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Information Gathering

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Baelerus, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Baelerus

    Baelerus Guest

    Hello, 1st of all i am sorry if my next questions have answer in another thread if thats the case would greatly accept any link or redirect me to the correct area thank you.

    I use to play FFXI(3 and 1/2 years), GWs(4 months), EVE(5 months), have play a couple more of recent MMORPG but nothing that really make me want to keep playing for the last 2 years i have been interest in Lineage 2 but could never make up my mind due to forum/sites comments about the dificult of L2 due to his free PVP rules however i am still anxious about playing it, i have it installed (latest update) but i find out i cant buy the online code so i send for the retail box which should be here somewhere from around 12 to 22 days now my questions are.

    1) How ready should i get on the PVP side of the game (will die a lot, or is not so bad for newbies/starting players)?

    2) I am a very active player (everyday not less than 4hours), so which is a good server with a nice community where i could start that dont make me feel like food for other players and more like a posible future friendship?

    3) I am very interest in have a Dark Elf and a Kamael so it the creation of characters reduce to a certain limit or i can make only 1 per acount, if so which do you recoment for a fast DD (damage dealer) or Tanking job hopefully the 1st one?

    4) I have read the inflation on currency game was bad, if so, how bad or is a decent inflation a started player could handle (i do understand the farming adena/item that is common for ppl to get their stuff)?

    5) I know by 1st hand the leveling is always a challenge on rpgs but i have read the it can be hard on L2, it is really hard or not that much to quit because u cant get a level in 3 weeks (window levels from 25 to 50 i mean)?

    6) And last, when is a good time to start looking for a decent and warm clan/guild/faction to join or ask for invite, like 1 month from start or on a certain level frame?

    Like say before use to play some other online games so i kind of understand some of the dificulties one most face, use to have a character on final with 5 jobs on 75lv (dark knight/warrior/thief/black mage/ninja), 4 lv 20 on GWs (ranger/necromancer/assassin/warrior) and EVE only focus on minery/manufacturing retired after reaching the ability to create battleships,
    so my point is i am not a total noob on games but will be noob on L2 (feel like making a curriculum lol) so any extra advice is more than welcome with open arms also thank you very much for taking your time for reading my thread and answering my questions i know it take time so thank you very much, extra info i am 26 and have a lot of free time due to health reasons thats why i play a lot and why i like to get all the posible info about this game before i start so i can get ready and make my plan, thank you.
  2. Aleister666

    Aleister666 Guest

    Well, Baelerus, these are a lot of questions, and unfortunately I don't understand all of them :lick: I'll just tell you what I know by my own experience and my opinion.
    *Note: Lineage2 was the first game I'm playing since Bubble-Bobble and Bomberman :)

    The best thing would be, if you had a friend who already plays Lineage2. Friends are very important in this game...

    1) If you decide to start, be ready for PKs. What I suggest, is to at least pick a character that stands a good chance in PvP, like an Archer or a Necromancer. And it depends on the chronicle (c4, c5, Interlude, Kamael) whether some classes are better in PvP than others.

    2) Some classes grow easier than others, Necros can do solo xp very easily, archers too, but can't take much beating etc. It takes time to grow, and a lot more time to learn to play your character properly. The server... can't really tell :) You should just pick one that won't close down in the next 3 years :lick: And you can pick a server with high rates in xp and drops, if you want to learn the game and see how it works. But I know nothing of those, I started in one server and 1 year after, I keep playing there.

    3) If you want to make a dark elf, a Blade Dancer is probably the most popular, and is quite wanted in parties. The problem is, there are quite a lot of Blade Dancersin every server. If I were you, I would make a Necromancer. There are a lot of those too but... I've been PK-ed too many times you see :) But you can create more than 1 character in one account (I think 5...). But sometimes, if you go on, you will have to open more than 1 clients, so I suggest to not put other characters in the same account as your main character.

    4) I didn't quite get that :) But amount of adena and drops depends on the server. Some servers are like the official (which means x1) others have higher rates (x2, x3, x10 even!)

    5) Same I said before, applies for the xp rate too. There are servers, where you can finish the character within an hour! In case you're looking for something more serious, a server x2 like mine is fine. It takes time, but you don't get too bored :lick: And that's why I mentioned friends! Friends lend you items and if they have buffers, they can buff you :) This makes xp muuuuuch easier. But also, it's not bad to ask for buffs when you see a buffer. Most people are helpfull, no need to be afraid. It's just a game :D

    6) The time to find a clan would be the one when your character would be useful to other players. And that varies from class to class. My only suggestions there are: a. Do not worry if a clan that is at war wants you. The fun of the game is, actually, PvP :) and b. It would be good if the people of the clan spoke the same language as you. It's not very important, but the Babel tower phenomenon can drive you crazy some times...

    These few things from me :) And my opinion: The game is great as long as you're not shy, be talkative and open. Like I said, no need to be afraid. It's a game which is supposed to be fun! And most important, Do Not Take It Personaly :D
  3. Jhaelle

    Jhaelle Guest

    Hi there. I'm just gonna touch on some things that need correction or an alternate perspective from what Aleister666 gave you.

    1) You can be attacked from the moment you create your character, though usually no one is around where the new characters spawn into game, unless they're making a new character themselves. Once you get along farther in the game and start hunting in areas that at least some people will be, there is the risk of them attacking you, but that doesn't mean everyone will, obviously. I've actually made impromptu parties out in the field with random people before (it's a crapshoot on the quality, but at least they're not trying to kill you).

    2) There are a lot of classes that are faster than others. My main is my Dwarven Warsmith. Not the slowest class out there, but not exactly far from it, either. Then again, my focus isn't exactly on PvP, either (that does not, however, mean I won't fight back :p). All of the Kamael classes are fast levellers and, once you learn their skills, can be devastating in combat. Most of the Dark Elves are fast levellers (if not all of them now, with Gracia's introduction of Inquisitor stance). Really, it depends more on how you like to play than on how fast you want to level (if it's fun, it'll seem like it's going faster anyway).

    3) All of the Kamael are DD's. I have a toss-up on which Kamael is my favorite, between Arbalester and Berserker. As far as Dark Elves go, your DD's are going to be classes like the Bladedancer, the Spellhowler, and Phantom Summoner. DE tanks are the Shillien Knights. You can have up to seven characters on each server on your account.

    4, 5, and 6) This really depends on when you get involved with other people; get into a clan early on in your levelling career (lvl 20-ish, if not sooner) and you have other people who may be willing to help you get the gear you need to level fast and efficiently. Efficiency of levelling has a somewhat symbiotic relationship with your ability to generate cash: if you have good gear and spend less money on soulshots/spiritshots to kill things, you can gain it easier; if people help you get your gear or give it to you outright, you spend less money (obviously). This game takes a lot of forethought and planning to be successful, both in terms of gaining experience and money, and clans can help you with that because of their (usually) large numbers of experienced players.