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Imperial Transcript of the Final Dread Council Meeting (IC w/OOC Preface)

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Hunter Blackmoon, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. OOC Preface:

    It has been 8 months or so since I have sold my account. In that time I have received a good amount of emails and ICQs asking "what happened to DLS, the Empire and Hunter himself". When I quit the game I did not make any sort of RP post to cover those questions as I really did not care. Now after all the requests for information I have decided to do a RP write up so that others will know and can use for their RP if they so wish. In addition, my account has long since been sold and has been updated as sold on every relevant forum that it was posted on so please stop asking if I still have it for sale. Also, I am not coming back to UO ever again, I am only coming up from under my rock to do this since it has been requested more times than I can count, so please stop asking if I plan to come back. The answer is; no, never, not happening etc etc etc. I hope this bit of RP helps everyone who has asked and helps those who would like to use DLS past or present in their RP and/or story lines.

    The following is an IC post from a 3rd party perspective. If you do not like RP than please do not read any further.

    DLS Fortress, Dread City of Umbra, 7th Blood of Shadow (roughly 10 months ago in RL time)
    Imperial Transcript of the final Dread Council meeting in Sosaria

    The Dark Lord has summoned all Elders, Lords and members of the Society for this special session of the Elder Dread Council with himself and the Emperor. At the opening of the meeting the following people are in attendance for this special session:

    Emperor Mortanius Azimuth
    Emperor of Dor Daedeloth
    Shadow of Dread

    Supreme Dread Lord Hunter Blackmoon
    Dark Lord of Dread
    Dark Lord of Sosaria
    Avatar of Mortanius
    Singularity, Dread Council
    Despise, Council of Sin (at that time)

    Supreme Dread Lady Vasha Blackmoon
    Dark Lady of Dread
    Avatar of Xenobia
    Persistence, Dread Council

    Elder Dread Lord Redwulf
    Archon of Dread
    Inquisitor of Deceit
    Achievement, Dread Council
    Deceit, Council of Sin (at that time)
    *Redwuf was promoted to Dark Lord of Sosaria and given control of DLS during the meeting.

    Elder Dread Lord Callavero
    Archon of Dread
    Priest of Death
    Balance, Dread Council

    Elder Dread Lord Kakita Terishi
    Archon of Dread
    Shogun of Tokuno
    Precision, Dread Council

    High Dread Lord Sarevok
    Champion of Dread
    1st Praefectus of the Dark Lord

    High Dread Lord Forson
    Champion of Dread
    2nd Praefectus of the Dark Lord

    Dread Lord Arjuna
    Magnate of Dread

    Dread Lady Meliadoul Tingel
    Magnate of Dread
    Emissary of the Dark Lord
    Adj. Despise, Council of Sin (at the time)

    Dread Lord Jen'ari Kessai
    Magnate of Dread
    Apprentice to the Dark Lord
    Order, Dread Council
    Shame, Council of Sin (at the time)
    *Jen'ari was stripped of all rank and title during the meeting. He was severally punished and banished to plane of nightmares.

    In addition there are also several Dread Knights, Apprentices and Society members in attendance including but not limited to:
    Dame Himiko, Sir Vladislav, Sir Ancyous, Apprentice Amatsu Mikaboshi, Apprentice Abram, Apprentice Circe and Apprentice Matilda.

    The meeting is called to order as everyone takes their seats. A dark prayer to the elder god is made. Lord Blackmoon announces that this will be the final meeting of the Sosarian Dread Council. There are many looks and sounds of surprise and confusion throughout the council hall. Lord Blackmoon calls the meeting to order again with the following statement:

    "I will try to make this as brief as possible. There shall be no open discussion though questions will be answered by my Emissary after the meeting. After much careful review and discussion, and at the request of our God and Emperor who has so graciously elected to grace with his presence this day, it has been decided that I must leave Sosaria permanently. While I know many of you are confused as disheartened by this announcement you must be made to understand why. Over the course of my time here we have fought against the forces of false good and of those who claim untrue darkness. We have built an empire, watched it collapse by treachery and then again rebuilt by the name of the true Emperor. We have worked with our ally, the Council of Sin, as they manipulated and brought the High Council of Britannia into corruption and self-destruction. We have destroyed the armies of Britannia without ever having to lift a finger in combat. We have destroyed Luna, the last bastion of Paladins in Sosaria. I say to you today that we have purged this land of the 8 false virtues and any who would dare confront us. Because of all this I am no longer needed here and must be sent to where darkness and fear is needed most."

