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Immortal Regis

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Caine Family, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Caine Family

    Caine Family Adventurer

    Feb 20, 2017
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    The morning is crisp and cool, a sign that fall is right next door and after that the cold of winter. Fog laid siege to Cove making it appear more like a ghost town. The eerie stillness as the lights start to slowly flicker on as the people start to wake for the day’s work ahead. Walking to the gates I am greeted by the night’s guards with a salute. Saluting back I walk past them and to the docks. I had no time to talk to them today. I was on a mission and nothing would get in my way of it. Walking up to the docks I see the one person I didn't want to so early this morning.

    "Morning Thea" Melody says.

    I sigh loudly and just walk past her. Melody turns and walks alongside me and continues to talk.

    "I really wish you would take someone with you." She says. "I know you hate the water and can't swim but for some awful reason you want to go sailing. Not only that but sailing with someone you don’t really like in the first place."

    I stop and she stops too. I look at Melody for a moment then shake my head.

    "I'm not taking anyone else with me. I told you this last night. Yes I hate water and can’t swim but facing my fear is better than letting it control me. And lastly just because I don’t really care for Arkon doesn't mean I hate him. He is a guard and I put all my trust and faith in them to do their jobs. And that includes him too."

    Melody open her mouth but I had to cut her off before she protested more so than she already have.

    "I'll be fine Melody" I smile. "As much as that fool has boosted he is a good sailor I would like to put it to a test now." I start to walk to Akron's ship where he is waiting for me, leaving Melody behind.

    "Mornin' darlin'. Bout to be headin' out Capn." Arkon says with a charming smile.

    "Don't make me sick this early in the morning" I say walking past him stopping just before I reach the ramp. I look at the boat clinching my fists before looking over my shoulder staring at him for a moment then walking quickly onto the boat. I hear him chuckling behind me walking on board. Arkon moves to the wheel of the ship and barks a load of commands to the other sailors that will be joining us. It would only make sense in seeing I have no idea how this ****ing thing really works. He commands the crew to toss the lines and raise the sails. The sails catches the wind and soon we are sailing through the waters like a blade cuts flesh.

    I stay close to the mast, far away from the railing. Slowly breathing in and out I finally look around his ship. Battle worn would be the first thing that would come to mind. Like any good warrior this ship surely has its scars and shows them off proudly. The second thing would be the color he painted the ship. Dark red, like the color of blood. Looking up I see one of the sailors at the top. Behind him I see the flag flapping in the wind. Squinting to get a better look I finally gave up and look back down. Knowing Arkon he probably had something stupid on it.

    Hours passed before a single word was spoken between either of us. Hearing foot steps behind me I looked over my shoulder to see him standing behind me smiling.

    "'Ey darlin', how ye likin' my ship? We are 'bout to be headin back now." He asked smiling at me.

    Turning to face him, before I said anything I was cut off by the sound of a ringing bell, yelling, then suddenly a cannon blasted.

    Grabbing me, pulling me close to his body, as we both hit the deck. He covers me with his body from the shock wave coming from the explosion that nearly missed his ship. Nearly jumping off me he stands barking orders to the crew in this haze of madness.

    "Batten down the hatches ! Secure those rowboats! Miss Isabella, man those cannons!" He yells as he runs to the wheel. "Mister Dallen, tend those ropes! Keep us level! Prime those cannons!" He swings the wheel around towards the enemies ship as more cannon fire can be heard in the background with more yelling.

    I slowly start to rise and look around at everyone as they scramble to do their captains bidding. I never knew what 'sea legs" really meant until now. Stumbling around the deck to get to the front to see who is attacking us. I grabbed a nearby rope and hold on for dear life. Jerking to the side as Arkon swings the wheel again to line up for the shots when a second ship appears from the distance.

    "Second ship!" I heard one of the sailors scream.

    I look over to see what looks like a smaller ship skimming along the water getting dangerously closer and closer.




    I hear our cannons go off to the first ship. From my view it looked like our ship and the first ship was going around in circles while the second ship cut through and passed the first ship. Digging deep and pushing past my fears I run over to one of the cannons and copied what the others were doing. Clean, charge, load, prime then fire!


    The cannon fired giving me a whole new other thrill. A smile slowly crept across my face and I start to clean and charge the cannon again, when the whole ship jerked violently on the water. An explosion came from behind me causing me to lose my balance, falling over the railing and hang for dear life. With another jerk on the water the second ship skimming alongside Arkon's ship and its our crew throwing ropes and hooks to come aboard. Trying to climb my way back up more cannon fires can be heard from the first ship as it now moves closer to us. Reaching the railing and hugging on it I peek my head over to gaze at the battle that was before me on the deck itself. The crew in close quarter combat with not only other humans but orcs as well. My gaze shifts over towards the wheel where Arkon should be at but he was gone. Instead he was fighting his way down to the deck in what looking like a B-Line to reach me. Even when using all his skill and magic it didn't help on what came next. It was a low groan then creaking. The mast started to sway and with the chaos that was going on all around it, it had enough and finally fall. Breaking in the direction towards me all I could do was just brace for impact.

