache attack choppers.. Had a multitude of sims (from LHX to Gunship! 7 I think total). so his name is a mix of McDonnel-Douglas, the maker of the AH-64

    Marcus - Based on Marcus Cole, the ranger of Babylon 5.. Long black hair, black beard.. Was first meant to be a ranger, still undecided what to do with him.

    Desmond O'Boogie - Years ago in a chat RPG I wanted to make a odd story for the in character e-zine there.. And created Desmond O'boogie, a rather strange reporter. Now he is my fencer and I more or less dream about making an in char fanzine in UO too.. Oh, the name.. If I recall right, John Lennon rambled about variants about his name on one record cover.. and signed finally with Desmond O'Boogie. But I can and most probably do, err with that, its years till I saw that cover.

    Angramar - Based loosely on a name in a Forgotten Realms novel. Just shuffled the letters a bit, switched d wth g, etc.. my Necro

    Natasha - Female char.. I think every man should play a female char, gives fascinating insights. Ye dont have to make her a vamp or other loose woman, just talking to others who dont know that yer a man is fascinating.. and sometimes embarrasing (for them, some are [censorred]) .. Dont know where the name actually comes from.
  29. Chass

    Chass Guest

    Most of mine are fav chars I had played in D&D /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif. UgSmash was my half orc assassin, and I have to admit my fav char I ever played. Odom Monaker (my thief) was a street urchin I played who was taken in by a mage for the abilities he had with his fingers and hands. The mage had hopes to change Odom but learned to use his talents to also curb those mages around him by asking their Spell Components be made alot lighter /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif.
    I have a background I made for each char, but alas there are so few actual role players left around in uo.
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I usually create a name for a character after I decide, what sort of character said character will become. I never created Queen Zen. My son made my first ever character and he felt it somehow fit whom I wanted to roleplay an orphan queen, daughter of chaos and order, he named that first chr. Queen Zen.

    My second character I made by myself, I was thinking alchemist/druggist and about that time stevie knicks song came on the radio..thus belladonna was born ! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    My third character was a spy, she became very close girlfriend/confidant of a guy that pkd me and he didnt know it was also me ie *also QZ*! He let her into his uo life and his uo home only knowing she was this fascinating tank mage ! I made her on purpose, to be a BIG SURPRISE for someone, kinda like opening a pandora's box, if he would become curious enough and like her she would stab him in the heart and pk his hinder. Payback would be hell for betraying my trust and pkin the queen. Anyhow that char was named Pandora Desere'. *yes she succeeded to kill him* in case ye wondered back in the day ages ago.

    My 4th char is named after assorted goddesses, kali and morrigan, thus her name is KaliMorrigan. She began life evil and those names fit the persona I was creating back then.

    5th chr. Whyte Tigress.. no brainer, she was going to be made to become a tamer. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    My other acct. once belonged to my son. He named his chrs way back in the era of UO beta but they were named after tribes of mankind, and his tours of duty in the navy.

    Thus Shalom Aleichem reflects his tour of Israel, Dnepropetrovk is Russian, Stockbridge is a tribe, of mankind on N. Am.the stockbridge nation native americans,no clue where he got Josef but he still exists on Seige. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    When I took over his acct. I created a character in last slot on that acct. that was open. I wanted her to be unique from all my chrs, including the inherited ones of my son's acct. I kept thinking of RARES..rl ones, thus pearls rarer than white pearls are black ones..thus Black Pearl was born. Most think I named her after a UO regent. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif nope she is named after pearls in the seas black ones.

    I have 4 accts of 7 remaining active,so I will spare ye the rest of the chrs names, although some are named specifically serve the QUEEN..ie names like Queen's Handmaiden, Zen's Realator, Zen's Gardener etc. but when I made my bard on acct #3, he became Eric Clapton /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif And my GM carpenter(also gm tailor) on that acct is Wynd Ryder..I wanted something breezy and youthful to also compete with the QZ line of tailoring. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif A regal queen would never do neons to match neon hair dyes, back then, but Wynd could do so & get away with it ! I, as Wynd Ryder became stiff competiton for the Queen Zen line of clothings ! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Most players didnt know both were ME back then ! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif giggles !

