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[Selling] Imbue Service Now Available.

Discussion in 'UO Oceania Trade' started by Fizz_Oc, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Fizz_Oc

    Fizz_Oc Guest

    Hey All

    Imbuing service now available - Plenty of gear and mats available right now and can make many pieces of gear...

    Also selling +13 Tame/Lore/Vet Jewelry sets
    Pricing competitive and always open to discussion/barter...

    PST Here
    ICQ: 593815875
    MSN: chindson@live.com
    In-game: Fizz/Butch/Smif

  2. Fizz_Oc

    Fizz_Oc Guest

    Thanks to Zolo First Happy customer - 13 Triple Tame set with 10LRC on Each...thanks
  3. Dain

    Dain Guest

    Quote on the following earrings please:

    Arms Lore Exceptional Base


    5 Lower Mana Cost

    2 Mana Regen

    Mage Armor

    8 Stamina Increase

    + Poison Resist.


    5 Lower Mana Cost

    2 Mana Regen

    15% LRC

    Mage Armor

    + HP or Stam

    Following Jewl set:


    +10 tame

    +10 lore

    20% Enhance Potions

    On each piece.

    And finally, not sure if this one is possible, but if you can alter the "Damage Type" of weapons, I would like to purchase a;

    Boomerang with:

    30 SSI

    10 HCI

    100% Poison damage.

    I have a substantial collection of Imbuing materials myself if you're lacking anything. I assume you will need quite a few Seeds of Renewal and Abyssal Cloth for my request.
  4. Fizz_Oc

    Fizz_Oc Guest

    I'll chart up some prices for you over the next 24 hours - Yes the Boomerrang is not possible so you will need to find one with 100% poison.

  5. Dain

    Dain Guest

    Also after!


    30 Swing Speed Increase

    50 Hit Lower Attack

    50 Hit Lower Defence

    55 Hit Mana Leach


    After one of each super slayer (Demon, Reptile, NOT Undead, Elemental, Arachnid and Repond)

    Reptile is Highest priority ATM.