    "THEA!" Was all I hear of Arkon's voice as I hit the water.

    It felt like I was falling, but instead of the sudden stop that comes when you near the end this seemed like it was going to go on forever. Deeper down into the darkness as the light gets swallowed up. Down into this watery abyss clinging onto my last breath. Burning, aching, silence, then suddenly it felt like I was floating...

    Thea Caine, Captain
    Covian Guard
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  2. Izznet H'unar

    Izznet H'unar Journeyman

    Dec 31, 2015
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    *Posted for Isabella, crew of Chimera*

    The day started easy enough, until the guard captain from Cove strode aboard. She was not what Isabella expected. The way Capt’n Arkon tip toed around the woman made the crew wonder what sort of diplomat they were hauling. The way she strode up the gangplank made Isabella smirk.

    “Well that one haint been on a ship afore,” Isa muttered half to herself but loud enough to be heard.

    The smirks and jeers were quickly put to rest with an icy glare from their captain. Regardless of their feelings, the pink hair land walker was an “official guest” and would be awarded a measure of respect.

    Isabella made her way to where Dallen stood preparing lines. The snarl on his face told her more than what she was preparing to ask.

    “That one is gonna be a hazard if there be any rough waters.”

    “Aye that. One good wave, she’ll either hang herself or take a dip. Just hope she don’t plan on takin the rest of us wit’ her,” Isabella’s snide remark tried to hide the growing concern threatening her easy stride.

    “That’s it ye lazy dogs, release the line and furl the sails. Git t’is tub goin already!”

    The orders cracked out across the ship and echoed over the waves. Early morning quiet turned into a chaotic dance of bodies across the deck. The "Chimera" lurched forward parting the pre-dawn fog that hung low on the water. Whatever the day held they would face it with the fierce freedom only afforded on open waters.

    The visitor stayed to herself, and mercifully out of the way, yet she held a lingering air of unrest threatening the easy calm of the sailors. Sideways glances and whispers fluttered through the crew like ash after a wildfire. Their trip was of ‘questionable morality’ and having an official aboard could bring in more attention than what was desired. Isabella glanced around in a silent affirmation to follow Arkon’s lead. Hell or high water, they would follow their captain.

    Keen Elvin ears heard the crunching quake of the orc ship before the bell was rung. Rushing to stations and yelling the attack came at the same time as the first barrage. Debris flew across the bow and ripped the flying jib. Manning battle stations long before the order was given the “Chimera” was well into the fray.

    “Isa, Man the cannons!”

    “Aye, Capt’n on it!”

    “Dallen, ropes! Keep it tight! Wheelman, hard port! Show these sonsabitches what they started.”

    “Cannons! Man the cannons!”

    The barking orders mixed with the pound of cannon fire accented the cracks of splintering wood. Organized chaos held the orcs at bay until the shout of “Second ship” rung through the lingering smoke.

    Fighting took a fever pitch as Arkon maneuvered the ship to avoid being surrounded. Seasoned sailors moved in concert with the heaves of wave and rocking of cannons. The one variable that none paid heed was the visitor from Cove.


    The shout came as another barrage of orc cannon fire whistled through the air. Arkon tried to reach her, but the splash after the sickening splinter of wood set a pause in time. Most sailors know how to get out of the way if lost over the rails. There was no guarantee this land walker had any clue even how to swim.

    They would have to finish the battle before trying to find the missing diplomat. The ships were far too close for any real rescue. Isabella was closest to the rail and watched as the pink hair vanished beneath the waves. Making a note of location was the best she could hope for to return.
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  3. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
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    (Posted for Dallen Shipmate on the Chimera)

    Didn’t like that pink haired harpie from the time I lait eyes on her. She shakes like a kittin and scowls like a barracuda. Can’t fer the life o’ me figure why the Capt’n brung her aboard. Dames like her ar nothin but trouble. And I bet my new boots that before this thing ends, she’s gonna bring trouble that none of us need.
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  4. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
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    (Posted for Aramis, Shiphand on the Chimera)

    Though I most times don’t like the inclusion of bossy passengers on the ship, at least this one be female. Yeah, she has the most gosh awful shade of hair I ever seen, and a scowl that would curdle milk. But if the chance presents itself, and I can put a sack over that head, well, being at sea for long periods makes a man less choosy. Good thing Isa is the one that has ta deal with this one though. With her attitude and the feeling of bad luck that permeates her skin, I want ta avoid her for the most part. Of course, should we have smooth sailing and survive into the night, who knows.