    At any rate I never make a character name till I am sure I can stand said name for forever if I do like that chr. and the name somehow must FIT the character's identity or personna..or role, per character.
  31. imported_Aly

    imported_Aly Guest

    I think I know where Johnny Long Staff from Baja got his name. From his fantasy world. Haha.
  32. Nox McChaos

    Nox McChaos Guest

    My main character, Nox McChaos, came originally from UO. 'round two years ago I was sitting there bored at the character screen and thinking how to fill in the two blanks I had for slots. I wanted to make a looter and evil mage. So I thought long and hard about what spell is quite sinister and sounds good...didn't get it. Then next day in school I saw a list of latin words to learn for Latin class on the wall of my friend's classroom...and I saw Nox. When I asked him what it meant in latin, he replied that it meant Night. Goodie. Nox it is. For evil ring, his last name was Chaos. And "Mc" in between because I always saw him as someone related to Highlander's Connor McLeod. Hence Nox McChaos, and later, Nox Havocbringer, were born.

    For my second character, Lord Rayden...from Mortal Kombat, possibly my favorite action character.

    For my third current character, Shaden McChaos...brother of Nox McChaos, from an RP thing I had going on Catskills before I quit. I just thought about Rayden, and inverted Ray to Shade, hence Shaden.

    For my fourth character, Hatred...good name for marking weapons and armor. He's a tailor/smith.

    And my last character, Lance Dragonbane...appropriate name for a Paladin. Just put together a generic fantasy name.
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The russian wizard was the inspiration to this name /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
    I like it because it is russian - just love russian names. 2nd, I like it because it is slightly ominous and mysterious.

    Mr. Meaner:
    You can pronounce it "misdemeanor". I just found that clever /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Russian /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    When I feel like outright provoking people. When they begin complaining, I just tell them, that chemotherapy is something good /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
    I used it alot in FPS's also.

    Generally, I like names, that are noticable, and make people think for a second. I also like to be a bit provokative at times /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  34. Nox McChaos

    Nox McChaos Guest

    I use Trigger Happy [Soldier/Moron/Player/Sniper/Gunner/Insert what you want] in FPSes very often. Since I learn quickly to get good in any FPS, I get a kick out of seeing a ton of kill messages come up when I successfully flank the enemies.

    Nme one was killed by Trigger Happy Soldier
    Nme two was killed by Trigger Happy Soldier
    Nme three was killed by Trigger Happy Soldier
    Nme four was killed by Trigger Happy Soldier
    Yes, you get the point.

    And anyway, as to Russian names. Well, I am Ukrainian myself, but it's nice to see someone who likes our (because a lot of Ukrainian names are alike Russian) names.
  35. Puebles

    Puebles Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Well, for those that have a logical source.

    Lake Superior:
    Jade Blade (Swordswoman/Poisoner) Green poison added to sword blade.

    Baxter (Mule) after my dog.

    Rock Wolverine (Mule) Was watching Michigan Wolverines, didn't want to sound like X-men rip off.

    Christopher (Swordsman) after my son

    Brother Jim (Mage/Tamer) after my Highschool Physics teacher, long story.

    Monzie (Archer/Provoker) after an old friend's nickname.

    Zirconia (Peace/Tamer) She may be beautiful, but she's not the real thing. Because I am a guy and she is a chick. You know, fake diamond.

