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In need of some adive.

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Xiep, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Xiep

    Xiep Guest

    Greetings people!
    I'm a returning tamer who loved to spend time with other tamer-friends while looking for best-stat pets or traning them.
    Unfortunately I've been too many time away(I left time after AOS came) and none I know is around, thats why I come here for advice.

    I got a nice tamer made with 120 taming, lore and vet, 110 magery 110 med 110 eval and some focus.
    I still got my capped stat WW and nightmare, all of them with capped skills, but I feel that they are pretty obsolete. What should I look for?

    But what worries me the much is the equipment. What should I look for? Browsing the web I found that there are sets and pretty nice items. Is there anything that I could aim for a tamer? I would love to be able to tame those new dragons around and don't die with a single hit. lol

    What I'm looking for is to explore the world of Ultima Online again, being strong enough to do it and comfortable enough to do it with a pet, and since my tamer had been my main character, I want to do it with him, instead of my other combat characters :)

    Well, thanks in advance :=)
  2. TerryFyde

    TerryFyde Guest

    Others may disagree, but my first suggestion if you want to pvm would be to adjust your templet to include Music, Peace and some Chiv.

    Magery 70
    Tame 120
    Vet 120
    Lore 120
    Peace 120
    Music 120
    Chiv 50 (to remove mortal from your pet and allow continued healing)

    With the above as your "base" skills which you can adjust with jewels and items. Then there is nowhere that tamers go that you can not, and places that many do not go you can survive and prosper. Nor is there anything you can not tame.

    Get youself a Greater Dragon or any pet you desire and start collecting high luck/lower reg cost items
  3. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Equipment essential to any tamer:
    1. a greater dragon.
    2. a rune beetle
    3. a nightmare and/or a bake kitsune.
    4. (optional) a dread warhorse

    After that, you just need bandages and an LRC/LMC suit with a bit of MR.

    Keep your template. I like it.
  4. WidowMak3r

    WidowMak3r Guest

    in stead of 120 peace id suggest 120 discord just my opinion peace is obsolete anymore discord lowers all skills and i beleive resists of the monster 28% at 120 music/discord skill stinks to work is the only complaint but if u get it to 120 it is well worth it isnt much u wouldnt be able to kill with a well trained greater dragon

    just a suggestion
  5. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Template wise, my exploration go-anywhere tamer template is this one:

    120 tame
    120 lore
    120 vet
    100 mage
    100 eval or herding depending what I'm doing
    100 hiding
    60 stealth boosted with items if I'm somewhere really risky. You could shave a bit off lore and vet to pop stealth to 80, but I often do ok with just 60 and don't mind chucking on a few jewels to stealth through a spawn.

    I tend to use herding more than eval because it's great combined with stealth for going into say a rune beetle spawn, loring and then "pulling out" the best critter to my safe taming area. It also works on your own pets, so if you're hunting paragons in Ilshenar, you can herd your pet closer to the mob, rather than risk going closer with the pet following you. It also compensates a lot for the lack of pet teleporting if they get stuck around a corner. I herd the pet to myself and that does the trick. But you can stick with eval and still have a lot of fun.

    The reason I like stealth over other skills on this lass, is it enables me to scout out areas, to escape from PKs and to protect a pet (mounts especially - hide tnen mount = livesaver) by basically staying alive and being able to stealth back to a pet for vetting.

    I personally like my bards to work with or without pets, so they have disco/provo and disco/spellweaving. The former is my favourite as she is a lot of fun in a busy areas :) Peace and Wenchy have never gotten along, mostly because it always wears off with me when I really *don't* want it to. I think I'm the only tamer who's died more with peace than without :D But provo is infinitely more fun anyways, and disco/provo allows you to reduce the power of a mob then 'voke it, which can be very handy.

  6. Sarphus

    Sarphus Guest

    Your template is the classic mage tamer. It is still a viable template for pvm and it can be absolutely devastating in pvp when properly executed.

    If you're just going to pvm, I'd recommend not taking magery over 106 or so. 110 only wastes 4 skill pts, so no big deal there. The reason is that you don't have much reason to cast anything over lvl 7 spells on a mage/tamer with eval.

    WW is actually still viable for some tasks. I like them in the hydra room in prism of light when I'm getting keys using a tamer. I've found it's a lot easier to get keys on a prov/peace mage, though, so I don't use my ww anymore.

