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In Typical |M| Fashion. . . Funny ****

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by ShaunOfPac, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. ShaunOfPac

    ShaunOfPac Guest

    So while fighting away today at Yew gate, a guy named Benjamin of O^S starts talking ****. So I go grey, and he flags. Wal-Mart hit him with an explo before I started spamming "1v1". After order is restored, I drop him in under 10 seconds. He claims that it was Wal-Mart, that he helped me kill him. So I flag grey again. This time though, he has karen come after me. So I'm fighting the both of them, and oh guess who shows up?? Sargon and Stugottz!!! I wind up getting dismounted, and have 3 mages and 1 archer on me. I manage to survive for 2 minutes before making it into a house to get back on my mount. So I go back out, and Sargy and Stui have left, and Benjamin runs. Well now AGAIN Ben calls me out. Sure enough, when I start attacking him, here they come again!!! This time I had Storm Shadow and Gomer Pile around. I wind up dropping Benjamin with Sargon dumping on me, then we drop Stui. Sargon proceeds to book it. Now, heres where it gets good. . .

    Ben comes up AGAIN and says how I didn't kill him, how other people helped. So I offer a duel, and he accepts. However, this time I have kind of figured he is in map and TeamSpeak with |M|, so I gate to my old duel roof (Which is no longer accessible). So we start to duel, and less than 15 seconds later hes dead. And guess what? By gosh by golly, here come Sargy and Stui!!! The ****ing idiots sat there for 5 minutes, trying to figure out how to get up. It was ****ing hilarious watching them try to teleport up on a 3 story roof, ROFL. So I tell Ben to tell them there is no point, my rune is 10 years old and there is no longer a way up on the roof. Sure enough. . . They leave. Then they try and fight us at Yew gate, and Sargon gets dropped twice by Asha 1v1, and Stui is not seen from again. The best part was Sargon talking ****. Funny, he had 3 others, and couldn't manage to kill me ON FOOT. Tonight was ****ing hilarious, to say the least.

    Pretty funny how |M| teams up with another trammie guild to try and gank people.
  2. |M| should change their name to WEAK
  3. SUPRsalad

    SUPRsalad Guest

    HAH! I love these stories *sips coffee*

    Reminds me of the time I got raided by myself at oasis doing a rat falling asleep at the keyboard.. Here comes 3 or four O^S. I fought them for a while in wraith form till i finally fall the greater dragon. (O^S's finest mage) So I call shadow and (Presa I think?) they res me, we raid, they run. They ran all the out to the lighthouse, and go downstairs, and through the door into the weird little room with the teleporter to upstairs (into guard zone). We all three get into wraith form, and go in withering. Instead of simply hitting the telie and calling guards, they just stand there, trying to pull up flamestrikes.. All four drop and then we almost drop the dragon before she logs... good times, good times.
  4. Vandetta

    Vandetta Guest


    moonwalking chimp
    bringing love back to uo one hug at a time.
  5. ColterDC

    ColterDC Visitor

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Wow..you guys are so cool...

    Must be all that natural skill that makes you so good at this game.

    Losers :coco:
  6. suprshadow

    suprshadow Guest

    colter are you vand's brother?????? man i didn't know sarggy and hag had two children. What a mess that would be watching those two try and take care of others....
  7. Budweiser

    Budweiser Guest

    Sir....WEAK as a small guild that ran well together. we called targets well and always gave people a run for their money. We fought many guilds outnumbered and still managed to do well. Once again, WEAK has joined SUPR and it's been a great mix. You have the right to talk all the crap about us WEAK guys, fact is we worked well as a small team.
  8. it wasnt an insult to weak, it was an insult to M because i think M is weak not "WEAK"
  9. Budweiser

    Budweiser Guest

    Ah. My apologies then.
  10. SUPRsalad

    SUPRsalad Guest

    *group hug*
    I :heart: WEAK
  11. O'siris

    O'siris Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 1, 2008
    Likes Received:
    well nice to hear that Ben is still runnin around yew gate causing such havoc!
  12. Vandetta

    Vandetta Guest


    Moonwalking monkey
    Bringing love back to uo one hug at a time.