    My personal favorite, a minor character on Napa Valley, Grodon Gax.
    Grodon was the name of an uber fighter 20 years ago when I was DM of an ongoing and obsessive D&D game. Grodon in all his well earned cockiness charged an Owl Bear. Grodon's owner had the unfortunate roles as to lose initiative, get struck by all three attacks with a 20 of 20 roll (double damage). Further, he took maximum damage on all three rolls. Doooooh, With his dying breath Grodon said "Gax". WE where never sure what that meant. His owner wanted to res him, but we could not find all the pieces. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  36. I thought about the names and came up with the following.
    Wandering Free - archer/swordsman, i felt the name suited the stlye of the game at the time in that you could explore for a long time and still not visit the whole land and it was orignal.
    Luggage - thief/assassin based on the assassins guild style in the Terry Pratchet books.
    Cutter - miner/smith/tailor/cook, i thought the name suited a worker.
    oooOOOoooo - treasure hunter/fisherman, i wanted to explore some of the dungeons and made this character so i could explore as a ghost and instead of deleting it to make another, decided to build up her skills. Only regret is i created her before the discworld games where released, otherwise her name would be Larado Gronk.
    Rab the Wizard - necro mage, Rab is my real name and i decided to make a scribe/mage.
  37. I always find your posts to be quite wonderful and this was no exception.

    With all the whining and whatnot taking place, it's nice to see someone share something like this. It puts a lot into prospective.

    As for this topic...

    I name some of my characters after TV heros/Comic heros I liked...

    Jack O' Neill - Stargate
    John Crichton - Farscape (www.savefarscape.com)
    Clark Kent - Superman
    Daniel Jackson - Stargate
    Peter Parker - Spiderman

    What, I'm a geek, sue me...
  38. DJ Warchild

    DJ Warchild Guest

    Well the account i started from scratch is going to have all the characters named after Marr Wagner's characters in the Grendel Comics.

    thats also where i go my DJ name from (Warchild) and all my tattoo's incorporate the pattern on the Grendel mask...

    Yes i'm obsessed..
  39. DarkThorne

    DarkThorne Guest

    My five main characters names came about this way:
    DarkThorne, Fighter, name made off of my characters name from the Ohio Rennasance Festival (Lord BlackThorne)
    Smindrick, Mage, From the movie "The Last Unicorn"
    Karaticus Potts, Tinker\Smith,changed spelling of first name, From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Wolfgar, Tamer\Mage, changed spelling, from Icewind Dale series
    A Street Urchin, Professional scavenger, inspired by Oliver Twist
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ukrainian ? I am not even close to Ukranian, but I began doing Ukrainian eggs yrs ago when I had a penpal in USSR. He had sent me some gorgeous postcards of Ukranian designs in woods, fabrics and on easter eggs. He was from Kiev.

    I had then ordered up some of the egg kits,kitskas, waxes etc from american- ukranian shops up north and have been doing Ukrainian eggs ever since ! They are simply gorgeous and I'm a creative rl person loves doing ART in all sorts of ways, some of the most fab eggs ever done on earth are faberge & Ukrainian ones.
  41. Broughton

    Broughton Guest

    Broughton came from when I started playing a MUD with my friend for the first time. My girlfriend at the time asked me what I was doing. I was thinking of a name at the time and I said Will broughton me into this game. Yeah it didn't make any sense and that's how the name stuck.

    Memento Mori (latin for value life while you still have it) came from a humanities class book in college.

    Balli Con Lupi - is my tamer. I went to a translator and plugged in various tamer type phrases into it and "dances with wolves" came up that in italian.

    Sentarian - that one is pretty simple just a play with Centaur.

    Danna Kyudo - is my archer, again the translator. Master of bows in japanese.

  42. Salt FoamBreaker has a whole story that can be read by clicking me sig, it is a clean text and pictures HTML link, no ads or anything unwanted.

    Rat FoamBreaker has same the family name, but the name Rat is from his time in the dungeons, Dungeon Rat.

    We keep A Prison Inmate locked up in the shop in the dungeon.
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Some of my names come from video games.