    Lord Blackmoon continues;

    "I have the following decrees to announce:

    Lord Redwulf, you are hereby named the Dark Lord of Sosaria. You will lead the Society and the Sosarian Empire in my absence. The fate of both which are now in your hands. May you keep this land covered in the shadow of dread.

    Lord Callavero, you have long since expressed your desire to retire to the nether regions of shadow, your request is hereby granted. May darkness embrace you

    Lord Kaita, you have served the Empire well as both a council member and as the Shogun of Tokuno. I know you wish to return to your homeland, family and the Crane Clan. Your request is hereby granted.

    Lord's Arjuna and Forson, you have expressed that you wish to accompany Lord Callavero to the nether regions of shadow. Your requests are hereby granted.

    Each of you have served the Emperor and myself well. In many times you have gone above and beyond what was asked of you. None of can ever be replaced and your retirements will be a massive blow to the Society and the newly named Dark Lord but each of you have earned it. Under my authority you will retain all rank and title issued by me in the Society and Empire and should you ever decide to return to service your positions will immediately be made available should Lord Redwulf have filled them.

    Lord Sarevok, Lady Tingel, Lady Blackmoon, their apprentice's and my concubines will accompany me home. All imperial legions and workers stationed in Sosaria are to be recalled and re-assigned to other realms. The Society will continue in Sosaria but what is left of the Sosarian Empire will be sent to other Society chapters that need it the most."

    There is brief moment of silence before Lord Blackmoon continues;

    "Since the birth of Sosaria the Society has had to deal with more than it's far share of traitor's and spies. In most cases these types are quickly discovered and eliminated. While most cases are small and significant we have had treachery reach the highest levels of the Sosarian empire. You all remember the demise of Avenging Angel but not before naming himself Emperor. Then there was Katherine, the wife of Avenging Angel, who so thought it would be fitting to take her husband's place on the seat a false throne. We have have always been able to recover from these incidents as the Society has always had true and loyal members who will fight to the very last breath in the name of our God and Emperor. While we have destroyed any last remnants of Katerine's regime there is still treachery among us."

    The council grows loud and many shout "name the traitor and I shall strike him down!!" Lord Blackmoon continues;

    "Silence! This traitor has been known to me for a very long time now. You see my brother's and sister's, long ago a young paladin came to me seeking the way of darkness. This paladin's heart was black of pride, immaturity, ego and narcissism just to name a few. The darkness in his heart was enough to accept him as Servant for the Society. He worked his way up through the ranks, proving his loyalty and dedication to the Council. After my return to Sosaria and the mess Avenging Angel had created this lowly paladin was one of the very few to have stayed loyal to the Emperor. Over time this paladin's true nature had become more clear to those around him. He had risen to status of a Dread Lord and even had a seat on our council."

    One of the Dread Knight's yelled out "NAME HIM! NAME HIM NOW MY LORD". Lord Blackmoon continues;

    "Soon my brother, soon... With this paladin's rise in the ranks his pride, ego and ignorance got the better of him. His term of the Dread Council was shorted lived after his first major act of treason but punishment was light. It was known to me that he and his cohort were responsible for our many failed attempts to ally ourselves with the Council of Sin and the Dominion of Nujlm. This traitor is responsible for Lord Kakita's failures to make a unified Tokono. The traitor had also released several unauthorized publications against the High Council of Britannia which made the Society far more noticeable than it should have. This traitor has manipulated and deceived you all. We have lost brother's because of him, have lost allies and even as I speak IronHorse of the F*V is planning attacks against us with information the traitor has furnished him. All that has happened has come to pass as I have foreseen. I had hoped the blackness in his heart would turn to darkness but it stayed as petty human emotion. Much time has been spent training this man the ways of Dread and Darkness but even the blackest of evil could change his petty human insignificance."

    Lord Blackmoon looks over the audience. There are a lot guards and knights covering the exits of the great hall. Lord Blackmoon then looks at the Emperor and receives a slight nod. Lord Blackmoon then continues.

