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In Dreams

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Aedon Durreah, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
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    The woods were quiet and as the first shades of night reached slowly across the sky, the man headed home from his long day of deliveries. He had just a bit before made his final stop at the Knights Rest in the village of Aegis. He had been making deliveries there for a few years now, and was a bit surprised by the irritation with which the owner greeted him. He seemed extremely irritated that for the first time in a couple of Years, the Rest was his last stop of the night instead of the first. He explained to the owner that there was an urgent need at another establishment, so he started his route at the far end of Yew instead of near the gate.

    As he rolled on towards his home, the old cart he used seemed to sway more than he liked. He thought to himself that he should have checked the right wheel before he had headed out for the day, or at least once he hit the Rest. Coming around a sharp bend in the road the cart lifted oddly into the air, then crashed down on the broken wheel. Getting down from his seat, he surveyed the damage, then turning to his old horse said.

    “Well Prissy, looks like we will have to come back for this tomorrow. “

    He had just released the horse from its harness when he heard the snap of twigs behind him, and the unmistakable sound of footsteps. Calling out a few times he asked who was there. The steps ceased, and he heard what sounded like the slow intake of breath. He stood silent for a few moments peering into the woods for any sign of who might be following. As he looked, the moon came from behind the clouds, and cast light through the area. Then he heard the sound of a sword being drawn for a sheath and caught the glint of light on edge of the steel. A sudden surge of panic gripped his heart, and he turned and fled down the path. He knew full well that only a couple of miles ahead lay the farmhouse of a friend. If he could make it there, he would be safe, or at the very least have some help.

    He ran on, over rock and twig, crossing a small irrigation stream that fed water to the farmlands of the area. Behind him ever present came the sound of footfalls and the heavy breathing of the man pursuing him. He glanced back from time to time hoping to catch a glimpse of his follower, but whoever or whatever it was kept close to the shadows of the trees, and seemed to be steadily gaining on him.

    Looking ahead of him he could see in the distance the lights of the farmhouse he was making for. He was thinking to himself that he just might make it after all when he was suddenly hit from the side, and knocked to the ground.

    He fought wildly against his attacker, but the strength of the man seemed far greater than him. He felt the blow of the blades hilt against the side of his head, and his assailant turning him over. Looking up at the man he was shocked to see who had been chasing him. Looking to him he only asked;

    “Why? What have I done to you milord?”

    With a cold look on his face the man replied. “Maybe you should not have been so slow with the delivery tonight.” And then smiling, plunged his sword deep into his chest.

    The attacker sat back on his heels and observed the lifeless body of the delivery man. He seemed to enjoy the look of terror frozen on the face as the eyes stared blindly at the sky. Taking a good grip on the swords handle, he skillfully pulled it downwards through the now dead man splitting the lower part of the body wide open. He watched for a moment as the ground around him became wet with blood and gore. And then kneeling over the corpse he took out a small dagger and began to pick through the open wound asking.

    “Are you in there Charnadis?”

    Sitting up suddenly Aedon looked around his room. His bed sheets were soaked with sweat and his body shook with fear. Reaching to the night table, he picked up a glass and poured some water for the ewer. As he raised the glass to drink, the water sloshed over the side as his hands trembled. He managed to save a couple of sips, and sat for a bit trying to calm himself.

    “It was only a dream.” He said over and over to himself.

    Rising, he headed down stairs and poured a cup of tea from the kettle. It was long cold, but he hoped that drinking it would still help to calm his nerves. Walking out onto the porch, he sat on a bench and stared out into the freehold. The cool rush of the late autumn winds felt good against his bare chest, and though cold and a bit bitter, the tea was slowly having the desired effect. He wondered what it was that caused him to dream about an incident so long in the past. With the defeat of Charnadis and his release from the hold the cult had on him that such nightmares were a thing of the past. Could the renewed interest in the Book have triggered old thoughts and dreams, or was something else at work within him.

    Glancing to his inner right wrist he watched as the bluish mark seemed to glow to life as though it too were locked in a struggle with something unseen. His arm burned for a moment, and from beneath the pale blue moon fingers of red reached outward. Each inch that it advanced caused pain Aedon had not felt in years. Closing his eyes he struggled to again gain control of his body. He sat there like this for a period of time unmarked, and then it seemed that slowly the fingers withdrew, and the blue mark ceased to glow.

    Sitting back Aedon looked out towards the east and watched as the sun began her slow assent into the sky. All around him the valley was springing to life as the small creatures that made their home there began their daily search for food. He wondered if he should bring this dream up to Dramora, Clive and James, but some whispering in the back of his mind cautioned him against this.
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