    I would STRONGLY suggest that you pick up a set of super slayer spellbooks. There are 6 super slayer spellbooks, and running a mage in pvm without them is running your mage wrong. Also, it's definitely in your best interest to pick up a 120 eval PS.

    For your suit, focus on SDI, MR, LMC and probably LRC. Resists help too, but you can sacrifice those for higher SDI if you're good at playing a pvm mage.

    You may be able to squeeze enough necro on there to get in wraith form. When in wraith form, your mage spells will leech mana from what they hit. If you do it right, you might even be able to drop a lot of your meditation, but there's something to be said for having med (makes your char more universally applicable)

    If you can get a crystaline ring, you get +20 magery +20 Focus 20 SDI 3 MR and 5 of something else... I forget. The 20 SDI from that will make a pretty big difference on your spell dmg.

    You also want to look into getting scrapper's compendium. It's a craftable spellbook that gives you 1/1 casting, 10 LMC and 25 SDI. You can even get slayer mods on scrapper's, which makes it easily the most powerful artifact in the game. If you have a slayer scrappers + crystaline ring, your spells will hit really hard.

    On a mage tamer you primarily want pets that don't take a lot of dmg for pvm. In pvp, I've run it effectively with packs and bake kitsune's (depending on whether I want to be mounted)

    The reason you want a really durable pet like a greater dragon is that you want to spend your spellcasting time casting offensive spells with your slayer spellbook and SDI suit rather than messing around with healing your pet. It's possible to hit for > 200 dmg with chain lightning and meteor shower if it only hits 2 targets. Some people use peacemaking to peace-lock extra spawns, but with the proper Suit/pet combo, you will just kill the small stuff while your pet takes care of business.

    OH! and this is REAL important. Make an easily accessible macro for the mage spell teleport. If you run a greater dragon you won't be mounted, so you may need teleport to get some distance between you and whatever is interrupting you. Teleport + invis will save you a LOT of deaths.
  7. Xiep

    Xiep Guest

    Thank you for the adivice guys. I really appreciate it, thanks again :):):):)

    One more question, I'm a nightmare lover.... got one with capped str and true nigthmare wich took me ages to get.... but now I find that it only got about 325 or 315 hp, I can't remember... And I saw nightmares with 615 or 670 LIFE!!!!!

    Where are those mares from? What I missed?

  8. Amgedpha

    Amgedpha Guest

    Those are dread war horses. They spawned in the Vanguard event, but I believe they don't spawn anymore on most shards, if not all.
  9. sinalong

    sinalong Guest

    First there is no perfect template, but I would never run my tamer without peace/music in pvm, especially as you are looking for new pets, it is a must for tameing new pets and bar disco when you are hunting its a killer. It keeps you and your pet alive bar none. I would dump medi with a good mr suit its just not needed as for ei, i dont run with it, your pet can take down your foe and with some nice sdi on your suit u can help your pet. As for what pets u should add, I would try for a runey, g dragon, dog just to start. If u are on europa I be happy to help u out or for info icq me 110593329
  10. Hinotori

    Hinotori Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Pick whatever type of template you're comfortable with.

    I'm up to 7 tamers now. Mage/Tamer, Disco/Peace/Tamer, Stealth/Tamer, Peace/Tamer, Archer/Tamer, Sword/Tamer, and my baby tamer who I haven't decided on what else to give.

    I play the disco/peace/tamer (disco rocks) and the stealth tamer most with the stealth tamer being the one I tame almost everything with.

    I recommend working up honor. Honor is good. It's great to go stealth out all of the beetles, dragons, or kitsune and embrace your honor and tame the thing if you find a really good one.
  11. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    I suggest making a Hit Point suit. I use a voice of the fallen king gauntlets opf nobility. Then add in 70s resist and max out str as well as having some HP bonuses on the other parts of the suit. A crimson cincture will help a lot!

    150 str is 132 hit point(orclose)and 25 is cap for hp bonus so youll be sitting at 157 hit points. This is what i use for taming aggressive casters like greater dragons and rune bettles. HPR also helps "some" but having either peacemaking or a healer friend is also very helpful. For taming purposes I dont think carrying regs is all that big a deal but for every day things like hunting then worry about the LRC being 100%