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info on the event (thanks to a legends info guru for digging this up)

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by The Ice Phoenyx, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. 1. What is up with the "you suddenly feel you have the strength of 2 men"?

    Answer 1. Those who were there on day one receive a heal buff while remaining inside the time rift. This is not the only effect, and your continued presence in the rift will no doubt bring you even more benefits...

    2. Has anyone gotten any arties aside from Planesword & Planeshield?

    Answer 2. Good question! Answer 2.A Planeswords, Planeshields, a thread of fate,a thread of life, Shadowlords can drop RARE set items and a cloak of corruption is all the loot that you can get off the various monsters as I can tell so far.

    3. Has anyone seen any Mystic weapons drop on any corpses?

    Answer 3. Hmm, maybe Berserkers?

    4. What's up with the totally insane lag? I didn't lag this much even at the beginning of Magincia.

    Answer 4. Hundreds of people on the same screen at once

    5. I notice that the area we're fighting in has the dynamic objects. Is there going to be rubble?

    Answer 5. Nope

    6. Why is there no area where we can rez without being rezkilled over and over? The creatures spawn everywhere, including right at the entrance gate.

    Answer 6. I'm sure a solution will present itself in due course

    7. What happens if you lose the piece of blackrock you had with you on the first day? Is it the blackrock that's marked or it the character that's marked, or even possibly the account?

    Answer 7. Character. More things will reveal themselves in the time rift over the coming weeks. Think Magincia.

    8. Loyalties?

    Answer 8: Some have already chosen, more will be given a choice directly, and most can simply align themselves to the cause they feel is their own.

    9. Blackrock usefulness in the timerift?

    Answer 9: Try casting Armageddon, spell caster or no, in front of a Shadowlord.

    Answer 9.A saying the text (Vas Kal An Mani In Corp Hur Tym) with blackrock in you're pack (which I think destroys the piece) casts the spell and you don't have to be a mage.

    10. Are the Shadowlords really back? A: Astaroth, Nosfentor, Faulinei:

    Answer 10 Yes.

    11. Wait, aren't we killing them in the time rift?

    Answer 11: Not the true forms of the ones that have been freed in Britannia.

    These are echoes lost in the ethereal void.

    12. What happened to Kronos?

    Answer 12: Murdered by Astaroth.

    13. What happened to Melissa, why did they fail to protect the gate?

    Answer 13 : ...

    14. Can we join the Shadowlords faction?

    Answer 14 ... your choice.

    15. Hey Drac....If we're supposed to kill the spawns in the buildings....We can't.

    Answer 15 Fixed - all doors now usable.

    16. Is it supposed to go for a week or not? I am guessing its just another glorified cycle spawn at core.

    Answer 16 The "ethereal" forms of the three Shadowlords will continually reappear in the time rift.You cannot kill the real Shadowlords at this time, these are merely extensions.They seek blackrock, but they also fear it.The spell, Armageddon, may aid you for once.Destroying an ethereal form of a Shadowlord will yield great riches, and greater curses.Yielding to their demands...