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Imperium News

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    The Temple Of Wrong


    A few days ago a Temple appeared in Kijustsu Anei Village. It has been identified as the Temple of Wrong. The Village Intendant is in the process of putting a team together to investigate. She has sent out requests to Crimson Starbeam, CaT and Neira to be on the investigation team.

    This is the second time this temple has appeared in the area. Whoever raised the ancient temple from the ground must have had assistance from some great power. Some inhabitants have reported seeing the book of wrong in the temple. Local Inhabitants seem to have no clue as to why the temple was raised or who is responsible for raising it. The Imperium government appears to have even less information on the matter.

    Kijustsu Anei Keys - Portreeve


    Poseidon has stepped down as the Portreeve of Kijustsu Anei Keys. Posideon will remaining living in the Keys and focus more on the revival of The Fishing Council of Britannia on Chesapeake. Dread Lord Lestat accepted the offer to take the position and oversee Kijustsu Anei Keys. Lestat will be appointed to the Portreeve position sometime later this week.

    Disaster at the Pier


    On Sunday, June 6th Captain Tonto of the Skeleton Key Shipping company was making his normal shipment runs. While bringing the EVI Voidmyst towards the pier he heard a loud hissing noise. Four large creates exploded before Captain Tonto could even figure out where the sound was coming from. The crates released a large amount of "Black Mist" that incapacitated not only the captain but those working on the pier at the time.

    The workers believe they were unconscious for around two hours. Rumors are spreading through the town that crates containing unknown items has gone missing from the Keys. The "Black Mist" has been spotted East of the Pier by a number of sea captains. One captain commented on the winds being unpredictable, " 'Tis no tellin where them winds be taken that Black Mist! " No official statements have been released yet by the SKS Company or Kijustsu Anei Keys Officials.