    Arcana - title of some radom game I saw in Nintendo Power back int the 80s. I think it had something to do with cards, no idea, never played it. But it had an interesting picture of a woman and the name "Arcana" so I've used it as a primary gaming name ever since.

    Rynn - your character in the game Drakan (I have a dragon named Arokh, also from the same game)

    Yea, Zelda:OoT is the best game ever... I keep meaning to name a character Epona at some point. Epona is also the Celtic goddess of horsemanship and related stuff, which bring me to my next source for names...

    Other names I like to take from mythology

    Morrigan - Celtic war goddess

    Isis - an Egyptian goddess

    Atalanta - the original Ms. Fitness from greek mythology. She's my crafting mule because an episode of Hercules w/ Kevin Sorbo (I know, shut up!) had Cory Everson as Atalanta and she was a blacksmith in that episode, so it stuck in my head

    Kos'chei - a modified spelling of Koschey the Deathless, a nasty bad guy from Russian folklore.

    And I also get some names from books.

    Flint - my pirate, after Captain Flint in Treasure Island

    Arryn - the surname of several of my characters, from the Song of Ice and Fire series (my house is named Riverrun, also from these books)

    I have another dragon named Barrakketh after a character in the Fortress in the Eye of Time, etc. books. My wyrm is named Vor after the Vor Series by Louis McMaster Bujold. I have a fire steed named Cazaril after a character in the Curse of Chalion (also by Bujold). I know you really didn't ask about pets, but I have a stable of ten in the game, so I give it a lot of thought, lol.
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I like to play with words, I like to be original. Far as I know there's no other Petra Fyde anywhere in uo. Suited my sense of humour to have a warrior who was petrified. My husband nicked the idea and his main is now Terry Fyde (terrified). My crafter is Runlykell........when she sees a monster, that's what she does, Run like 'ell. My most recent char is a carpenter named Joy Nerry (joinery). For my husband I also came up with, Dan D Fyde, his tailor. Gnu B Fyde, his tamer, Doug Down, his treasure hunter and Nick Delute, his theif.
  45. jcesare

    jcesare Guest

    The best formula for coming up with a name is what Hollywood calls your "porn" name. For the first name, take the name of a pet you once owned. For the last, take a street you use to live on. In my case: Bebe Bonair or Zipper Zenger
    See how great that works!
  46. Magister

    Magister Guest

    Account #1:

    Magister - Before the advent of Necro, he was my pure mage. 'Magister' is a term for public official or legate. I wanted him to bring order to Britannia. I also enjoyed the "Magi" hidden in the name.

    Jckyra - Created thru combination of typos and a poor resolution screen. For the longest time, I though this character's name was Jekyra =D

    Shylock - My long-ago attempt at a thief. Self-explanitory.

    Prospero - My Smith. At the time, I seemed to recall a character out of legend that could turn lead into gold. I thought that was appropriate. Later my all-around mule.

    Bodrich - This name is actually a mission statement: "BOD rich" My second crafter/BOD getter.

    Account #2

    This is my old veteran account that I forgot I still had access too. All the characters were long since deleted. I tried to create these names a little more carefully, with one exception:

    Magister Prime - A throwaway name. My thought was to recreate my main character here, taking full advantage of my 20 vet points.

    Lysander - A current favorite. Taken from Plutarch's writings in 75 A.D. "It is confessed on all hands, that Lysander offended most commonly for the sake of his companions, committing several slaughters to uphold their power and dominion." He's my red nox/necro/fencer. Plutarch writes that Lysander also won several sea battles, which gives me roleplaying flexibility to make him a pirate as well.

    Ryker - My bard/mage. I knew that peace was going to be his strength and that farming was going to be his purpose. "Ryker" is a perversion of the word "Wrecker." He does pretty darn well in Doom and at Champs, much to my surprise.