    Now, where did I put that burlap sack?
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  5. Baron Arkon

    Baron Arkon Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 3, 2009
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    "Secure that rigging Mister Aramis!" "Isabella prep all cannons!" "Dallen chart our coarse to de sea market"

    Arkon gave out his orders as he secured moor lines to the two rowboats kept on the Chimera's deck. All was going well, the wind was perfect and the sky was clear, today was a day not to be kept on land.

    It was then the wiff of land lubber came to him. Wiping the Pirates smirk off his face he turned to face the femme with that suave smile. "Mornin` Darlin' We're Bout to to be headin' out Capn." His words were thick with sarcasm, though he hid his mutterings to himself.

    He turned to bark more orders to his crew, seeming to ignore the lubbers complaints about being sick and dislike of the seas. "Ready the Sails and raise that anchor! I want Cove to my aft before high tide!"

    Seeing the unrest amongst the crew as the ship readied to sail, the side way glances and the glares towards their passenger. Arkon took to stand his full height at the wheel while staring down the skeletal crew that kept his ship together. "Now listen ye dogs on my ship I am your saviour, I am your mama and papa, I am the only Captain you'll address. Anyone else saying so can be tossed in de drink. Passengers are treated with proper respect, and she be our bread and butter on this venture." Giving a smile towards Thea he then nodded once. "With that said! Let us be off!"

    The ship lurched forward and rounded the bend, Isabella and Aramis slacking off by the bow railing while Arkon cleared them past the elementals that reached out of the waters to take down any that would traverse their waters. As they coursed past the Orc Fort Aramis and Isabella couldn't help but take pop shots at the stray orc scout that poked its head out of the trees. Taking jabs at one another each time one of them missed.

    Dallen kept eye on the skies and the ocean, maning his station by the mast. They were a scourly bunch but they were loyal to their captain and the sea. The main voyage was uneventful, Arkon kept course while Thea explored like a cat tip-toeing through Hell paranoid of every step. And it wasn't by accident that Arkon would jut the ship to one side or the other causing Thea to lose her footing or slip, forcing the woman back to hide by the mainmast. Hey he needed to find enjoyment out of something on this trip?

    Steering the ship towards Moonglow, giving the lubber a full cruise of the sea's, he heard the call out from Dallen and the alarms ring out from Aramis and Isabella. "Pirates' cap`n! Breaking off our port!"

    "Hard starbard you sea dogs. Isabella man those cannons! Aramais pull the powder! Dallen man the ropes and ready repairs!" It was then that the first shots rang out, the cannon ball shot across the deck splintering wood into the faces of the crew and guest. "Return fire! Show these sorry sum'bitchs what they just started!" Roaring his commands as they rounded the on coming ship that attacked them, blocking off their bow and hitting the gunners with grape shot before coming about to fire a second round. "Second ship Cap'n! Off our Aft and comin' fast!"

    Arkon glanced to the cannons to see Thea manning one and firing, almost like a girl a play she seemed giddy at the thrill of explosion and firing. The call of the second ship then forced Arkons attention away, jerking around to see the on coming second ship just as its forward cannon shot down the middle of the Chimera into his mast. Arkon ran for the wheel and hard turned the ship rounding out of range of the second ship using the first as blocking. "Prepare to be boarded!" Arkon called out as he drew his cutlass and made a motion in the air as a Reptalon swooped down out and with a crunch landed ontop of a group of orcs that sought to board the damaged Chimera. Bringing his cutlass up he slashed down and up gutting the first orc mage that he came to. His attention fully on the safety of his crew and ship, ordering for them to keep firing on both ships. The jaring of the ship and rocking of the waves took his attention back to his guest.

    "Thea! get to the rowboats now!" The order came while he fought through the orc pirates, just as another barrage from the second ship hit down the mass of the Chimera, severely damaging the ship and sending their 'visitor' flying overboard between the vessels. "Dallen man the wheel steer us to Nujel'm! Isabella keep on the starbard cannon and maintain grapeshot on that ship! Aramis gather emergency repairs quickly!"

    Arkon flew to the side of the ship dropping moor lines in hopes to catch their fallen passenger as they rounded the island.

    It was a long battle, and they managed to take on a hold full of yeast, cannons and extra supplies form both ships ... but the Chimera was damaged and while his crew worked to repair he stared out at the sea from the Nujel'm shores. "Well ... you three play paper rock scissors .. whose telling Mason we lost his sister?" He turned to face the crew to find himself on the shore alone and the rest of the crew readying the ship to sail "Damn you! ... Fine ..." gripping a moor line he swung up onto the deck and faced Maug, the dragon that came to aid them during the fight. "Your doing it not me ... I want to see them try and hang a dragon for losing a diplomat"
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