    "My Brother's and Sister's, while the name of the traitors should not shock you, you are ordered to take no action against them. The traitor is..... Jen'ari Kessai also known by his birth name Kaylor Mckairin and his accomplice is Ancyous!!"

    All eyes turn to the two and they both make an attempt to escape but are quickly grabbed and subdued by the guards. Jen'ari yells out "This is an outrage!! I am apprentice to the Dark Lord, you will release me at once of suffer dire consequences." He looks at Lord Blackmoon "Master, is this yet another of your tests?" Lord Blackmoon answers "No, Jen'ari, this is not a test of any type. Your treason has been known to me since before we ever met. I had thought this destiny could be changed if you were placed on the right path but your pettiness is even to great for the purity of darkness." Jen'ari yells out "BUT I AM NO TRAITOR!!" one of the crowd yell "THEN WHY RUN, TRAITOR?!!." The hall grows silent. Lord Blackmoon continues;

    "You are not suited to be called by your dread name so I say to you Kaylor, you have broke your oath to me, the society and emperor. By every right you should be to suffer for all eternity. For start." Lord Blackmoon looks to Lord Sarevok and says "Lord Sarevok, you are to walk over to Ancyous, remove his head with your blade, dandle it if front of Kaylor and then place it on this table so all can see." Lord Sarevok answers "Yes master" and then starts to approach Ancyous. Ancyous remains calm as if he knew this was his fate. As Lord Sarevok unsheathes his blade Lord Blackmoon looks to Ancyous and says "You have come far but it is a shame that you let friendship take precedence over loyalty." with that said Lord Sarevok delivers a swift strike to Anctous' neck cause his head to be severed from his neck. He picks up the head, puts it in Kaylor's face and then places it on the table. Kaylor screams, cries and shouts out "Why? how could you? he was friend, my brother!! You will pay for his death!!"

    Lord Blackmoon continues:

    "Kaylor, you will pay for his death. It is you who loved him, not I. It was you who killed him, not I. It was you who betrayed him, not I." Kaylor sits there weeping as Lord Blackmoon continues:

    "Your fate is this: You are stripped of all rank and title. You are released as my Apprentice and you are dismissed from my service in every capacity. As punishment for your treachery and betrayal against me, the Emperor and everyone here who called you brother you shall have your eyes ripped from your skull, your tongue cut from your mouth and your eardrums torn from your ears. In addition, your face will be severally burned, your head shaved balled and your index fingers cut off. You will then be banished to the plane of nightmares where you'll will relive the death of Anycous over and over again in your mind as you wander aimlessly death, dumb and blind for all eternity." With that said the guards ripped out Kaylor's eyes, cut his tongue from his mouth and jabbed sharp spikes into his ears pulling out his eardrums. His index fingers where cut from his hands, his head shaved bald and hot fire from burning torches placed all upon his face.

    Laying in a pool of his own blood on the floor of the great hall Kaylor could be heard whimpering but no matter how many times he tried to scream in pain or speak all that was heard was grunts and moans. Lord Blackmoon looked at Kaylor and informed him that it was time him to serve the rest of his punishment for eternity. Lord Blackmoon snapped his fingers and a portal to the plane of nightmares opened. The guards picked up what was left of the former Dread Lord Kaylor and pushed him into the portal where he was transported to his own personal nightmare for all eternity. The council hall then began to settle as Lord Blackmoon finished his announcements:

    "My brothers and sisters with that act the society is now clean. Let this traitor's punishment be known all through out the land so that others will think twice before they transgress against us. With that final internal matter taken care of I must now take my leave. It has been a pleasure to lead you all in darkness and I fully expect for each and everyone of your to follow Lord Redwulf as you have done me. I know many of you have questions but I cannot answer them, however my Emissary Lady Tingel will stay behind for a short time and answer what questions who have. Lord Redwulf will be able to contact me whenever is needed and I will do all I able to assist him in his new task. I grant you all dark blessing and together you shall keep all of Sosaria shrouded in the shadow of dread."

    With that said Lord Blackmoon announces the meeting to be over. He, the Emperor and several others retire to his imperial chamber. The council members leave their seats as Lay Tingle steps up.