    Remus - My Paladin. He once fought with and was defeated by brother Romulus, founder of Rome. He "roams" the world, looking to right the lingering wrongs perpetrated by his brother's long-dead Empire. He's obviously immortal, somehow...

    Final slot is awaiting inspiration. The placeholder name is Faust, which demands that he be red or at least a necro...
  47. Endymion

    Endymion Guest


    The best formula for coming up with a name is what Hollywood calls your "porn" name. For the first name, take the name of a pet you once owned. For the last, take a street you use to live on. In my case: Bebe Bonair or Zipper Zenger
    See how great that works!


    Hehe I'm always sorry to break this one whenever people bring up the formula. Never had a pet, still do not have a pet. I live on East Second street.

    Great huh? so -blank- East Second

    Guess I'm not meant to be a porn star.

    Endymion, a dig from mythology, which I latched onto from watching Sailor Moon eps (the person who mentioned the Hercules tv series, and the using SG-1 names and a Farscape name should feel no shame /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif)

    Hecate, more greek goodness, but I saw it in a Sailor Moon fanfic first haha.

    Did some variations on Solon, and Sol'kanar (magic the gathering legend, which is also a nice source for character names)

    Cardassian names are also interesting to try to come up with, but most of the time I like using some favorites of mine:
    Tekeny Ghemor (mage)
    Enabran Tain (mage)
    Elim Garak (great name for tailor, tinker, spy hehe)

    The cardassian space station names could be warrior names but they sound like mages again I guess.
    Empok Nor
    Terrok Nor

    Japanese names can be fun to try and come up with, simplest though is probably elements or sticking dark in from of them. Something like Kuromizuno (yeah yeah you can bet that came out of a Sailor Moon fanfic too)
  48. Nox McChaos

    Nox McChaos Guest

    Yes, they take quite a lot of skill and patience. I personally am not really that artistic, but I was always amazed at what people can do to a small wooden sphere to make it look so incredible.
  49. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Karaticus Potts, Tinker\Smith,changed spelling of first name, From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


    You do not know how close I came to naming a character this.

    Also my wife has a tradition of naming all of her mage's horses/etc Schmendrick, lol.

    As for my own characters ...

    SmokeSerpent - this is my vanity character I guess. SmokeSerpent has been my login since BBS days. It was originally going to be in Mayan, but I couldn't find the paper from class with the right word on it when I was signing up that first time, so "temporarily" used the English version. Is close to two decades temporary? lol. He was born as the old "Warlock" template and has been an apprentice-to-master bard/warrior, bard/tamer, bard/mage, mage/warrior again, and finally now a Paladin.

    Ajax - From the tragic Greek hero. There isn't really any connection betweeen that story and my character though. This is the guy that was almost "Karaticus Potts" or however it's really 'sposed to be spelled. Tinker/Smith/Tailor/Miner lazily gaining a point or two every once in a while in lumberjacking and carpentry.

    Hestia - Another Greek one, Goddess of the Hearth Fire. This was one of my wife's characters when we shared an account. I don't know where she was going with her. She had like 45% cooking and 60-some Magery when I took over. Now she's my scribe-in-training.

    Vaf Suirnal - Two seperate names taken from the RPG name generator (google should find that pretty easily). He was going to be a bard/tamer at first, but became a crate when I wanted to sell decorative stuff like dried flowers, and now is on his way to a tight and odd combo, thief/treasure hunter. He has commited a bit of piracy as well, in chance encounters at sea.

    Ash - I couldn't think of a name for this character, and my wife finally picked it for me. She got it from this gawdawful direct-to-video Vampire movie The Vampire Journals wherein Ash is the master Vampire. My character isn't a vampire though, he's a baby bard/archer who I never seem to have time to train.
  50. jcesare

    jcesare Guest

    Naw. You overlook the obvious. You can do what SAG members do when their name can't be used. Add an E. to it. (ie. E. Charles Bronsen, E. Buzz Miller)

    You, my friend, are simply: E. Second