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Imbuing (cost of items)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by DrakeSanskrit, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Having recently returned from yet another haitus, I'm going through the same knowledge barrier as I always do, concerning the sheer volume of changes since I last played. Now, Imbuing seems to be the flavour of the moment, and I'm glad to see player crafted/enhanced items now seem to be better than the average loot drop...which is nice.

    So while I train up my Imbuing mule, I've been looking through some shops, and finding a huge difference in the price of things. For example, Exceptional crafted Kryss, imbued - 1.4mil! Exceptional valorite warfork, imbued - 50k.

    Now unless I'm missing what the key stats are here, I'm wondering if I can utilise my GM crafting mule to this task and create some items people might buy. So, can anyone shed some light on what I should be looking at here?

  2. Heimi

    Heimi Babbling Loonie
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    May 15, 2008
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    Personally I price my imbuing orders by the ingredients it takes to imbue the mods, and the work involved. Some mods like Hit Lightning require 10 Essence from SA dungeon and 5 Relic Fragments, which are the most potent of the basic imbuing ingredients. Also certain mods or combinations thereof are more popular so they will sell for a better price compared to a piece someone knocked together to test out their imbuer.

    Popular imbued items at the moment are bows for PVP or PVM, rings/bracelets, LRC suits for mages and weapons for sampires. It helps if you have some knowledge of your market, e.g. you like to PVP so you know what people are using on the field and can make those sort of items. I must admit that most of my imbuing work is through orders that people give me directly, rather than selling items off of a vendor since imbuing allows you to tweak items to your exact specifications, something you won't always find on a vendor.

    Basically the trick is to find a niche and work it - certain imbued items will almost always be in demand, and if people like your work and you price it fairly then more often than not they will come back to you with repeat orders. Also while you are making different items for your customers you will start to understand imbuing better, rather than just making one item over and over and going through the same process each time. Makes you a lot more versatile :)