    "Brothers and Sisters, fellow Lords and Ladies, the Dark Lord has instructed to me answered any question you may have. Please try to keep them brief as I must prepare my leave soon."

    Q: Will the master ever return to Sosaria?
    A: My Lord has no intention ever returning to Sosaria.

    Q: Is Lord Redwulf capable of leading us?
    A: My Lord placed him in charge so the answer is obvious.

    Q: Why was Kaylor's treachery able to go on for so long?
    A: That is something only My Lord can answer for certain but I suspect it may have been weakness for a "friend" or perhaps to see Kaylor rise above his pettiness, or a combination of the two.

    Q: What happened to Rupert Kye?
    A: Lord Kye was one of the traitor Kaylor's many victims. He was used by the traitor Kaylor to cause discontent in the Societies ranks. An emergency assembly of the council was called and it was decided that Lord Kye be banished from the Society. It was not learned until later what the traitor Kaylor had done. The Dark Lord immediately took action against the traitor Kaylor and offered Lord Kye to return but Lord Kye could not do so as long s the traitor Kaylor was permitted to stay. Up until the death of Lord Kye, he and Lord Blackmoon remained friends and could often be seen talking in front of the Dark Tower.

    Q: What are the Emperor's plans for Sosaria?
    A: Only the Emperor knows.

    Q: With the master gone as well as most of the council will the Society really be able to keep Sosaria shrouded in darkness?
    A: I know none of you want to hear this but probably not. As capable a leader the Lord Redwulf may be, he will rebuild society to ensure its continuation into the future?

    Q: Lady Tingel, why would Lord Blackmoon leave us now? Giving that he knows that IronHorse is planning to attack us?
    A: While IronHorse is noble and firce warrior we all know how full of hot air he is. Even with the traitor Kaylor's information he does not have the resources at his disposal to mount a full on offensive against the Empire even with the state of collapses the Sosarian Empire is in.

    Q: What do we do now?
    A: That is up to Lord Redwulf but It has always been Lord Blackmoon's idea that the Society should be a secret organization that operates from the shadows. The Empire in Sosaria was never intended but it happened none the less. Redwulf has close ties with the Shadow so you may see a stronger alliance between the two. Also with the traitor Kaylor gone there are better opportunities for the Society to band with other groups of darkness.

    "Last question..."

    Q: Why did you resign from your position as the Inquisitor of Chaos for High Court of Britannia?
    A: Since it was so long ago I don't it would hurt to answer. It all has to do with the case of the Crown vs. Puu. The Society had a strong hold on the court as was originally intended but that hold was compromised by the traitor Kaylor. We latter learned that it was Kaylor who disguised himself as Puu to file a complaint with the King's Counsel. We saw an opportunity to strike the new High Guard as well as the High Council due to the conflicts in their charter and laws between the new guard and the old guard. With this information I went ahead issued a warrant for Puu not knowing at the time that the statement to the King's consul was falsified by the traitor Kaylor. In the end it was the intention of the traitor Kaylor to stop my infiltration of the High Council and expose our infiltration of the court which never actually happened but there was enough repercussion from the trial to force some of us to resign. The traitor Kaylor was playing both sides and betraying everyone for his own amusement. Whatever the traitor Kayor's intentions were he did succeeded in the ruination of the High Court and causing greif for everyone involved.

    That is the final question and I must now leave."

    Lady Tingel walks out of the great hall as well as many of those in attendance. You can hear the mutter of confusion from the crowd. Lord Redwulf tries to ensure everyone that this is not the end but his words seem to fall on dead ears. What will become of the society is uncertain but my task as imperial scribe has come to an end. This is the final Imperial Document ever to be scribed by the Sosarian Empire. As we all prepare to leave, some of us returning home for the first time in years while others off to distant world to extend the reach of the Empire and the will of the Emperor, we all have to look back at our time in Sosaria and just gaze at the accomplishments, failures, experiences and knowledge that we shall take with us. No matter what anyone thinks of this place it was surely an exciting adventure.

    Scribed by Chief Imperial Scribe Monroe
    Authorized re-distribution of the document by the Dark Lord Hunter Blackmoon, accepted.
    Copies to be sent to all known libraries in Sosaria for permanent record.
    Original copy held by the Dark Lord Hunter Blackmoon.