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info on 70s 100%lrc set please post yea or nay also in trade forums

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by The Ice Phoenyx, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. elven male mage/vampiric form necromancer set has armor of fortune, orniment of the magician, stitchers mittens*, ring of the elements, robe of the equinox, brightsight lenses* 20 dci 14 stamina increase 5 mana regen* +5 dex * 2/3* casting with totem of void 20 lmc open for archer fully mediable

    (optional to use spirt of the totem if sacrifice 3 mana regen and vamp form no helm is 63 67 70 68 70 100%lrc 8 mana regen if using faction orni if using built for human set uses boom stick and storm grip and has 639 luck but cant use vamp form or protection is open for chugging and has +25 lmc 5% more than elf and 204 more luck and is 3/3 casting with hand open for chugging potions ) this set i believe will be great for pvm/pvp or judt to show off as most items in set are veryt hard to get and make usefull in 70s set of 100%lrc
  2. rockkandy

    rockkandy Guest

    you would probably fare better if you broke it up and sold the pieces, as this suit combo is not very great. Pvm it would be okay but I don't see you getting more than the worth of the artis as a whole. And the orni/aof sold seperate would fetch 12-15 each piece together you would be lucky to get 30m for the suit.