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Legends In Loving Memory of Lady Phoenix of Legends

Discussion in 'UO Player Memorial Forum' started by Jirel of Joiry, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Jirel of Joiry

    Jirel of Joiry Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 2, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Our beloved Lady Phoenix passed from this earth this morning to be with her creator.

    She was also known as Sneaky Sue, GhostRider, Big John, Penelope, Fletcher and Deadly Shadow. As Shakespeare wrote "What's in a name? that which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet" The same could be said for our Lady Phoenix, for she was without any doubt the sweetest, kindest, soul on Legends shard.

    She was an 11 year veteran of Ultima Online and to quote Lady Pho “Been playing this game of UO since December of 1997 long time ago. But at times seems like yesterday. I am just an ole lady that loves the game, and the people.”

    The people of Legends loved her as well. She loved to do kind things for people on Legends but always anonymously. I will forever remember her saying “Don’t tell them it’s from me”. That’s simply how she was she didn’t want accolades for her kindness.

    She was an active participant in many of the Legends events and Legends player run events. Her name is in the book on the beach where Legends players fought the great evil in 2004. She had a reserved seat at the T*T Auction House. Her guild hosted several net tosses and events. She was so much a part of Legends shard and we will miss her so very, very much. Her memory will forever burn bright in the hearts and minds of those who knew and loved her. With that I leave you with some fitting words I hope will convey our feelings for Lady Phoenix.

  2. CaesarDoP

    CaesarDoP Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Jirel of Joiry,

    I am very sorry for your loss, and for UO's loss. From your post and tribute, Lady Phoenix played this game the way it should be played and the UO world was a better place for having known her.

    To quote my favorite Movie, as the Wizard said to the Tin Man,
    "And Remember my Sentimental Friend, that the size of a mans Heart is not Judged by how my you Love, but how much You are Loved by Others.”

    I am sure that Lady Phoenix had a heart of record Size, and was Loved and will be Missed by Many people.

    Peace be with You Jirel of Joiry

  3. I am so sadden by this news, and to receive it a day later makes me feel even worse. Unforchantly I never got a chance to call her or talk to her since she's been in the hospital cause life continues to throw curve balls Dai's and mine ways. I will be there for the memorial net tossing and will be bringing 25 of my own nets (8 of them being Fabled) for the event. It hurts deep down inside knowning that when I log on ICQ/AIM that she won't be there. We would stay up at all hours of the night talking about this and that, she was always there for me when I needed help or guidance. I will miss her more then she will ever know, and had as much love for her as I do for my own mother, which is why I wrote for her this poem.......

    By: Michael T. Gray (AKA Tovladian Soltyr)

    I sit here with tears in my eyes and my hands all ah shake.
    Will this pain pass, can my wound heal, what will it take?
    She was my second mother, receiving an equal amount of love.
    My face baring sadness as her soul drifts above.

    In a world of pixels she was our Lady Phoenix.
    Of our foundation she was the bricks.
    She always seem to have a way to make you feel good.
    No matter how down your spirits, lift them she could.

    She was organization in our little realm of chaos.
    It was always so fun going to her games of Net Toss.
    She was the kind of person you couldn't help but to love her.
    She had a level of kindness that was a whole nother caliber.

    My heart weighs heavy as I write.
    If she were here, she would probably say “Don't worry, it will be alright.”
    She will be remembered and further more missed.
    To carry on with our fun she would insist.

    However Every time that I throw a net.
    You can collect all your money and you can bet.
    For now she shall not be around and stay unseen.
    She will always be my second mother, my loving Darlene.

    Rest in peace our Lady Phoenix, may your soul stay strong and watch over us like I know it will.
  4. BardMal

    BardMal Guest

    I was a friend of Dar's, my wife and I both.

    I still remember the first time she joined into ventrillo, and I had no idea who she was by voice. She and my wife talked often, and one of our most trusted in game friends pretty much retired from UO at her passing.

    I knew her as Sneaky Sue, but was also very aware that "she was out there on other chars". She liked to keep "her activities with us" separate from some of her other stuff, her other guilds.

    She did a lot of generosity anonymously. There must be a special place in Heaven for people like her.

    She was kind, generous, thoughtful. She was trustworthy.

    The world, and UO are less without her.

    May all who knew her be comforted by happiness of her memory, long after the pain of her passing heals.

    Malice en Loki & Laina/Ally
  5. Ghost of Gramps

    Ghost of Gramps Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Dec 7, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Rest in peace.