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Imbuing town hall extract - questions

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Gheed, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Gheed

    Gheed Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I took a few lines from the town hall post about imbuing.

    From this quote:
    Embued items can no longer be fortified (fortify then embue)

    Imbuing appears to be a complex system of many hoops to jump through to produce a final item. It seems like even the most highly organized player may spend quite some time gathering items and making preperations to successfully imbue. Does it seem appropriate to spend o much time jumping through so many hoops to make a high end item that will eventually break? Not to mention that suits with a mix of powderable and imbued items will become more cumbersome to keep in repair as they wear. Eventually requireing the user to break cycle more and more often to maintain their suits. Currently in heavy combat My suit will require repairs every 3 hours or so from 255 durabilty. As max durabilty lowers, repairs become more and more frequent and the value of maintaining the armor will fall exponetially. When durability on an imbued item falls to around 50 or so I think it would become too worn out to sustain combat for a long enough period of time to consider it worthwhile.

    Embueing: Requires a "soul forge" a gargoyle item all races can use. Resources required, some mundane (i.e. gems), some rare (Abyssal Claw?)
    Embueing will have 3 types of fragments from Unravelling: Residue, Essence, relic fragments; Rare ML ingredients will be used, normal gems will be used

    How does this justify the random resource nerf? Nerfing exisitng sysems to make an expansion more appealing seems like treading on thin ice. Why do you consider this a good idea in this scenario?

    Embueing will augment the power of certain Mysticism spells

    I always though things like this should work with other skills too. Smithy skill + Swordsmanship allowed you to create better swords. Allowed you to wield the sword weapons more effectively. Mining + Pickaxe made one mean miner etc... like LJ boots damage on axe weapons.

    Embueing balance (keeping items from becoming "uber" ) Skill based (all new skills go to 120)
    Intensity level: 100, 5 items max on an item

    I don't get this... Skill will keep items from becoming "Uber"? So no "Uber" items from imbuig? Or is maxing out skill the only way to make an "uber" item? So what about mediocre items? How does going through all the trouble to imbue an item make a gap filler piece of equipment worthwhile?

    Self Repair cannot be imbued

    So do we have to imbue a blank, non-magic item bearing piece of armor or weapon? Or can we imbue to a magical item that already has self repair? This would be the only saving grace to the system.

    Embueing 120 scroll will be gained through crafting


    Rare fragments for embueing may be in new T-Maps

    How about the old T-Maps... wait... new T-Maps?

    The hoops:

    You will lose resources if you fail to embue, you will NOT lose the item

    So jumping through hoops to get items gets to the final RNG hoop that may require you to jump through the farming hoops again.

    Talk about the Soul Forge: One version for house, a potent version in towns, and a special version with max bonus in Garg town

    Getting permission to use the super forge sounds like something like the fame/karma system. Possibly a big pain in the rear factor if it decays.

    3 resources needed to embue: Unravelled material (relic fragments), gems, special boss-based drop

    Special boss based drop hoops? Again this system seems to be designed to pressure crafters to horde items in order to make powerful high end items. It really does nothing to make mediocre customizable "gap filler" pieces.

    I actually like the system up and until I get to the part about end items can't be powdered. It seems so far to be as complex and challenging as I imagined it to be. But all of the work it appears you have to do to make the skill usefull won't be worth the price tag of the end item if it will eventually break.

    Please consider a way to make the use of PoF available to mediocre pieces. Maybe only a slight chance that low end can't be powdered. Scale the probability up to almost certain that high end can not be powdered. With perhaps a <1% chance to avoid dis-allowing PoF you could scale high end craftables to one every few weeks for an imbuing zealot. This would give them reason to keep cranking out armor or weapons. They could justify selling the non powderable failures in their shops at lower prices this way.

    Also, please consider replacing some BOD rewards with imbuing ingrediants. Maybe bumping PoF up a bit on the BOD reward scale.

    Right now I have the notion to buy one expansion for one account to try it out. But I'm on the fence about that.
  2. The_Letter_E

    The_Letter_E Guest

    As for adding power for fort to Embuing - I say NO! - No quicker way to kill the skill in game than make uber weapons that never have to be replaced.

    A few notes from what I read that I would like to see...

    1. Make the "fragments" stackable. I shouldn't have to use up all my lockdowns gathering stuff to make a weapon.

    2. Personally, I like to see more cross-skill involvement in making these things. I mean, you're granting the possibility of "uber" weapons. 5 chooseable, 100% intensity attributes of my choise - in my opinion - can make an UBER UBER UBER weapon. Would you possibly think about involving the alchemist, and carpenters in there? The alchemest take a "fragment" or something grinds it to powers, then a cook takes the powers to make inks, the carpenter makes runes? or spellblanks or something, then a scribe uses the inks on the carpenter results. Finally, you would combine the runes with the weapon in the forge.

    3. This skill should be DIFFICULT to train. You shouldn't have people at 120 skill on day 1.

    4. It was a little unclear exactly how intensity is determined? Is that random? Or is it based on the ingrediants? To be honest I'd like to be able to target my intenisties. There are many times that I don't need an intenisty 5 but a 2-3 would work fine.

    5. Other than Self-Repair - We will be able to embue any attribute to an item? Weapon, Armour, Jewelry? Does this include skills?

    6. It sounds like the forge has a lot to do with success chance in embuing items. Will several people be able to use the forge in the city at the same time? I really like the idea of the city forge being better. It causes folks to come out of their homes and associate with the other crafters for better skills.

    7. Will we be able to recall into Gargoyle city? Or will it be like the ilsh city and you have to walk in?