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In light of the sammy's posting their perfect suits

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Yenji Yasagari, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Yenji Yasagari

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 17, 2005
    Likes Received:
    This post is about the perfect ninja suit.

    Obvious items are:

    Vet Robes/Quiver/Cloak

    Past that point, its up to you. Post ideas.

    My own suit:

    Mark of the Travesty
    Voice of the Fallen King
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    Leggings of Embers
    Arms with 16 18 22 7 7 or so, with +stam and HP
    Gloves with 2 MR 2 SR +5 hits, nightsite, and high fire
    Bracelet 1/3 with 11 HCI and +5 stealth
    Ring with 1/3 and 11 poison
    Shield with 6 phys 1 fire 1 FC 13 HCI
    Talisman of the Void
    All weapons 1 FC, varying depending on what I hunt.

    Suit totals are = 10 hit point regen, 5 Mana Regen, 5 Stamina Regen, 25 LMC, 24 BASE hit chance increase, (more or less depending on weapon) +20-30 mana, not sure exactly HOW much. Stats (with items) are 98, 112, 80. Great balance.

    Resists are 59 70 70 63 70. It is a cheap suit to put together too, if you can find the items that is. Ninjitsu mark works the best for ninja's, and I've yet to acquire that, or a crimson. But, its definitely a usable suit.
  2. lysarius

    lysarius Guest

    On the obvious items you listed: Vet Cloak and Quiver of Infinity take the same slot. (The quiver is probably the better item, but I use the cloak because I dont like the way my Ninja looks with a quiver.)

    I Build my suit around:
    - Totem of the Void
    - Rune Beetle Carapace
    - Crimson Cinture
    - Mark of Travesty (Chiv & Resist)
    Other peices are selected to max out LMC, Mana regen, FC, FCR, & HCI. I currently use:
    Gorget:17 16 5 23 23 with 6 LMC
    Gloves: 14 17 18 9 9 with 6 LMC, 99 luck
    Legs: 14 12 5 15 7 with Mana Regen 2, +2 HP
    Arms: 4 16 13 6 7 with Mana Regen 1, Night Sight (Bleh but they get me NS)
    Ring: 1 FC, 3 FCR, 11 HCI, 11 Chivalry
    Bracelet: 1 FC, 3 FCR, 10 HCI, 16 DI, +4% Physical resist
    Weapons: For PvM I like the darkened Sky. For PvP I use a war fork: 48% hit lightning, 44 HLD, 8 HCI, 1 FC

    Suit Totals:
    Resists: 69, 69, 66, 70, 70
    Luck: 99
    FC 3/FCR 6
    LMC 37, 6 Mana Regen
    +12 HP, 7 HP regen
    29% HCI (I swap Jewlery to get better HCI/DCI if I PvP)